「デクvsかっちゃん」 (Deku vs Kacchan)
“Deku vs Kacchan”

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason.

What Drives Kacchan

It’s been clear for a while that Kacchan operates at the high level he does due to a host of personality traits which could be called . . . well, double-edged swords, to put it one way. The stuff villains are made of would be another. Anger, pride, extreme confidence, and a superiority complex the size of his ridiculous gauntlets are what propel him to excel, because he’s been told his entire life that he’s amazing—or course he would be the best. And let’s all admit that the kid if damn good. His reversal move showed that even before the other characters chimed in to say why it was so impressive. It’s not that he’s not as talented as they say. He’s just taking it down the wrong path.

Which is why Deku gets on his nerves so much. He’s supposed to be so amazing, everyone says it—and then this weak little nerd worries about him. He offers him a helping hand. He tries to save him from that monster back in episode two, even though Kacchan has all of this power and skill at his disposal. Deku is an assault on Kacchan’s worldview, which is why he can’t stand him. If someone as useless as Deku can stand on the same stage as him, maybe he’s not so awesome at all. Thus, he must prove that Deku is beneath him. Violently.

Deku’s Passion

It’s good that they gave All Might a reason for letting the fight go on, because honestly, he probably should have stopped it. But he didn’t, because he realized something that I wholeheartedly agree with—this battle needed to happen. Not just for Deku, but for Katsuki too. Katsuki’s worldview is poisoning him, and he needs that beaten out of him. Fortunately, Deku is there to do it.

Isn’t it crazy how much Deku has grown in seven episodes? He’s still scared, and he’s still desperately scrabbling for a way to keep going, but he’s finally standing up for himself in front of his old bully, and willing to fight him head on to test his mettle against someone he respects. All Might was right—this is the first time Deku has shown passion for anything aside from becoming a hero, and he outsmarted his adversaries too. (He and Uraraka, I don’t want to minimize her contribution.) Katsuki might not be as thick-headed as he seems, but Izuku kept his eye on the prize. Way to go, Deku!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Kacchan’s destructive pride sends him on an explosive collision course with scared little Deku. Deku wins #heroaca 07

Random thoughts:

  • Iida-kun fought Uraraka by cleaning. Brilliant!
  • Props to Katsuki for not giving Deku a chance to think in battle. Of course he wouldn’t. That’s how real combat works.

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  1. It was certainly interesting to see Bakugo’s supremely innocuous and sweetly poisonous start of darkness. No one ever thinks that providing a child praise and self confidence is a bad thing, but I guess when everyone frames it as him being God’s gift to creation, it isn’t hard to see how it can rapidly go downhill. I hope this fight sets the stage for how the rest of the class approaches the challenge and we are treated to some interesting hero vs. villain team dynamics and problem solving strategies.

    The Walker
  2. Bakugo is an asshole, plain and simple. What kind of hero are you if you’re skilled, but rotten to the core and don’t give a shit about anyone except yourself?

    1. True, he’s an asshole, but I don’t like to be that reductive. Tell me, if someone does heroic deeds for selfish and prideful reasons, and if they’re an asshole while they do them, are they not still a hero? They’re not a role model, certainly, and you’d be right to worry about them going off the deep end if they seem perpetually poised on the precipice. And yet, are they not a hero until (or unless) that happens?

      Of course, Katsuki’s heroic deeds are few and far between—he fought against that slime villain, that’s about it. Yet he’s still trying to be a hero, not a villain. Food for thought.

      1. I don’t disagree with you because you have your own definition of what a hero is. But to me, a hero can’t really be called one if the intentions are primarily selfish and self-serving. An anti-hero at best, but not a true hero.

        From what I’ve seen so far, Bakugo isn’t trying to become a hero to eventually sacrifice something for the greater good to help others. He’s doing it to be admired and feared by those he deems lesser than him (the very ones he’s supposed to protect), in addition to further satisfying his own bloated ego and pride. The fact that he had zero rescue points during the entrance exam speaks volumes for itself.

        Bakugo’s character might change, I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know. But this is my view for now.

      2. That’s fair. I wasn’t even specifically saying that was my view of what makes a hero, just that it’s a potential view, but saying that Katsuki doesn’t fulfill your view of a hero is totally fair. Props.

  3. I like the spin the story took on the origin of bakugo’s overcofidence. This wasnt the usual schtick about him innately feeling cocky about his own abilities, but that everyone else kept telling him his whole life that he was this high and mighty guy, resulting in the mindset of “you know what, my poo does smell like unicorn and rainbows; i have to be the second coming of jesus, i just have to be”. The idea of achieving things other kids in his community couldnt do like being accepted to UA had to be something only a genius could be capable of. The fact that some scrub like izuku was able to also attain that achievement make his acomplishments lose their luster in his eyes. In the end, Bakugo does not understand the concept of eustress that is derived from a challenge. All people, even geniuses, need obstacles to overcome so that they can grow. Bakugo thinks obstacles translate to being looked down on but oh no my apoplectic little boy, you,re going to learn otherwise.

