The almighty darkness rages on.

Ishida and Orihime’s Efforts:

Surprisingly, we don’t see Ryuken or Isshin this week – but that just means they’ll show up on the last page of a chapter some weeks from now, probably rescuing Ichigo or Ishida when things are looking grim. For the time being we’re given a brief scene with Ishida and Haschwalth, as their conversation continues. I wish there was more substance to what they’re saying, but it really just feels like page filler. That is until Haschwalth teases that there is more to Juha’s power than looking into the future. But if you remember back to the Juha/Ichibei fight you’ll recall that Juha already stated that he has several abilities besides looking ahead in time, with one of them being his ability to counter any attacks that are about to come his way. The man is already ridiculously overpowered, so what else could he be hiding up his sleeve? Haschwalth says he’ll only tell once the fight is over with Ishida, which I’m hoping doesn’t take too long, as their dialogue so far has been pretty uninspired.

While we don’t see Rukia or Renji this week, Orihime gets some time to shine! I like that she has a level head about the situation and tries to grab Ichigo to calm him down, as he appears to be getting far too emotional to come up with a proper strategy. They share a touching moment that seems to cement her as his destined love interest (unless Rukia comes in and steals the show), and manages a sweet shield/heal combo to keep Juha from taking down Ichigo when he appears to be caught off-guard. I like seeing them working together like this, putting both their strengths to the test.

A callback to Bleach’s early art style?

Ichigo’s Plan:

I’ve got to give Ichigo credit; he had me – and probably everyone else – fooled. We also get some confirmation that Juha really has turned his powers off for the time being, as he was caught off guard by Ichigo’s tactic. As it turns out, the past three chapters where Ichigo appeared to be acting rash and without a plan were actually part of his plan all along! For whatever reason his quincy powers needed to be awakened more forcefully than his shinigami abilities, and with that comes the return of his hollow powers, which we haven’t seen in at least 6 or 7 years (if I’m not mistaken).

His new form, which still appears to be in shikai, shows the return of his vasto lorde appearence – the last time being his fight against Ulquiorra. That was an epic moment in the series, so to see that return is a little surprisingly but a total fan pleaser. I’m glad Ichigo knew what he was doing up until now; whether that continues from here on out is yet to be seen. But with his shinigami, quincy, and hollow powers all activating at once, I think things could get exciting very soon.

Let the Human-Shinigami-Hollow-Vizard-Fullbring-Quincy jokes begin!

Overview – What’s Next?:

While this chapter was light in content, there was a lot more to enjoy if you consider yourself a long-time fan of the series. Orihime got to prove herself a little more, Ichigo showed he’s not as dumb as everyone thought he was being, and his new form looks sweet as hell. It serves as a callback to the Hueco Mundo arc in the best way possible, providing hope that our main character may have a lot more in store in the weeks to come.


  1. i am with you, i am also an long time fan of the Manga, but i started with the first season Anime. i walked the path of Bleach since “birth”, and i am proud that i still remember most of the parts that happen. But i wonder why? perhaps this is my “Harry potter”? it has been there for an long time, accompanying me since my young days. But you know, even the best buddies can have some fights, but make up again.

    Also, yes. i thank Kubo for this “fan pleasure”

      1. Wow, Bleach started back when I was barely in my sophomore year in college. Since then, I’ve graduated and now part of the workforce, yet Bleach is still ongoing.

    1. It’s a shame that the fillers killed the Bleach anime series. I remember looking at a ratings chart for this show a few years ago and viewers dropped consistently when the filler started and basically didn’t recover. The more filler the show had, the more it lost viewers until it was no longer what you’d call a hit series anymore.

  2. I’m curious about Juha Bach’s line if Ichigo reveals his true power then Juha Bach can steal it. Is he talking about Ichigo’s Bankai being stolen with that medal? Did Urahara not give him one of those candies that prevents that from happening and also poisons Quincies? Why wouldn’t he give him one since his powers can be stolen now?

    Juha Bach can’t just see the future. He can see ALL future possibilities. The only way Juah Bach can be defeated is if he chooses not to use it. Yeah that kinda reminds me of Aizen when he didn’t use his hypnosis abilities on Ichigo. Why didn’t he? And that’s the only way Gerard can die is if he just decides to stop using his miracle powers. Why would he do that? Forget it Jack. It’s China town.

    1. i wonder if Ichigo is now capable to do the Hallow Zero blast.. because he is only half Hallow (the Horn) and when he created this Blast, he had 2 Horns…

  3. Was I the only one who kind of laughed at Ichigo’s new transformation at first. When Toshiro first went into his matured state, everyone was talking about how he looked like Ichigo; now Ichigo is looking like Toshiro :P.

  4. Let the Human-Shinigami-Hollow-Vizard-Fullbring-Quincy jokes begin!

    Ichigo é uma verdadeira farofa.

    Oh, I’m happy now. That fight with Ulquiorra was the best moment in the whole series for me.


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