A happy hollow Ichigo.

Short and Sweet:

This chapter was certainly a quick read, but similar to last week, it was an awesome one. Going by reactions online, more people are hyped about what did happen rather than complaining about how quick it was – which is good! As a Bleach fan, seeing the hollow powers come back into the fold is just what I want to see, especially in the final battle of the series. Not only that, but Ichigo is seriously impressing me after last week’s twist that him seeming desperate was part of his plan all along. Now he’s sporting a new look and is oozing confidence, giving Orihime that familiar smile to quell her worries; and worried she should be, as last time Ichigo had this sort of transformation he turned into a bloodthirsty monster. But Ichigo is still Ichigo, and so far everything is going swimingly for him, which is a rare change in this arc.

Ichigo is back in badass mode.

Hollow Ichigo Attacks!:

Now to the biggest revelation this week: Ichigo has a new ability! Mind you, it’s not a new move altogether, but he’s finally gained the ability of Gran Rey Cero! If you can’t remember back to the Hueco Mundo arc, there was a lot of hollows and arrancar who could use regular cero (each with their own variant/colour), but Gran Rey Cero was a rarer thing – the best cero of them all, saved only for the espada. Until now! I think it’s awesome that Ichigo finally has another move he can use, especially after Juha himself remarked about how predictable his Getsuga Tenshou spamming has become. Hopefully there’s more where that came from.

Critical hit!

Overview – What’s Next?:

It may have been a short read but it was certainly a sweet one. Bleach fans should be rejoicing right now because this is the final fight we’ve been waiting for. Of course, Juha getting overpowered will change next week (or the week after), but that doesn’t discount how badass Vasto Lorde Ichigo was this week. Orihime is still providing healing and defence, while Juha has took some serious damage for the first time (unless you count his battle with Ichibei, which was pretty brutal), so I’m excited to see where this battle goes next.


  1. I think it’s possible that Ichigo lost control of the Hollow at least a bit. The last panel of him had a viscious grin and his eyes were completely blank, he looked like zombie Kensei even.

    The comment about Ichigo having not mastered bringing out his powers at will may mean that there will be one more training session where he will learn that and probably also the special Quincy powers of his. Well I can’t imagine that all the remaining seven days will be just constant fighting.

  2. I hate how they haven’t announced anything related to the Bleach anime. Surely there’s a studio out there who feels like animating this final arc? I’ve seen a lot less deserving anime that makes me wonder what said studio was thinking making it.

    1. They probably want to wait until Bleach is actually over or at least at a point where they can tell it’s near the end. Otherwise they would need to use filler again soon, since Bleach chapters are rather short.

      As it’s now, nobody knows how long Bleach will go on. Half the fans say, we’re at the final battle and give Bleach max one year, while the other half says Bleach is nowhere near the end and give it anything from 2-4 years.

      1. I could be mistaken, but aren’t a lot of anime made to help boost the manga/light novel sales? I mean, wouldn’t it make sense to make the anime while the author is still doing chapters and manga books are still being sold?

        Also, don’t you think they’ve got enough material to produce at least a years worth of episodes?

      2. That’s true, but with Bleach’s pacing they would catch up eventually. I think Pierrot wants to do the same as with Inuyasha the final arc. Just animating the whole thing in one go. And fillers kinda killed Bleach. I think what will happen is, that at some point we will get an anouncement about Bleach entering it’s final year, like they did with Naruto, and parallel to that an announcement for the Anime returning.

        They also have to test how high the demand for Bleach is, which is what they are currently doing. Bleach Bue-Rays, a really good mobage game and a new Bleach musical. There have alot of Bleach anouncments recently. It’s been more then four years since the last episode aired. The anime business changed quite a bit since then. They might want to test new waters.

      3. You’re right, though a little worrying as I can imagine by the time the manga is over they’ll have enough material for at least 50 episodes without filler(Though if they upped the pace, they could do with less..). I would like to hope a studio will stick through it though.

        Maybe they could test the waters as you say with a new Bleach movie?

      4. Re: Bleach anime, I’ve given up on it coming anytime soon. There are currently 197 unadapted chapters, and Bleach episodes usually covered 3-4 chapters each, which would give us about 49 episodes. I think it’s safe to say the manga will be over within the next 49 weeks, so there’s no worried of the anime outpacing the manga. I just think Studio Perriot and everyone else involved in the production/funding isn’t interesting a Bleach anime, as much as we fans would like it.

        A filler-less adaptation of this final arc would be great, and probably last about 4 or 5 cours depending on how much longer we have to go in the manga. If there’s a chance for an anime announcement it would likely come when Bleach gets the cover of WSJ, which is usually only around August (when it reaches its yearly anniversary).

    2. I wouldn’t say it’s safe to say that there is max a year left. From my perspective Bleach has at least two and a half years left. The number of characters, unadressed plot points and mysteries are too many to resolve everything within just a year. Not to mention that Ichigo is hardly capable of defeating Yhwach, let alone preventing him from trying again 1000 years later. There is also the problem with who will replace Yhwach as the Soul King. I can’t imagine that Bleach will end with someone loosing his body parts and imprisoned for all eterniry just to maintain a system that’s horrible. Different characters have different opinions regarding that, so as things are now, that will surely lead to conflict.

      Given how long Bleach has been running, it’s unlikely that they won’t announce the series entering it’s final year, like they did with Naruto. The anime staff did mention btw, that they are interested in bringing back the anime and that demand for it is very high. They just announced a Bleach musical for the upcoming summer.

