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「料理合わずと蜂合わず」 (Ryouriawazu to Hachiawazu)
“Bad With Cooking and Bad With Bees”


Cooking Time!

For all of us out there who have zero confidence in our cooking, rejoice! The first half of this week’s episode hit that point so hard and so realistically that I can still feel some of the trauma. Seriously, of all things, why did the episode have to pick on Nao and her lack of cooking skills? Not that I projected myself onto her as she was struggling or anything, but seeing how much trouble she had with even the most basic of tasks had me cringing in pain. A pain that only those of us who’ve been in Nao’s situation will understand. Luckily, Nao managed to make it through with some pretty impressive hamburger steaks by the end of it all! All’s well that ends well, right?

You know what’s not fair though? All of this went down in a home economics class where the whole point is to help people improve their skills. Why in the world don’t schools over on this side of the pacific take vocational skills like these more seriously!? It would save a lot of us from experiencing such awkward situations later in life (that and homemade food tastes the best)!

The Birds and the Bees

While they’re not necessarily my favorite, I’m starting to grow really fond of these take-it-easy moments. Slowing the pace down to a crawl and packing in a ton of culture and character interaction, there’s always something new and interesting that comes out of them. With the focus around some good old manual labor and some general information about apple trees, it was nice to see that the fruits of their labor will bear some genuinely good fruit (pun intended). At the same time, with more locals throughout the latter half, it was cool to hear some of that local dialect sneak its way back into the show. While I wouldn’t call it French, I would probably be just as lost as Akane if I was listening.

Also, did you know bees could bite their enemies? I had to look it up to confirm, but there are bees out there that genuinely bite their enemies. Who would have thought!

Looking Ahead

With the summer season about to roll in, it makes me sad to think about Flying Witch coming to an end. It’s had a great run so far and even though it’ll be bittersweet, I can’t wait for the last two episodes. Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week where we’ll hopefully get some more magic. See you!

June 11, 2016 at 6:24 pm