Don’t insult Ichigo’s dead mother.

Everything That Wasn’t the Last Page:

This is one of those chapters that I would nearly consider skippable, and there’s not many that I think fall into that category. The only thing preventing that from being the case here is the final page, which is what most people are talking about, and for good reason! But you can argue that other stuff happened in the rest of the chapter, though not as much as I’d like. If it was another full-on battle chapter between Ichigo and Juha then I would be forgiving – limited dialogue and large panels are to be expected with those sorts of chapters – but here we jumped all over the place and learned very little from it. At the very least, Rukia and Renji are going to join Ichigo and Orihime in the final battle, cause main characters and all, and Ishida is seriously struggling against Haschwalth. Other than that? Nothing much to gain from these cutaways.

Rukia and Renji finding their place?

The Last Page!:

But then that final page came and everyone went: “YES! FINALLY!”, or at least I did. I’ve been waiting for what has felt like years for Ryuken (and Isshin as well) to become relevant in this arc. He’s one of the two alive quincies we were familiar with prior to this final arc, and he’s done nothing the entire time! There’s a whole lot of a catching up to do, and the prospect of him pairing up with Isshin is seriously exciting. Their characters couldn’t be any different, but that’s why they are so enjoyable to read. It’s been quite some time since they’ve shared panels, but I hope we stick with them from next week onwards, presumably as they help Ishida against Haschwalth, as that seems like it’d be the most sensible fight to wrap up next.


Overview – What’s Next?:

Isshin and Ryuken are back! This is truly the battle of the dads, after Juha rambled all Star Wars-like last week. Will the three eventually face off? That’s an exciting prospect, but I don’t think that’s where they’re going right now. Everyone does seem to be heading for the finish line, but there’s still plenty of loose ends to tie up before we should reach that epic climactic battle. It’s just a matter of where we will go next. So long as there’s less of these excessive cutaways to less exciting events then I’ll be content.


  1. Yay thanks Samu~ I’ve been waiting for your review before deciding whether or not to delve into the chapter 😛 That last page is pretty awesome!! Can you imagine them working together after all that bickering we’ve witnessed over the years?? Such a treat 🙂

  2. someone on the bleach reddit had a thought of why Yhwach keeps calling Ichigo his son.

    In my dream, when Ichigo and his Mom was attacked by the Hollow, Yhwach stole the powers of all “impure” quincies killing them in the process.

    However, the Masaki was not the only one died. Child Ichigo’s soul was also taken away. All the energies of these quincies merged into Yhwach who was then able to create a very special Quincy Soul. And this Special Soul was placed back into the kid Ichigo’s body (now an empty shell).

    The Ichigo we see now, is not the real Ichigo that was born to Isshin and Masaki. He has the body, power and the memories of that kid, but Ywach is his true mother/father. Thus Isshin was a surrogate dad in that he merely provided the body for that Special Soul to inhabit.

    Maybe that’s why Yhwach said that Ishida was the lone survivor of that tragedy and didn’t include Ichigo.

    TL;DR – Dream: The real Ichigo died as a child along with Masaki. Ywach took the energy from the quincies, created another soul and placed it into the dead ichigo’s body.

    Strange dream, right?

    I’ve to say, if this were to happen, that’d be quite an amazing turn of events.

    1. nope. As if he also have powers about some “Hybrid”. Ichigo is half-Quincy and Half-Shinigami raised as an Human. So he is even an tripple Hybrid creature. Also we still need Chad and Inoue going all out. In case of Chad, do we see now him covered in his full armor? Do Inoue wipe the floor with her enemies?

      If this would be true, then this is really Asspull (and i say this for real)

  3. We still missing the other friends from the Rukia Arc. The one that can turn from touch things into Sand and so on. We saw a panel, that they where also training for this, but still do not saw any action in this arc

    So there are still some “hidden cards” that Kubo did not play out yet

    1. Ganju is fighting stone statues, who I belive are controlled by BG9, alongside Chad. It’s Kukaku and Fullrbingers that are missing. It’s said that Ginjou will reveal something important, so he’s kinda a big deal.

      But I don’t think Isshin is gonna win. Or Ryuken. I think they will stall Haschwalth and Yhwach, so that Ichigo and co. can escape and uses the remaning days until the invasion of the real world to train.

    1. I thought she was reincarnated or something? Given how much has happened thus far in Bleach, if she was physically able too, you’d think she would help Ichigo. She is his mother after all.

      1. It’s never been confirmed, but her being a quincy perhaps removes her from the afterlife? Either way, her spirit never received the Konso (soul burial) that is required to send someone to the afterlife. Maybe she was sent to hell merely because she was a quincy in her human life?

  4. Funny how the 2 fathers and the 2 sons are very much like their relative (father or son) even though neither son would like to admit how similar they are to their fathers.

    1. Why? It’s still one of the most popular manga of all time, and still among the best-selling of WSJ’s current titles? It’s obviously reaching its conclusion at its own pace, which is better than getting rushed to the finish line like so many other manga.

  5. Funny how I’ve said the same thing, how the last page is literally the only relevant page of the chapter, and some Bleach fanboy got butthurt and wrote a long ass paragraph on why Im wrong, LUL.


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