「ラスボスの時間」 (Rasubosu no Jikan)
“Last Boss Time”

After all that’s happened throughout the past four cours, I can safely say that this was the most bittersweet payoff we could have asked for. That and I’ll be wiping off my tears during the time it takes you to click and scroll down to the actual post.

The Teacher’s Soul

It’s been a recurring plot point and theme, but this week’s episode really took everything we’ve seen and learned and literally demonstrated what it means to be a teacher. When Koro-sensei launched his super attack, you could literally feel all of his experiences, emotions, failures, and successes as that enormous white light shot out of him. All of things that we’ve seen in some form as the series played out. And the thing is, if you look at that moment in a more philosophical sense, I think it truly highlights exactly what it takes to find success as a teacher. You can’t simply be someone focused on a specific aspect of teaching since there are so many different things a teacher needs to, well, teach! Well I guess the correct wording might be teach and impart. Because as good as a teacher Koro-sensei is, I think his biggest successes have come from when he empowered his students to find the drive or passion to do the things that simply teaching them wouldn’t have done.

In any case, I’ll be sure to dive deeper into this point next week when the final impressions come. The more I think about this, the more I’m unable to write because of these damn tears.

Shiro and The Reaper

Personally, I’m super happy that Koro-sensei managed to make amends with his very first student. Understanding that he had made mistakes along the way and it’s not necessarily only The Reaper’s fault for the way he became, their last conversation together just felt so rewarding that it’s tough to describe in words just how good it felt.

Also, fuck Shiro. While I wish he could have gotten a worse death, I suppose getting thrown into a simple anti-tentacle field is pretty embarrassing and funny in its own right.

Looking Ahead

Man, this week’s episode was a bombshell. With an epic fight that led to an even more epic amount of tears, what more could you really ask for? In any case, I can’t wait to see what happens with the few episodes we have left. If I could have one request though, I’d really like for Koro-sensei to find a way out of that stupid containment field. Because after everything that’s happened, I really don’t want a stupid giant laser beam from space being the thing that takes him out.

Catch you guys later!

End Card


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  1. I like how they paced S2 it is paying off . This EP was PANEL for PANEL and they extended 2 scenes and added one joke . That is all I can find .

    Great fight scenes / Koro’s emotions was a nice touch in color !

    Saving Kayano

    Just so many liitle and big highlights. They should get a reward for one of the most honest adaptions ever!

    Remeber Yusei is up for like The Academy award of writing for the manga. Lerche brings it to life in neat animation

    This is going to be Panel for Panel for until the end. I think the next 3 CHPS are in the next EP with 2 CHPS for the final to give it’s true meaning and sendoff! I will miss this !

    Some minor adds

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. The “What do if a student die book” just kill me

    Is sad that this anime isn”t popular like others (at least outside of Japan), is a very good history with great characters

    1. Funimation seems to really like it. It was one of their first regular broadcast dubs, and is so far their longest-running since the beginning! I hope more people discover this show. It’s honestly a bit saddening that we get so little comments here.

      1. I like this Anime, sadly i spoiler myself of what are coming, so to avoid accidentally posting spoilers for the anime only viewer, i put myself an write blockade, for not ruin your fun

        this anime is very good as the manga, it is just i “could” be weak

    1. well, would you pick up food that had fallen to the ground and still eat it? most i know get an disgusting face and trow it away. But in some other corners of the world, this could fill someones belly. you should not play with food, because someone on earth are starving for what you are trowing away

      so respect your food

      1. also he need energy in this case the sugar inside the cake for his operation cells to be working after this fight

        thats the real reason behind this.

        “In seiner not frisst der Teufel auch fliegen!”
        “in his hardship even the devil eats fly!”

  3. Well looks like they will go to the manga ending… And its an ending that will send you to feeladelphia via a feels train.

    Makes me wonder what is the movie then? Ansatsu after story or a remake of the current season? Because I don’t really see the point to watch the movie if it is just a remake of the “last battle” unless they will make a Anime only ending.

      1. aahh drats. thanks for the correction. i cant remember how or what did i read for me to say there is an anime movie of this. hmmm… must be a mixed up of two ansatsu kyoshitsu news i read from MAL before. but oh well.

  4. Thanks for covering this show Takaii! When the show first started I got put off by the name as I thought it was one of those horror/thriller type shows and students just kill each other in order to survive. The synopsis of the story didn’t really appeal to me either, but oh, how wrong I was! I finally picked up the show this season after reading a couple of your review posts, and have thoroughly enjoyed it! Great story, great characters. If only there were a real life Koro-sensei in our lives that cared so much for his students and taught them so many things beyond the normal syllabus–i.e. teaching kids to live. We would have far less tragedies in this world *sob sob*

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu%202nd%20Season%20-%2023%20-%20Large%2037.jpg
    After what happened to Aguri, it’s clear that this time Koro-sensei doesn’t want to be stung twice with Akari/Kayano.
    Likewise, where he failed to be a good teacher to the second Reaper, he found redemption with Class 3-E, especially Nagisa (who bore a lot of similarities to his ex-apprentice).

    Oh Takaii, as a manga reader, I can tell you…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Yes thank goodness food is around, but still have to be hygienic about it and not be wasteful. And yes that’s a good reason for eating the cake.
    To think that it was a funny moment slipped in with all that has happened was the point.

    random viewer
    1. of course it must still be hygienic.. like in flying witch “why not take these seeds here around the pole?” “there the dogs always pee”.. this kind of course not


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