「オールマイト」 (Ourumaito)
“All Might”

Now that’s a hero. Wow.

All Might In A Pinch

I’m going to mention my fiction writing experience, so for those who get annoyed about that, feel free to stop reading. Good? Now, take it from someone who writes action: it can be difficult to build real life-or-death stakes when the reader is pretty sure you’re not going to kill off your main characters. When it comes to Izuku and (to a large part) his classmates, Boku no Hero Academia has this challenge too—I find it hard to believe that it’s the kind of story that would kill off any kids. About the best they can do is make us doubt it for a critical second, like they did with Tsu-chan last episode.

But All Might and the other teachers? Ahhh, they’re another matter. Main enough characters to make us worried, but this isn’t their story. They’re mentors, and that’s a notoriously hazardous role. They can die.

Not that I necessarily expect them to, nor would the story automatically be better if they did. It all comes down to how it’s done. But the possibility has power. When All Might charges into a battle against villains specifically designed to defeat him, and they have extra stratagems and Quirks that we didn’t expect, things start to look grim. You start recalling how All Might is a mentor, and how the story could go on without him. You start thinking about how it would effect Izuku, and how that’s a fertile story branch the author might want to explore. You start worrying.

That worry makes the story all the more tense, immersive, and thrilling than it would be otherwise. And it makes the reversal, if it comes, all the sweeter.

Go Beyond

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that All Might going for the straightforward (some would say stupid) path of overpowering Nomu by pure earth-shattering force was a bit disappointing. I have a preference for clever heroes that overcome though unexpected plans or clever ruses, which is one of the reasons I like Izuku so much. But that’s my preference, and Boku no Hero Academia is under no obligation to bow to my wishes. Plus, this fits with the ethos of the series so much better than a clever stratagem would have. After all, there’s no better way to prove that the Symbol of Peace, society’s ultimate bulwark against evil, will never fail than to meet this kind of challenge head on and still win. Even if All Might is weakening, he’s not weak.

I’d also be lying if I didn’t say that the fight we got was friggin’ cool! It reminded me of the best battles of One-Punch Man, only without the complete confidence that All Might would win (like we had with Saitama). The animation was frantic, the action was thrilling, and it gave me those good old time Heroaca chills. And seeing him punch Nomu into outer space? Eat your heart out, Superman.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – All Might is in trouble, and the kids come to his rescue. But it’s too dangerous for them, so he finishes it the All Might way #heroaca 12

Random thoughts:

  • This is one of the times I don’t mind a character explaining their (or in this case, Nomu’s) powers mid-battle. Here, hand guy comes off like he’s gloating, and taunting All Might. It fits his character. That this gives All Might a clue how to win (Shock Absorption instead of Nullification means there’s a limit) is just a bonus.
  • Likewise, I appreciate how Izuku realizes that they’d do more damage as hostages, even if later on he gets overwhelmed with the fear of losing All Might and charges anyway. Thank gods Kacchan was there to save him! (First time Kacchan has ever saved someone, I bet.)
  • I’m glad they didn’t try to make hands guy seem like a well-intentioned extremist (trope!). All Might saw right through him. Dude is just a psychopath.
  • There’s something chilling about All Might admitting that in his prime, it would have taken him 5 punches to do to Nomu what took 300+ punches this time. Even we aren’t immune to the mythology of the Symbol of Peace.

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    1. This is a “Shounen” series, published by Shonen Jump, i don’t know if you’re familiar with their history, but nobody ever dies in their shows/mangas, not even villains, villains get imprisoned or change sides and become allies, every hero character wears has plot armor that makes him invulnerable.

      tl;dr it’s a kiddie cartoon and nobody ever dies

      1. Read more shonen pal…
        You dont even need to read obscure or unknown shonen to see some important character’s death. Just read those mainstreams shonen like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece… or Dragon Ball (Yea I know they can revive…)
        In fact, I know few mangas in which death doesn’t occur (be it in the present or the past of the story)

      2. if they can kill ace in one piece /and/ jiraiya in naruto they can kill all might. now, if you said shounen anime don’t kill characters /early/ i would agree with that

    2. Ironically, the best example that had a hero’s death affecting all the other characters in anime I can think of is Gurren Lagaan, which was an anime original and didn’t HAVE a manga at the time of its airing. It would do you well to branch out beyond SHONEN Jump.

