「未知との遭遇」 (Michi to no Souguu)
“Encounter with the Unknown”

These villains aren’t smart. These kids aren’t scared—or they are, but they’re fighting anyway.

Simple Villains Acting Intelligently

If a complaint can be levied against the villains of this arc so early in said arc (though c’mon now, give ’em some time), it’s that the villains are shallow. I would not levy this complaint; it’s hard enough to get a story off the ground, and creating dynamic villains, especially when so much time has been sunk into creating an antagonist-ally, is a tall order. But if someone were make that argument, at least they couldn’t say the villains are stupid. From creating the media disturbance the episode prior (thanks for the cover Takkun) to cutting off the heroes from the school and separating them, they did their homework. That’s good, because it makes them a more legitimate threat, and certainly a more interesting one than if they has rushed in with dumb power.

The only things they failed to plan for is that All Might wouldn’t be there, which is understandable, and the students’ Quirks, which is also understandable. That second one is biting them in the ass.

Izuku, Tsu-chan, & Mineta Team Up

I like this way of introducing other character’s Quirks—don’t bluntly give us exposition, show us by mixing and matching them with the action at hand! There are little things, like giving us a glimpse of Yaoyorozu’s power, but mostly this episode was about introducing us to the Quirks of Asui Tsuyu (Yuuki Aoi) and Mineta Minoru (Hirohashi Ryou), AKA Tsu-chan and Grape-kun. Tsu-chan seems the most clearly powerful of the trio, at least as long as Izuku keeps injuring himself with every attack, which is why it’s so nice that she was relatively unrepresented in the meat of the second half. Absolutely vital, and she enabled the whole thing by saving the others when they were first warped away, but it was Izuku and Grape-kun who delivered the knock out blows.

Certainly it’s silly that the villains let the kids sit on the boat so long, and waited so long to sink it, though since they did sink it before long, I have not problem letting that slide. And certainly, the kids were lucky that Izuku’s plan worked, especially since I don’t feel like Grape-kun sticking them all up was explicitly discussed? It would have been off-screen if so, but I get the feeling that didn’t happen.

Those are both fine, and the crucial moment was great—seeing Grape-kun derive some measure of courage, even if it was out of disbelief and self-loathing as much as anything, from Izuku’s actions. All Might may be the Symbol of Peace, but Izuku is already becoming a symbol to his class. I felt tremendous pride on Izuku and Grape-kun’s parts when Tsu-chan praised them in the last frame. Here’s to the little guys!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The villain’s have a smart plan, but the kids aren’t going down without a fight. The little guys are winning #heroaca 10

Random thoughts:

  • Eraser Head ain’t one to be fucked with. His apparent weaknesses are just an opportunity to kick ass, old school-style.
  • Grape-kun gotta oppai at all times. Never stop oppaiing.
  • I’m guessing Yaoyorozu is like Amaburi’s Sento Isuzu (only more so), and can pull items from her skin. Hence the skimpy outfit. Don’t confirm that unless you use spoiler tags, manga readers, we’ll find out eventually.
  • Tsu-chan said her last two powers are practically useless, which tells me they’ll be used eventually. Though with this show, I don’t give that a 100%. It’s more wily than that.
  • “When the enemy becomes certain of their victory, that will be our chance.” Good advice from a superhero anime. Stranger things have happened, kero kero. (P.S. Tsu-chan best frog.)

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    1. IIRC the author wanted to draw a frog girl or character (girl?) before, but never got the opportunity to until now;she was also first conceived as a dude, but he changed his mind since there would be less girls in the class (This is from the volume 2 omake).

      Best frog girl indeed… why does Japan always make me like these weird concepts?!

      Eh, whatever.

  1. Unfortunately, it’ll be many long arcs – far beyond the scope of this cour – before we really start getting villains with depth (or deepening the backstory of existing ones). These guys are basically the Joker; they’re there to watch the world burn. Or narratively speaking, they’re there to make the hero awesome.

    I’m disappointed that the anime seemed to chop up my favorite Grape-kun quote from the manga (or maybe that’s just the fault of different translators on the same line?), when he said “Damn it Midoriya! Do you ever do anything that ISN’T cool!” right before screwing up his courage and doing his thing.

    1. Not true really, the villain that needs to get fleshed out in this arc does, and then the next arc is the way it is because of what it is and that’s not really an issue with the portrayal of villains.

    2. That is a cool line!

      Note that I was never complaining about the villains not being heavily developed. I did the same thing in my first book; I was spending so much time developing the main characters and the world that I spent limited time with relatively simple villains. (The first Star Trek reboot did the same thing, which I think worked well, even if the second one got shitty.) I was just saying that it was a thing.a

  2. I’m guessing Yaoyorozu is like Amaburi’s Sento Isuzu (only more so), and can pull items from her skin. Hence the skimpy outfit. Don’t confirm that unless you use spoiler tags, manga readers, we’ll find out eventually.

    They’ll probably tell you about it next week, so there’s no need for anyone to rush.

    Tsu-chan said her last two powers are practically useless, which tells me they’ll be used eventually. Though with this show, I don’t give that a 100%. It’s more wily than that.

