「告白したら成功確定だと思った?」 (Kokuhaku Shitara Seikou Kakutei Da to Omotta?)
“I Thought If I Declared My Love, I Was Sure to Succeed”

Love, tests, and marriage.

More Time With Sette-san

This episode, in addition to giving us the transformation of Nanako’s character from plain newbie to the pink-haired character we always knew she would be, also gave a better feeling for how Nanako is as a person. She certainly does seem easy-going and not concerned by much, which aids her well in the real world even if it can be disastrous in the game. She’s only for a knack for one of them, it seems. Combined with her not seeming to mind that she’s not in the know about Nekohime-sensei, and little moments from sensei herself—calling Nishimura Rusian in the middle of class, most notably—I’m glad that the secondary characters aren’t being forgotten after their arcs are done.

The Anti-Climax of Love

From the tests through everything else, this whole episode was building up to Nishimura’s much-belated confession of RL love. With so much buildup, a comedy like this wouldn’t let it go off without a hitch, and normally knowing that a wrench was going to be thrown in the gears would have ruined the joke, or at least lessened its effectiveness. I did have an “Of course” moment when Ako seemingly rejected his confession, so maybe that was the case. However, the after-ED scene was so goofy that, somehow, the revelation that Ako just didn’t want to be downgraded from wife to girlfriend was both still funny and generally heartwarming. I think that was it—I laughed because of Hideki’s pain, to be sure, but it was also just so heartwarming that this baka couple would go through all this, and that their friends would know what was going on even as baka-Hideki was freaking out, that it got both a laugh and a hearty smile from me. That Hideki was acting like a typically oblivious and frightened high-school-boy-in-love might have had something to do with it too. I remember those days.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – At long last, Hideki confesses to Ako—and gets rejected. Well duh. Who wants to get downgraded? #netoge 06

Random thoughts:

  • Puppy!
  • Swimsuit episode next time, woohoo! #unlimitedbikiniworks

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  1. The best joke of the entire show for me so far was Schwein-chan explaining that girly magazines function as the wiki to ‘rearu’ – and everybody being depressed at how much time they had to sink into this rearu thing.

    1. I simply applauded when Akane likened her fashion magazines to strategy wikis of all things. This gamer girl really knows what lingo to get across to Ako. Also yeah, Real Life Offline: toughest game ever.

  2. Glad they did not make we wait till next week trying to come up with what possible reason Ako rejected the poor sap. Especially with the montage of his in game male friend swearing off weddings then falling in the hole over and over. Evil game to give out a marriage bonus, promoting marriage for financial gain :P.

    Like this romantic tale although a non intellectual like Ako would not be my type, unless in my harem that is.

    As the other females are mostly not really interested in Nishimura in a romantic way this is refreshing even though I’m a harem story liker. Reminds me of me in real life most of my friends are females. Only way this story going harem is if Ako wants a harem to keep her female friends close as Nishimura is not a multi girl type of guy, although he would be unable to say no if Ako dragged in one of the other girls.

    Nanako gave the group someone other than Ako to wipe the group lol.

    Yep this real life world is suckware we need a refund and new game.

  3. Was I the only one who went “what?” when Nanano was said to be a summoner? That’s clearly a stereotypical ranger/archer/thief look she’s got there.

    Also, I bet master used some sort of paywall item/ability to stop Ako. Because it’s her.

      1. looks like “zookeeper ranger” build that is popular in some games, actually a very fine build for solo players as it allows to bring your own tank to the battle…

      2. I was precisely commenting on the show calling her class Summoner (instead of ranger), which gives me a mainly magic vibe (such as Final Fantasy or Log Horizon Summoner), while the attire she got resembles what a thief-like stealth / lightweight combat class would wear in most games I’m aware of. (Double this stereotype for Japanese games).

        The opening made it obvious she would be summoning a pet, I just found the name of the class odd.

  4. Ako has husbandzoned Rusian…
    also loved “special emergency quest: final exams”
    and “real life offline: wiki guide”
    can’t wait for the summer camp antics with everyone involved…

  5. soooooooo does ako accept hideki’s feelings and understand that they are officially a couple or is she still stuck in her delusional in-game marriage? hopefully it’s the former

  6. Zhinvu
  7. Nanako/Sette: “Alright guys, let’s do this… LEEROY JENKINS!!!
    Akane/Schwein: “Oh my God, she just ran in…”
    (*Party gets wiped a few moments later.*)

    I already got spoiled by the manga about Ako turning down Hideki (which happened in Chapter 18), but the after-credits scene of this episode in turn seems to have slightly spoiled me about the next chapter of the manga.

    And damn, Hideki has a little sister? I guess it’s mandatory for the male protagonist of a slice-of-life, romantic comedy light novel to have one.

  8. Man, Rusian’s friends are such trolls. Those two girls knew from the start it would turn out like this, and instead of explaining things, they just let him dig his hole. Bros indeed.

    And of course Nanako’s this game’s equivalent of a hunter. They’re the ninjapulling SMOrcing naab class, after all (I should know, I used to be one).

    And a swimsuit episode next time? That oughta be good.

  9. I see, so Lusian get locked down because if he didn’t the girl would go insane. I kind of dislike the fact that the MC choice get taken away from him. The threat of that girl self harming pretty much kept him there.

    Other than that, the rest of the episode is pretty cool, though I failed to see what Sette addition add. She haven’t done much of anything really.

    Still pretty interesting so gonna keep watching.

  10. Let me see if I got this right: Ako rejected Rusian´s confession becuae she is already his wife and did not want to get demoted to girlfriend (a divorce in her words). Well guys I can´t argue with that logic, insane troll logic, but sound logic none the less. XD

  11. This is the funniest Netoge episode up to date. Laughed out loud at Real Life Strategy Guide, Crab Dance, and some other jokes.

    I also like that instead of harems, we get two best bros.

  12. It’s episodes like this that make my kokoro go doki doki. I say that because whenever there is romance in a harem or comedy, I brace myself for frustratingly misunderstood, aborted, interrupted, confessions made in a series that believes infantile naivete is a substitute for purity and pure love…..Sorry. Chunnibyo and more specifically the 2nd season triggers me sometimes. Blah. Yeah basically I worry that love confessions either never happen, or nothing ever comes of it. Technically, this confession falls in category two, but this is because of Ako blurring the lines of game and reality. To her, they were always together. Married in fact. What I liked about it is Rusian came to the conclusion of how he feels over time. Where it goes from there, we will see.

    The Walker
  13. I had high expectations for this show after the first episode… Now it’s just one more generic semi-romantic comedy.

    Men, where are the shows like Toradora and Yahari? ;(


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