    3. I don’t think they will kill All Might now, Midorya still needs a mentor, he has a lot to learn, i guess they will settle for exposing All Might’s secret in-front of everyone in the school, who probably won’t look down on him after such amazing display of destructive power and heroism.

  1. That’s the thing about being the Symbol of Peace as envisioned in this show (or perhaps, as envisioned by All Might?). It’s not enough to be strong and clever; we have Eraserhead for that, or Best Jeanist, or Yorozuya among the kiddies. What the Symbol of Peace needs is an overwhelming power, to silence all evil. To keep villains from even thinking about fighting; when All Might showed up, 197 villains were completely beaten even before All Might whanged like 5 of them on the head in passing.

    It does help hype up the villains who DON’T cower, in its way; how crazy would they have to be, to still want to pick a fight with All Might in this situation? How sure of themselves and their own power?

    The animators did a great job of making All Might seem undefeatable and dangerously fragile at the same time. Only Izuku knows that All Might is significantly less immortal than he appears…

    It was also pretty great that even when Kacchan is saving people he sounds like a two-bit yak thug.
    And his little iron-body buddy is in the background lampshading it! Classic.

    1. Someone seriously needs to devote their time and effort into translating your broken and at times, nonsensical posts.

      I’ve seen you posting for years and even up to 10 replies on one comment and each one being more illegible than the last. I think you have a decent thing to say every now and then but it’s a huge waste since anyone here would probably just give your ramblings a pass because of its incoherence.

      Let me just fix some stuff you were saying.
      “When Hand Guy lose his front hand on his face, he fall back to be an child and had fear. Seems like this hand is to give him courage”

      Hand Guy’s name is Tomura Shigaraki.

      Rather than fall back, you can use statements like reverting back to an infantile mindset and instead of saying “had fear”, you can say “became afraid” or “started losing his rationality”.

      “Seems like this hand is to give him courage” -> “Seems like that hand covering his face from view is a coping mechanism to deal with ____(fear/stress)”

      1. Oh my goodness, yes – Anon, this is exactly what grates on me in every single post on the site. I think he must not speak English at all, and the reason his grammar is so sporadically bizarre is because he plugs whatever’s in his native tongue into Google Translate, which spits out some incoherent English sentence written with basal definitions.

        I feel like he’s probably as coherent as everyone else on the site, but that we’d be spared a lot of trouble and annoyance if he just wrote in his native language and let people who also speak it enjoy his comments accordingly. Unless he speaks Inuit or something along those lines.

      2. Be nice y’all. I don’t know what you think you’re going to accomplish, but if you don’t want to read someone’s comments for whatever reason, don’t. He’s on topic, so he can comment however he likes (short of spamming, etc).

        Also, your translations were wordy. “Seems like that hand is a coping mechanism” is much more to the point. Less is more. Just thought you might appreciate the unasked for advice :3

      3. No, your advice wasn’t needed here.
        The point was to express himself articulately and not to change the intention of his sentences.
        His sentence was wordy enough and taking out courage and fear from his comment doesn’t seem appropriate for me if he wanted to mention those facets.
        Which part of my comment was me being mean? I spoke out of genuine consideration that he get an equal treatment to everyone else irregardless of English comprehension. Don’t be so quick to pull that yellow card on me and sveldt for providing actual constructive criticism, sveldt was recommending that he left his comment in his native tongue, which I actually agree would be better, giving the chance to manually translate from that rather than the jumbled up version Worldwidedepp currently has.

      4. Be nice y’all. I don’t know what you think you’re going to accomplish, but if you don’t want to read someone’s comments for whatever reason, don’t.

