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The Bankai That Never Was:

Well… that was unexpected. I’ve heard people call this chapter a disappointment, or that Kubo doesn’t know what he’s doing, or this was him trolling us, but I don’t think so. Sure, it’s a weird choice to cut down Ichigo’s bankai before we even have time to see what it can do, but this is clearly a deliberate attempt at changing the course of this fight, and now things are truly unpredictable. As for what we did see, Ichigo brought both his swords together and fused them into a single Tensa Zangetsu. It’s larger than his previous bankai (more similar to very original shikai form) and there’s no costume change like we’ve seen before. But there’s a fair chance we didn’t get to see his proper transformation as it literally lasted a single panel before everything went horribly wrong. Ouch.


Juha’s Power:

As for Juha… has there ever been a villain this overpowered? It turns out hs Almighty power isn’t the ability to see into the future, but to “transform” it. Basically, he can see many versions of what could happen and change one to another depending on what he wants. He’s so broken there’s no concieveable way he can be beaten. We saw him get blocked by one of Orihime’s shields this week, but he still used his powers to injure Ichigo some more. My only guess is that this is when Orihime will step forward – perhaps her time reversal abilities will be a black spot as far as Juha can see. If she creates a large enough area, maybe he won’t be able to see any versions of the future, and maybe she can heal Ichigo’s zanpakutou and horn of salvation in doing so.

Just a little bit overpowered…

Overview – What’s Next?:

I think hope lies in Orihime right now, but it’s clear to me that Kubo has a plan in mind. Whether the final battle is going to be delayed until later on, or this is just one misstep of many is something we’ll have to wait and see. Plenty are sure to be disappointment by the turn of events this week, but I found it exciting. We know Ichigo is going to win in the very end, but it’s impossible to predict exactly how that’s going to happen. The guessing game continues.


  1. Jesus Christ, motherfucker is like a god! Not even Orihime, that should be like… the key to the fight, couldn’t do anything lol

    Kudos for that, Kubo.
    The tension got on me pretty hard right now. I can’t see anyone winning against this guy.


  2. Not gonna lie, I had to recheck the pages for a second to see if there was a mistake on Mangastream, then I noticed the broken Zanpakutou… I have to say, I was a surprised and a bit jarred after seeing those turn of events, not that it’s a bad thing of course. I think it’s impossible to figure out what will happen next – will Aizen show up, will the fight continue, does Ichigo have something else up his sleeve, or will we skip over to another fight? Kubo has many possible approaches to take this now.

  3. I literally had to go back to the last scan to check if I saw the Bankai wrong. The adrenaline rush went negative. And someone got their wish of no more horn.

    random viewer
  4. Please Aizen, give Ichigo the Hōgyoku. The reason why Ichigo’s power is still premature must be due to how his powers has yet molded into the perfect shape. The Hōgyoku should do the job.

  5. i completely agree that this is were orihime has to step in. No point in highlighting that she’s been training her abilities or that she can reject reality if kubo is not going to put it to use. This is the perfect opportunity for her to shine. SHINE ORIHIME SHINE…PLEASE UR REPUTATION IS AT STAKE; IT’S THE FINAL ARC DAMMIT XD

  6. My only guess is that this is when Orihime will step forward – perhaps her time reversal abilities will be a black spot as far as Juha can see.

    Orihime reverses time/space to a previous state, Juha alters the future. It strikes me that that they both invert the other pretty clearly although one has to wonder how long Orihime could get away with it before Juha just reverts to his martial skills to take her out of play.

    Although, if there was going to be a point in the story where Orihime finally shoots past a few power restrictions watching Ichigo get sliced and diced by the final boss is probably it….

  7. So Kubo did spite on some fans expectations and let Juha doing time Paradoxons as it is nothing. He is an absolute cheater (like this mind creation enemy against Kenpachi), the only solution is an time jump, but back in time, and cheat Ichigo’s sword for getting broken and slashing

  8. Orihime is going to reverse time upon Ichigo’s death, forcing him to fully learn and complete his abilities to then fight Juha again.

    Even if Juha isn’t seeing this now, he should immediately see it upon Ichigo’s death. It all depends on a) how far Juha can see; and/or b) if Juha is allowing Orihime to reverse time knowing that even then Ichigo is unable to beat him.

    Predictions aside, I’m loving the current direction of events.

  9. I’d like Ichigos final ever form to be his very first form. Old school Ichigo with his Shinigami robe and sword. He could probably reach a power level so strong he could do this..

  10. Next week, Isshin and Ryuken launch a surprise attack. From what I understand, Juha’s power really only works on what he’s looking at. So all they pretty much have to do is like throw a blanket over his face and hit him.

    That or Aizen just has to use his absolute hypnosis. Even if he can see the future, Aizen’s ability kinda has too many variables. You see one path, it could open to like a million different other paths, which would open a million different other ones. Even if he could see everything, I’m pretty certain that Juha shouldn’t be able to have time to predict which of the millions of variables would be the correct one.

  11. I sure love how we are now in the final fight but Aizen’s release meant practically nothing, as well as Squad Zero not doing squad besides Ichibei. Disappointments of the year.

  12. I don’t think Orihime will do much. Kubo has a track record of discarding Ichigo’s trio of friends (Chad/Ishida/Orihime) easily after hyping them up in favor of Ichigo taking the spotlight as the ONE AND ONLY SAVIOUR.

    My guess is Ryuken and Isshin will show up soon for some chapters that will drag out this fight for several more chapters only to get beaten badly and Ichigo will “finally” find his “true”, “new”, and “hidden” power to win.

    Unpredictable fight? This is as predictable as Bleach has always been. Still fun to read though, simply because of that artwork.


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