「ゲームオーバー」 (Geemu Oubaa)
“Game Over”

The first half had enough pulse-pounding action for a full episode. The second half had enough for two more. Holy crap, that was awesome!

An Action Fan’s Wet Dream

I have a rough proxy for how visually and aesthetically amazing an episode is, and it requires taking you behind the scenes of the RC blogging process. You see, most of us capture the screen caps for these posts as we watch, and some people are more efficient at it than others. Zani, Zephy, and Enzo can all watch an episode and have only taken between 32-40 caps, so they add/cut a couple and they’re good to go. I’m the worst capper on staff, and regularly do 200+, which requires a lot of cutting after the fact. The more I get lost in an episode, especially if there’s a bunch of action, the more caps I end up with.

When I end up with just shy of 700 caps, you know the episode was good. I wanted to immortalize every damn second.

This post is going to get gushy, ’cause I’d need three days and several rounds of edits to go into everything and bring it down to a manageable size, and I don’t gots the time for that. The byline is this: if you want to know how to do superb large-group action, this is a tour de fuckin’ force. Notice how it bounces between groups, showing us how several character’s Quirks work through a combination of showing instead of telling and blessedly quick telling (which is okay sometimes—this is the Star Wars opening crawl method of exposition), but not making it feel like exposition because the struggles are so real and because they don’t patronize us. Notice how there were several setbacks, and even two climaxes in the span of a single episode—this is storytelling that’s not holding back, and it’s amazing. Everything moves so fast that we’re not given a chance to anticipate what’s going to happen, we just lean in and try to hold on for the ride. It’s glorious.

The vibrant characters, sharply delineated power sets, and the contribution of damn near everyone to the victories the heroes have had makes this episode, but I especially appreciate how it keeps us on our toes. When Iida escapes, it’s game over for the enemies—but they’re still in control, and Aizawa-sensei has one foot in the grave. Though the villain’s loss seems a foregone conclusion by that point, many questions remain. Will everyone make it out alive? Will they off Aizawa-sensei when they have the chance? Or will something else happen—oops, hand guy is going after Tsu-chan, and holy fuck she should be dead but Aizawa-sensei intervenes, and by that time my head was spinning and I was smiling from cheek to cheek. I damn near slid off the edge of my chair. And then Izuku didn’t break his arm! So many insanely amazing moments. Beautifully done Horikoshi-sensei, Bones, and everyone else that was involved. Holy hell did this episode work.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Weaving multiple fights w/ scores of chars into a rousing thrill ride of setbacks, climaxes, & some of the best action I’ve seen #heroaca 11

Random thoughts:

  • Super punk indeed. Violent growth indeed. But fanservice aside, I like how Momo can only create what she understands on a molecular level. No wonder she’s so wicked smart.
  • “I’m always calm and rational, you spiky-haired punk!” Katsuki yells angrily.
  • No touchy, Grape-kun. Frog-chan’s gotta say it’s okay.
  • Can’t wait to see the All Might vs Nomu fight. I’m surprised they’re trying to beat All Might at his own game. Though, with how well Deku’s punch worked, they might have a shot. Though All Might does not look pleased. Plus Ultra!

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  1. Though All Might does not look pleased.

    He’s not smiling. All Might is always smiling when he’s in this form. Even when blood is running from his mouth, and when his time is about to run out and he’s about to be caught by Izuku, or when Bakugo was unleashing lethal attacks during training, or when he was afraid Aizawa was going to expel Izuku, or anything happened, no matter what he was always smiling. That someone could push him to the point of losing that smile… It’s cliche, but “You won’t like him when he’s angry, guys!”

    1. To be a wondrous face for heroes, he has to always smile and always be strong for everyone. Also, it would irritate any villain because you want to make sure that the hero doesn’t smile or have a way out of the fight.

      Dorian S.
    2. The mangaka said his editors hated All Might’s smiling design, describing it as creepy, unnatural, that they wouldn’t want to be rescued by someone looking like him. A fellow mangaka even said he looked like a weird smiling old man.

      Kouhei took it as a compliment though, and says he’s loved All Might’s design from Day 1.

      1. Hah! They might have a point. I guess it just doesn’t have the same effect to us westerners, or those of us more inured to western culture, which clearly includes Horikoshi-sensei. We’re used to larger-than-life heroes in brightly colored costumes.

      2. I agree, there’s a weird, unnatural quality to his constant smiling that makes it seem creepy (it’s like one of those fake forced smiles), but I’ve gotten used to it at this point.

        Bamboo Blade Cat
      3. I think it goes back to what you said in your earlier reviews for this series, Stilts. In a number of ways, Boku no Hero Academia presents an idealized view of a superhero world, with All Might himself being the pinnacle of that ideal. For cynical people immersed in a more real-world view, a giant man with a huge grin in his face walking up to you out of a disaster and grabbing you and carrying you off would probably seem terrifying, but in a world where people want to believe in heroes, want to believe that no matter how hopeless things become there will be someone who can break through any darkness that tries to stop him and can save us without ever letting it steal away his smile, All Might is unquestionably our hero.

  2. Izuku’s punch near the end of the episode must have been the most satisfying one yet. I was irking for him to punch that weird hand guy in the face, especially when he went after Tsuyu. Man did that feel good! And on top of that, his arm didn’t break!