        You missed the point entirely, for years I’ve seen his comments and like everyone else, just ignored them. I thought that that attitude is precisely what is wrong, which is why I took the time only now to speak up about getting around barriers so that more people can enjoy what he has to say.

        Stating that ignoring him is the solution above taking the time to help him out, is that really the stance you have just because you don’t want to see these discussions on your post? I think that in line with this morals of this show, individuals stepping up to the plate should be the prevailing perspective we should aspire to have, not just turning a blind eye to it because it’s unsightly to witness.

        Giorno Giovanna
      5. Are you for real? If you don’t like his posts, don’t read them. Acting like a jerk towards someone because you’re the self proclaimed grammar police isn’t right.


        Just ignore them, they have nothing better to do than focus on your posts. Says it all.

      6. Lol such a crybaby, hey mr perfect english, let the guy do whatever he wants, if you dont like how he writes then dont read his posts!!! I guess you probably have never hanged out with people from other countries. What an asshole

      7. “Haha, such a crybaby.* Hey, Mr.* *Perfect *English, let the guy do as he pleases. If you don’t* like how he writes,* then don’t* read his posts!!! I guess you probably haven’t hung* out with people from other countries before*. What an asshole*”

  2. What I found interesting what the somehow hidden signal Thirteen gave that All Might can only do up to three heroics at a time now (I can’t remember exactly what Thirteen said actually but it was a hint on All Might’s limits) that only Izuku understood. Well it’s interesting because I didn’t get it at all until Izuku pointed it out so I need to find that scene again when Thirteen did it. It all goes back to how All Might warned Izuku never to reveal the secret of One For All to anyone no matter what, and he had to stress that out considering Izuku’s sincerity. Goes to show Izuku still really needs All Might and it just occurred to me how scary it is if the word got out that all you need to gain One For All is to consume a part of All Might, though I’m still not clear if One For All can only be passed to one person at a time, and if it will affect someone who already has a Quirk.

    1. All Might said one of the reasons he became a teacher was to find a suitable successor for One For All, suggesting that students who already hold a quirk could gain it too.

      However, does that mean All Might may have had a primary quirk he was born with before being given One For All? Does he still have it?

      So many questions, so little time.

      1. Thanks for reminding me of that conversation between Izuku and All Might. He did agree to be a teacher for that reason. And you raised another interesting point. Maybe in time the mangaka will make a flashback story of how All Might got One For All.

    2. Also, if quirks are usually gained from birth and then revealed at around the age of 4, why DOES THIS one quirk appear to be passed on? Why does it even exist? What’s it’s history?

    1. I’m not a manga reader, but I teased myself by peeking at the latest chapter just to see how far they are, and All Might is…
      Show Spoiler ▼

      I tried not to read deeply because I didnt want to spoil myself either but I think the latest chapter was talking about Show Spoiler ▼

      I didnt want to be sure.. haha

  3. I’d really to praise the music in this series. I know others have done that already, but it can’t be reiterated enough. Also I liked how All might won. I think Nomu is too powerful to be beaten by some trick. And anyway he didn’t have hardly any time left and needed to finish it now. And beating him that way would have just been kind of lame for a character like All Might.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2030.jpg
    “Hey villain, have you ever heard these words?”

    “Go Beyond!”


    Just… damm! I’ve read this chapter in the manga: I knew how this would turn out and it’s still giving me chills! This may rival All Might’s rescue of Izuku and Bakugo from the sludge monster back in episode 2 for most awesome scene in the series.

    I may want to start taking it as read that any time All Might goes into action and the stakes are high (meaning, not just his regular “just stopping crime on the way to work” but something where it counts dramatically), things are going to get awesome.

  5. I kinda disagree with you about the lack of strategy thing because even though All Might used brute power to defeat the villain, he wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t made the realization that its Quirk isn’t shock nullification but simply absorption and the clever part lies in the fact that All Might used that to his advantage and moved as fast as possible and made as many hits as possible until the villain’s shock absorption limit was exceeded. Only then did All Might get the upper hand.