    It’s not that they’re practically useless, it’s that they were practically useless in that situation. Unlike Mineta, Tsuyu is smart enough to know not to dismiss any ability as useless overall.

    Anyway, this is a good episode for character development. This, I believe is where people really started to become fans of Tsuyu. She showed herself to be cool and rational under fire, was able to take care of herself well, and rescue the people around her even under these sudden adverse circumstances. She’s smart, and she’s able to use a quirk that is (relatively) low-powered compared to several of her classmates to significant effect. I mean, one wouldn’t really think “doing whatever a frog can do” would be very powerful, but if you look at her rescue of Izuku (and, of course, Mineta), I at least get the impression that if she hadn’t had to worry about sticking around to help them, she’d have been completely capable of just escaping the shipwreck zone entirely, and the villains there probably couldn’t have stopped her. She’s just good at what she does.

    No need to mention Izuku again. He’s being the hero and being it well. He’s playing his character exactly the way you’d expect, and despite knowing generally how it will go it doesn’t feel boring at all. It gets me into it: I almost want to cheer when he does something heroic. Trope-ish or not, that means it’s well-handled, I think.

    For the kids by the exit, props to them for making a hard decision, especially Iida. Even when you know it’s what needs to be done, and that you’re unquestionably the best person to do it, it’s not easy at all for someone with any trace of heroic personality to run for help while his friends stay and fight behind him. Fortunately they found the words to convince him. This is the best way, probably the only way, to save everyone. Out of all of them, only Iida can manage the run back to school for help in time for the help to actually get there and accomplish something. This is the best way for him to save the people he’s responsible for.

    Well done, show. You give me chills at times.

    1. Good point on Tsu-chan. Her Quirk isn’t powerful, per say—what makes her look good compared to the other two is her attitude, control, and poise under fire. She didn’t cringe like Izuku did, who still needs to work at being better with unexpected situations. She makes a potentially debilitating Quirk (if she were to try to live a “normal” life) look good!

  3. Guys, I’m far from believing in age’s difference and “choosing by age” but I’m quite curious about the age of “Boku no Hero Academia”‘s viwers. How old are you or where I can find such statistic?

    PS: I’m 26 and find “Boku no Hero Academia” entertaining.

    1. 25. I actually got cut off from anime until like 4-5 years ago and it felt like I was watching anime for the first time all over again. That does mean I’m way behind on some of the gems of anime that I need to watch still, but it’s all worth it. It also means I’m likely not gonna stop watching anime any time soon, which is all the better for me honestly. And yes, My Hero Academia is great for me 🙂

    2. Ya ain’t learning about Heroaca’s fan’s ages, Seya-chan. You’re learning about the average age of commenters on RandomC. There are big differences between those populations on the whole, I’d wager. Especially since most of Heroaca’s fans are Japanese.

      1. I’m curious about age of RandomC’s commenters too 🙂 As I know, it is rather big “community” where we can talk and I often try to guess what kind of people I slightly meet here.

    3. Status:

      i am over 42+ old, and watched since i was about 8 years old, Animes

      So, i could be your dad in some cases. But i hold secure my little kid heart, as an stress easier

  4. The mangaka so far refuses to write any notes on the villian characters,saying that he wants to maintain a sense of mystery about them and that it “enhances their evilness further” for readers.
    That, or he’s not sure how he wants to develop them yet.

    Manga notes state the Principal’s a case of an ordinary animal gaining an intelligence Quirk. He used to be a lab rat because of this Quirk.

    1. Not sure if you noticed it but when black mist was teleporting people, Shouji (ear guy)was covering a few students with his body which was nice and heroic.
      Also Bakugou and Kirishima being together was cool, and so was Ojiro (tail guy) being alone against those villains

  5. Sorry guys, can someone help with me with “Plue Ultra” means from the anime? I read through most of the manga and still didn’t get it. Is this a way of living with Heros within this manga/anime?

    John Perry
  6. You’ve gotta love Deku for being a competent strategist all the time. He basically collects data from everything and everyone around him and meshes them into a cohesive fighting plan that has the least consequential damages.

    I’m not sure how Grape-kun’s power came into play, but from I can tell, he made the villains adhere together in the cyclone Deku created so their escape becomes hard, which is fair, though I also get the feeling it wasn’t part of Deku’s plan and more like Grape-kun firing up his spirit after being inspired by Deku, which is funny and admirable.

    Overall, disregarding the rather awkward introduction of the principal in the middle of the crisis (awkward for me anyway), this was another great episode with great execution of the heroes’ powers. I can’t wait to see that creepy villain with creepy hands in play.

    1. The manga explained this better I think, yolo.

      The plan was for Deku to hit the water, causing the sea to split. As the water rushes back in, it takes the guys and the dozens of Grape-kun’s balls he’d been throwing with it to meet in the middle. Suddenly, all the enemies and the super-sticky balls slam together into one sticky mass and just float there helplessly.

      Mineta’s power isn’t very strong, but it IS very well-suited to easy nonlethal takedowns.

  7. “Tsu-chan said her last two powers are practically useless, which tells me they’ll be used eventually.”
    I thought they would use them to escape the boat: since the villains were so careful with Mineta’s balls (pun), I figured they would try to drive them off by throwing some mucus, and escape.


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