      1. A few chapters later this gets discussed. Show Spoiler ▼

  3. >I’m surprised they’re trying to beat All Might at his own game.

    It’s interesting, right? For as cheap and sneaky as the villains have been (setting up a media incursion to sneak in and steal class schedules, then teleporting in a couple hundred fucking guys to take on a team of like 20 heroes), the fight itself is surprisingly fair.

    It’s basically their ringer versus All Might. One on one, mano a monstero. It’s like it’s not enough to kill All Might, they need to beat him at his own game. Queensbury rules.

    Or maybe any number of mooks just isn’t sufficient to beat All Might, and they’ve tried that before.

    1. Actually, you might have it with them needing to beat him at his own game (or preferring that). That would shatter his myth, whereas tricking him into death could be excused away, ’cause that’s how humans roll. But smashing his face in with brute force? Crippling.

      1. There is no way to tell these stories properly at a faster pace. No amount of finesse would have allowed them to squeeze more story in without cutting important content. We got where we we are at the pace we had to move to get here.

      2. @Wanderer

        I think Redjuice Fan and Hanabira.Kage are just telling non-manga readers how far along this is in the source, in case we’re wondering how much source is left. Informing, not judging. Or at least that’s how I took their comments.

        I know there’s no way in hell I want to change anything about how this is going considering how damn awesome it is.

    1. It wasn’t purely for comedy; how long the balls stick depends on his health. So if he’s constipated for example, they probably won’t stay put for as long as they would otherwise.

  4. @Stilts

    1. Watch the Episode for the Story and notice some anchors you want to use to write this Episode review
    2. Watch the episode twice, use your anchors notice to get a feeling for the screenshots. what made an impression on you.
    3. While selecting the Screenshots for the blog site, try to write the first “prototype” of your review inside your mind
    4. ?
    5. Profit!!!.. aehm final review + screenshots

    this would be my way of blog this, but sadly i can not improve my writing skills, perhaps i am to old and only englisch writer here at my place, and it’s getting with time more rusty

    1. Yeah, considering I’m behind on all but like five shows I’m supposedly watching this season (of which I’m blogging three), there’s no way I can watch an episode twice. It’d drive me batty. Blogging is meant to be done quickly, I’ll do editorials or wait until the END post for more thought-out and edited fare. Or, ya know, write books.

  5. this episode was PLUS PLUS ALTRA , i was watching at work and i couldn’t keep quite i was like shit shit omg and the final scene with deku and asu when all might came i was about to jump of my seat …i cant wait till next episode , im happy i decided to watch this amazing anime because i had nothing to watch at that time .

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia%20-%2011%20-%2011.jpg

    So she’s basically a materials scientist?! Awesome! That’s one crazy flexible power, looking forward to seeing what she pulls out in the future!

    Another great episode, and now it’s time for an ass-whooping! I’ve got two theories on why Deku didn’t break his arm. First that he just acted instinctually to save Tsu and didn’t overthink using one for all which made the power “flow” better. The second is that Bird brain can somehow negate one for all, which would be bad for obvious reasons…

    Doctor Hochmeister
    1. I was going with the second theory too, as it wouldn’t make much sense to me for Deku to master his quirk in a moment of panic. Wouldn’t he have tried to save Tsu-chan with everything he had?

      Perhaps Bird Brain has a quirk that can completely and instantly absorb/dissipate direct blows, which would naturally be a formidable quirk against All Might.

    2. A lot of people tend to make the second assumption. Show Spoiler ▼

  7. Just 17 chapters for 11 episodes, huh… Slow pacing is the right thing to say here.
    Only the first ep (= 51 pages, all chapter 1) and this last one (= 38 pages, 19 from chapter 16 and 19 from chapter 17) have MORE OR LESS a good pace.

    But oh well, as MJ would say… Money!
    They don’t care about a good adaptation, but about making eps & money. Japanese animators don’t learn, sigh.

    If you want a REALLY good pace series, have a look at Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (awesome, BTW, more than 90 pages per episode) or One Punch Man of course, EPIC in capital letters.

    Apart from the obvious slow pacing in a potential money maker series, this one is not bad. Besides, OP, B, N… and many others are the same, filler everywhere. Enjoy the first episodes which USED TO BE the best ones. Later on is only worse.

    1. What on earth are you talking about?

      As far as I know this hasn’t been greenlit for a second cour, so how fast or slow they’re going doesn’t matter from a ‘make money’ perspective… if ‘more episodes’ somehow equals ‘more money’ at all, which I don’t think it does, with anime.

      1. Yep, definately it shouldn’t be that way. More & more crap episodes shouldn’t make more money.

        OTOH, you have soooo many long & neverending series doing ep after ep, stretching the original manga story to the limit (and more)… And they are doing all those eps to lose money, aren’t they?

        Yeah, they must be losing money week after week, but still doing eps from One Piece. Oh, and the famous Naruto filler still active must have been done to lose money aswell.
        They don’t know what to do and say “let’s lose a little more money, we have plenty of it”.


        … Or maybe NOT.

  8. A point of interest that could probably only be caught by those with the ear to hear: when Uraraka helped Iida escape, for a moment her accent slipped and she spoke with a Kansai accent. She usually tries to keep that out of her regular speech, but given the intensity of that moment I imagine one can forgive her for being a little preoccupied.


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