    So I don’t think All Might’s victory lies in mere power, there was some thinking behind it as well.

    1. True, though it’s still a victory an equally strong but less perceptive hero might trip into. Like I said, this fit the ethos of the series and the character better, I was just conveying how there was this twinge of disappointment before I realized how well this fit.

      1. All Might’s basically the ultimate musclehead.=, if anyone hasn’t already realised it. He’s not all that smart (not that he’s stupid either), but he’s got his brawn to fall back on.

  6. Who was the villain who destroyed parts of All Might’s upper body ??? now THAT is a guy you dont want to fight
    Also wonder what would have happened if all might still had his 3 hours of the day

    1. I think the cheat he talks about is the fact that All-Might punched the Nomu away (so it was no longer an immediate threat) rather than defeat it pure and simple.

    2. When All Might was fighting, in his words, “over 100%” they showed a lot the One for All imagery. I would say that the “cheat” was how he was able to surpass his own power to defeat Nomu, the supposedly perfect weapon against All Might.
      (I do not read the manga)

    3. Remember that Shigaraki considers this all a game. He was so sure Noumu would be able to beat All Might, but then the latter goes and foils all his plans through brute force.

      “What?! Are you using cheats?!” probably gets across what he means a little more clearly.

    4. He’s speaking in game lingo. Last episode, when Iida escaped, he said “game over” since it’s all over for them as they can’t handle dozens of pro teachers that will arrive shortly. Then when All Might arrived, they got a “continue”, like they got another life from a game over and continuing what they came here for, which is to kill All Might. And now when All Might beat Noumu, he cried “cheats” since everything looked like he was cheating by pushing his limits and overpowering the unit they prepared to kill him.

    5. It’s just a figure of speech, he is clearly immature and childish (and uses a lot of videogame lingo), you know how when someone childish is playing videogames and they are defeated by someone far more skilled and experienced they immediately accuse them of cheating, that’s pretty much it.

  7. i’m not really feeling the aspect of All Mights limitations right now… it seems convenient to say that he can only embody his quirk for three hours a day… but everytime it seems like this will be a major issue.. the plot just seems to accomodate his limitation with a “i still have 1minute left…” or “i’m just going to go beyond my limits…” type statement… or his powers drop off at a time that is convenient to the plot.

    I’m starting to doubt that All Might is trully in any peril. Which is diappointing.

    I’m rather hoping they redress this later… but I’m guessing not.

    I do really enjoy this show tho!

    1. Here’s a bit of storytelling advice. Wanna know how fast a starship in any sci-fi space opera can travel?

      It goes at the speed of plot.

      Putting hard, specific limits on a character or technology can be suffocating to the story, until you end up with Mahouka. Not that there isn’t a market for that (see: Mahouka), but it’s difficult and frequently polarizing. What’s important is that they’re CONSISTENT. Now that they’ve signaled that All Might’s time is up (via the steam that appears before he falls out of hero mode), they better stick to that at least.

      1. He used everything he had, and more, to take out Noumu, especially since he was already near the end of his time when he got there. He can hold the appearance for a few moments more through sheer willpower, but that’s it, and it’s just the appearance. If he does anything other than stand there and try to scare Kurogiri and Shigaraki off through bravado, the whole thing will fall apart.

      2. Don’t get me wrong, I know the formula. And it works well.

        All I’m saying is that the plot keeps making a big deal out of it… and we’re told that we must feel concern and worry for All Might….

        but then if he can just surpass his limits with willpower everytime.. then surely a completly unconstrained limitation is as bad as a super constraining one.

        Really all I’m calling out for is consistency, as you say. Maybe he got a little extra down time in the teachers lounge, maybe koucho-senseis tea is packed with regen bullets. There are many reasonable angles for explaining. I just don’t want to always get fed the same hero mantra. 😀

      3. Keep in mind this is early on in the plot. This is the first major villain encounter (the sludge guy was just setup). If you would perhaps be a little more patient and wait until the next episode you would see the signs of weakness you’re hoping for. But he’s not at the point of completely losing his powers yet. If/when we get more seasons of this series you’ll see more signs, but it is far too early to expect him to fail right now.