  4. I believe the problem with Kacchan is fundamental. He always had this kind of pride that would be poisonous if cultivated even before he got his quirk at young age, as if he was born with it. Deku is the antithesis of this pride, and since Kacchan is blind to this dangerous problem of his personality, he’s pissed at Deku for “trying to undermine” him. You are right Stilts. Unless this problem is solved (and only Deku can do that), Kacchan will be reduced to a mere villain beating fighter, and not a true hero. And if looked at from a different perspective, Kacchan isn’t that different from a villain since he’s so anarchistic and just hell bent on beating his enemy, all in the pursuit of proving his power.

    Which is why Deku will always be ahead of Kacchan in terms of principal. Assume this hero vs. villain fight was real. Which would’ve been the right priority? Taking out the villains or securing the bomb and saving the city? Even if it was training, Deku took it seriously as it should be.
    I feel it’s only through Deku that Kacchan can develop, if only he opens his mind and accepts reality. And when that happens, it’ll be a joy for both of them. Besides, it wouldn’t have been right to settle things in terms of power between them at that moment. Because Deku only trained his body to receive One For All and didn’t learn to control it nor apply it to combat, he too needs to develop in that regard so that his ultimate victory against Kacchan will feel all kinds of satisfying (not to mention Deku would’ve blown up Kacchan to smithereens if he hit him head on). All Might was so right not to interrupt their battle.

    Other than that, I don’t know how much further of the story we will see in anime form with this very pleasant pacing. I assume it’s gonna get a second season announced right away, but I’m not so sure about that. There is a ton of manga to be adapted, so a second cour is more than likely I think.

    And finally, it’s a shame we won’t get anymore villainous Iida. Guy was legit so hilarious I’m surprised Uraraka took him seriously eventually LOL XD.

    1. I think I agree with you about his pride, but I sorta wanna play a bit of devil’s advocate. There seemed to be, at first a sense of “I thought everyone could do ________” during his earlier flashbacks. Bakugo is talented either through natural ability, extra tutoring, or some of column A and B. He just didn’t realize that he has a bit of genius in him. Then you have Izuku who appears to be not as versed in academics at this point (I won’t say less intelligent because his gathering, study, and application of hero data says otherwise) smaller, clumsy, and less confident. Kids being naturally very observant in the discrepancies in the world around them, blunt and an under developed sense of empathy. I think it created a perfect storm of a kid who is a bit brighter than he realizes compared to everyone else in close contact with another child seemingly less so. Combine that with every doting adult feeding him lines about how he’s the most special of all snowflakes and we have a recipe for disaster.

      The Waker
      1. Exactly. I don’t hate Kacchan despite his mindset because everything that’s happened in his life so far was as if it was spoon fed to him. His upbringing , with help of his inherent pride, is one that would make him think his superiority and excellence are to be taken for granted. He’s basically a product of his environment. Though for sure I would want him to change because he can help it.

      2. I’d beware that line of thinking. As much as I empathize with why Katsuki became the person he became, that doesn’t absolve him of all the dickish, bullying things he’s done to Deku. Which is not to say that you don’t already think that, but I thought I’d mention it when the thought arose.

      3. @Stilts
        i agree with The Waker an yoloalchemist statement, what amusing is how are perception changes based on time an place. if we were in the Edo period you really think the commoners had the same rights or respect as the shogun family? or a king would frown upon his prince son for mocking a random commoner beneath him.

        you could say their negative traits but when you’re born into a world of power an giving reign over others, it hard not to see them as beneath you or just tools for means to an end.

        then when a commoner who was nothing to you start rising in power an never once did anything but showed you kindness, it is a very bitter pill forcing you to see yourself as potentially evil an wrong when you only had pride in who you were, so you find way to break them to enforce why you had said pride in the first place.

      4. @Stilts
        Yeah, it doesn’t excuse him at all. I was quite glad when Bakugo got sat down in episode six with that well timed counter throw and then completely outplayed in this episode when Izuku used his abilities to complete the mission instead of going wild and working on his own agenda (Mostly. He is a young man and the protagonist in a shounen series. It would be odd if he didn’t let his blood get at least a little hot.). I also think it speaks highly of Izuku that he didn’t Detroit Smash Bakugo in his face. He has the training to at least stand against him in hand to hand combat, which Bakugo did not take into account. Had Izuku used his All For One with that first grab, he could have literally destroyed Bakugo right then and there. He also could have taken his head clean off with that uppercut had it been directed at him with intent. I find it an interesting study in how these two characters consider the potential harm their abilities can cause their fellow human and how they adjust. Basically, I just wanted to open a different view point to examine this antagonist and see if his current attitude was justified within the internal logic of the story.