      1. You really think Bleach could last another 2 and a half years? That’s around 120 chapters, which would bring it to around 800 chapters. When you think of it that way, that seems almost impossible, as we know this is the final arc and I don’t see it lasting 320 chapters (we’re already nearly at the 200 mark).

        You point out the number of characters, but who is there left to show/fight? There’s Juha, Haschwalth, and Gerard, and all three fights are currently underway. Lille also counts but he’s in a weakened state and I predict he will be shot down quickly once Aizen leaves his chair. There’s a few more groups of characters still to show up (like the Fullbringers, if Kubo bothers), but there’s only 3 characters left to fight, with Gerard being the only one where everyone could team up together to fight.

        There’s no way we’re going to get any more new villains introduced, and we’re already starting the final fight between the main character and the main villain, while all the other subplots are getting tied up. Sure, there are plenty more bankais and backstories we’d like to see, but it’s a real possibility that we won’t get to see many more (especially after the likes of Shunsui, Urahara, Kenpachi, and Toshiro once after the other).

        Personally I’d say anywhere between 700-720 is a good number, so maybe a 50% chance Bleach ends this year, if not then definitely by the summer of 2017. Any later would be unnecessary/unlikely given the current pace.

      2. Aizen has yet to even get out of the chair, let alone find a way into the Soul Palace. Isshin and Ryuken have yet to actually do anything. As you said the Fullbringer and Kukaku have yet to do anything. There is also Ichibee and his very suspicious speach about peace and that he lied and most likely double crossed Ichigo.

        There is also the backstory of Urahara, how he and Aizen met the Soul King and the backstory of Ginjou. All things that were actually confirmed to be relevant in this arc and to be told. There is also the whole mystery behind the Soul King and his body parts, the first blood war 1000 years ago, the whole story of the special Quincy, the Story of Soken, why he joined the Wandenreich and why he was exiled, what makes Uryuu so special, the whole story of Yhwach, the fall of the Shiba family and several unrevealed Bankai. And several of these revelations might change the course of the story.

        We don’t know how many Quincy are dead, since many had ambigious deaths. If several Arrancar survived, the same could be said about the Quincy. Yhwach could also get new allies through several ways. Yhwach is also said to reclaim the world after nine days. We have just reached the third day and he also plans to invade the real world. Ichigo has yet to fully master his powers and Yhwach isn’t even using the full extend of his. There are too many characters, who have yet to fight for this to be the actual final battle. Ichigo still is far too weak to defeat Yhwach and has no idea how he actually stays dead. It just doesn’t feel like the final battle.

        And Yhwach might not even be the actual final enemy. It could very well be the Soul King, Squad Zero, the Gotei or someone else we know.. There is still the issue with the Soul King. Yhwach is the current Soul King. He’s holding everything together. If he dies, everything will crumble. The Shinigami want to make a new Soul King. I highly doubt Ichigo is going to be okay with someone loosing his limbs and being imprisoned for all eternity against his will, especially if that person is himself. And I don’t think a Shonen manga like Bleach will have that ending. The issue with the Soul King might easily lead to alot of conflict.

        I can easily see the manga lasting 800 chapters.

      3. Honestly, I think most of what you listed can still be covered in 30-50 chapters. But I think it’s time to accept that not every plot point in Bleach is going to get covered in the short time that remains. Remember the beast realm that got introduced in Sajin’s fight against Bambietta? We could get a whole other arc out of that, but we won’t. If we’re still not near the end come June 2017 I will eat several hats.

      4. We have to agree to disagree then. I would say there is still plenty of time left to cover most of the plot points, since those I listened are actually important. I have trust in Kubo as an author to do at least so much.

        But the animal realm is not an actual, physical realm. It’s more metaphysical, a state of mind so to say. With his transformation into a wolf, Komamura entered the animal realm. Komamura and his clan are still living in exile somewhere in Soul Society.

        Or if you meant for why they are banished, I think we may find out about that, once Kubo elaborates more on the story and fall of Soul King. With all the mystery and body parts running around, this is something that must be adressed.

      5. I can’t really see the Bleach manga having a super deep ending or anything. If anything Kubo might wake up one day and decide he wants to start wrapping everything up, especially if all prospects of an anime end up vanishing. If this gets an anime I could see it going on longer, because he’ll make a lot more money doing it.

  3. Do not forget, his Special bodyguards have their spiritual invisible bodies, and i bet their King has something similar or even better, what Ichigo cuts here is just flesh. but his spirit is still intact

      1. He can cheat. Yeah. He has a lot of cheats.

        He can see the future.
        He has Yamamoto’s Bankai.
        He can probably transfer himself into Ishida if he wants.
        He has one or more powers that Hashwalt hasn’t revealed yet.

        I’d say the odds are stacked against Ichigo.

    1. perhaps he can travel between the Huenco Mundo and Shinigami World with these Rift Gates, in other words through Dimensions. But can not do anything when it comes to the Human world, for interacting with it, he needs to go there in flesh and blood

  4. Ichigo is walking the same path as Claire in Claymore fight against the “Lion”. But i hope no one has here to die to get him back. He can give his Hollow inside 80% power where the remain 20% fight against the urgent black powers to stay in control. same as like Claire to fight against her awaken limbs

    a bit of Claymore powers control basics can help here Bleach, i think

    1. imagine it like the Hollow Powers are Black Water, and the remain 20% Quincy Powers are the Damm that hold these Water in check to not overtake his Body/Soul


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