        Keep in mind, however, that All Might is the sort of character that is defined by charging through on willpower and determination, overcoming the problems before him and then suffering the consequences later. There are consequences, and will be even more of them, but the point is that he will ignore them and rip whatever he has to out of his own body and his own life in order to defet the evil in front of him anyway.

    2. All Might’s time limitation is based on what he thinks he can reasonably expect to be able to handle/dish out. It’s like if you are asked to state how long you can continue running at a certain minimum speed. Based on experience of jogging/marathon running/footraces/etc., you may be able to accurately predict how long you can last before calling it quits.

      Now add a hungry lion chasing after you.

      You’d likely be running much longer than you had previously predicted you can. You’d also be unlikely to put out the same performance later on when there is no lion chasing you.

    3. Even with machinery and digital components there are things like overclocking, pushing a machine or device beyond their normal performance is something pretty common, the catch is that there is always a negative effect if you keep doing that, shortening the machine or device life expectancy or outright ruining them are possible results to that.

      With humans these limits are even more arbitrary, a lot of people can push themselves beyond their own typical limits if the situation calls for it, some people even push beyond global limits (or world records like in sport), it’s even the slogan of the school (PLUS ULTRA), so it’s not that strange thematically or logically for All Might to be able to go beyond the arbitrary three hours limit if there is a good reason for that, i mean he won’t push himself this hard to give someone a speeding ticket for example.

      Also, expect some serious consequences to what he did, he probably will be out of commission for a period of time after this fight is over (as well as have his secret exposed in-front of the whole school).

      1. All of you guys are missing the point. It’s about the show’s creators going back to the same well again and again to create tension. They need to find something new. Now I understand that they don’t need to do anything they don’t want to, but while many viewers have no problem with this technique, there are some, myself included, who take the show less seriously when it relies too extensively on manufacturing tension.

  8. I can’t help but be reminded of mass-produced Evangelions from EoE when I see Noumu. He even has regeneration. Creepy…

    This episode was awesome, almost perfect. Would be perfect if the girls did something other than just crying and cheering. I hope it changes in later chapters. I hate when cool female characters get sidelined.

    1. Good point on the mass-produced Evas. They have that same beastial-terminator-meets-birdman feeling.

      I noticed the girls as well, though to be fair Tsu-chan, Kyouka, and Momo were all still mixing it up. There are also a lot of guys who aren’t doing anything at the moment (everyone around Uraraka and Mina), and Grape-kun is crying too, so it’s not entirely unfair.

      Though yeah, I’d still like to see more of last-episode Uraraka.

    2. The girls do okay. They all get to shine here and there, if briefly.

      Urakara in particular gets some great bits during the next big arc (fingers crossed for a second season like you wouldn’t believe), and they introduce a couple of new girls who also do a good job of snagging screentime during that arc.

  9. I love it when the 4 showed up and Todoroki went. “The Symbol of Peace cannot be killed by the likes of you.”

    It shows how inspiring All Might’s career had been that the young ones are stepping up.

  10. The character design for Shigaraki is pretty genius though. It didn’t occur to me until the moment he lost the hand on his face, but all of the other hands are in positions of support:

    – hand on top of head, like it’s rubbing/patting
    – hands on shoulders
    – hands under armpit from behind, like how a parent would uphold a child
    – hands on wrists, like how a parent would hold a child’s hand
    – and etc.

    Pretty. F**king. Genius. A man child who literally needs support.

    1. Fun fact. The author Horikoshi admits he likes drawing hands. His avatar is even a hand with a small face in it. He thinks hands are second only to faces when it comes to conveying emotions and they say a lot of the character’s personality.

    2. Yeah, i have to admit i didn’t like the design at first, but now i see why it’s so good, the hands surely give a very creepy vibe to the character, and now i realize like you said that they also reveal a lot about the personality and mindset of that villain, very interesting design indeed.


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