        The Waker
    1. As it is a hero training academy (and heroes often have to deal with unfair circumstances), I suppose Yuuei Academy try to make conditions unfavourable for “villains” too as a form of training.

      It’s also possible that Yuuei don’t want to have the battles take any longer than necessary.

    2. To be fair, the deck was still stacked against the heroes. Limited time, limited intel, and the defensive side always has the advantage (if they’re smart enough to use it properly, which Katsuki robbed his team of most of that). I think the touch thing was more to avoid a whole boatload of obnoxious logistics coming into play (what if they destroy the fake-nuke when they’re trying to get it out, etc). It’s still training, making it overly complex would take away from the training component.

    3. Actually I would say having to touch the bomb can be a lot harder than just destroying it. For example, one can do it like Kerry and bomb the entire building, treating it as collateral for taking out the target. Which in real situations would be unfeasible, civilian casualties and the like.

      It may also be training for cases where the heroes have to secure the target, not break it.

  5. My problem with this show is that sometimes it is repeating itself too many times. The obvious “recap minute” is obvious, but the rest of the first half could have been much more compact instead of repetition of Kacchan’s salty remarks with a rather too leisury pacing.

    It also has a tendency of using too many commentaries, but I guess it’s the nature of the genre. It’s been a long time since the last time I watch shounen anime, afterall.

    I do like the contents though, so I guess I just don’t really like how it was directed at times.

    1. I agree with you. I can’t say that I’m a fan of the pacing of this show, but it is one of the better anime adaptations that convey the feelings and humour well. My problem is because I’m bias, Todoroki is my favourite character and I’m dying for him to take action. Can’t wait till next week 😛

  6. Katsuki nevers to get over himself and fast! One wrong move in that fight and he could have killed Deku for real!! Katsuki is so pathetic, he is not happy unless he´s above everybody else, in his sick mind-set nobody is allowed to have dream but him, does that school doesn´t provide psych evaluations on the students? because Katski looks destined to become a villian.

  7. again, the timing to turn the table was very good. a bit more of Kacchan’s rage and i would get angry about him too. So if they do not see now how “instinct driven” Kacchan is, and are extremely not fitted to be an Hero, then they are just saving his “face”…. Kacchan do not want to be a Hero, just be the strongest… Hero or villain. He is the Rage bully since kindergarten type
    i do hope now we move forward, and let this “love” between them calm down for a little bit… i do not think i can hold out anymore of Kacchan turning into the “evil” corner for me

  8. https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2013.jpg
    Since the beginning, Bakugou pretty much divided the fanbase in two, the ones who hate him and says he’s villain material and the ones who like him and says he’s a different type of hero but still a hero. It generates quite a lot of discussion. The author originally planned him to be a natural born genius but was air-headed enough to inadvertently be hurting others without any malicious intent. Then he realized that it was lame and just made him explosively rotten and detestable. He did say he’ll handle his character with care and I say he’s doing well in that part. Here is just the beginning of it and how Horikoshi made a really interesting character in many ways.

    Those eyes aren’t quite normal. No wonder Bakugou flinched and was speechless after seeing him like this.

    Oomph. To repeat what the little guy Mineta said last episode. “The hero course is the best.”

  9. what I am so happy about is that I see Bakugou, and can’t wait for all the development his character is going to get!, I think he’s just so interesting, and breaking down his pridful , over-confident character is gonna be a challenge for the mangaka, his type of personality needs to be written with absolute care ! one wrong move and he stops bieng his character. and fixing him up will destroy his character more. I think as a character, I care about his developmnet the most, all rest of the kids are good-natured, with repeated traits, they don’t give you the excitment of not knowing what they’ll be thinking and what route they’re gonna take. Bakugou gives me this vibe, at this point we still not sure if he’ll go the hero way or the villain way, even tho his actions indicates the latter, but who knows!.

    1. Aye. Often the not-totally-villainous antagonists have more room to grow because they start further from the ideal than the protagonist. Avatar The Last Airbender always comes to mind with that. Kacchan is another good example.

  10. Best episode so far for me. Really got me gripping and rooting for Deku there. And I really like their costume design too. IIda-kun’s costume is so super cool mecha-ish feel, and Uraraka-chan’s so super cute.

    I am so over Uraraka cute design now. OK, someone correct me or update me. I see alot of similarities in Uraraka-chan’s design with Space Patrol Luluco and Kill la Kill’s Mako. Are the artist or animation studios related in any way?


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