Absolute defeat.

Juha Wins:

Did anyone else have to double take when they saw the title of this chapter? I sure did. Wouldn’t it have been funny if the manga just ended here, with total defeat and no explanation for the many things still to be covered? It would have been bold (and stupid), but by the looks of it Bleach is still going to be around for a while as this doesn’t appear to be the final fight after all. Orihime didn’t step up and use her powers to counter Juha like I expected – instead she and Ichigo are lying on the cold hard ground and Juha is pretty much unstoppable. It is a little pitiful seeing our protagonist lose like this, but I also appreciate how unpredictable this makes the remainder of their conflict. Sure, Juha will lose in the end, but I can’t imagine how we’re going to get to that point. It feels hopeless right now, and if Juha really does take Ichigo’s powers away from him that would be akin to the series resetting for a second time (the first being after Aizen’s defeat). How fun!

A bloody balance.

Ishida vs Haschwalth:

I’m glad we got to see Ishida and Haschwalth fighting some more, even if that’s also proving horribly one-sided. There was nothing too out of the ordinary going on here, up until Ishida revealed his Schrift. I did not expect him to possess one in the first place, even though he was officially given the letter “A”. Haschwalth revealing his “Balance” was to be expected, but Ishida’s “Antithesis” is something that – as is pointed out – could be used against Juha himself. While Ishida reflects back the damage done to him, Haschwalth’s balances the damage and manages to throw even more back at Ishida. It was cool while it lasted, but someone’s father is going to have to show up to save the day, I reckon.

Dun dun dunnnnnnn…

Overview – What’s Next?:

The main characters in Bleach do lose their fights from time to time, but rarely do they feel this brutal. Ichigo was starting to prove his smarts and show off his cool new tricks, and Orihime was helping out as best she could… but Juha is just far too strong for them (or seemingly anyone else). At this stage they’re going to have to wheel Aizen out, make him go bankai and turn the world upside down if they mean to somehow defeat Juha Bach.


  1. Called it. It seemed far too soon for Ichigo to have this final battle. He needs to evolve his abilities some more. I think Ichigo will be the one to defeat Juha, and he’ll do it with his own power, but not yet!

    1. No. Please no.

      I don’t foresee a new training arc. I just foresee someone showing up and doing something to Juha Bach’s future powers and Ichigo just wins.

      But I mean honestly, what I want to happen is Kratos from God of War showing up and just ripping Juha Bach in half. I’d be satisfied with that.

      1. I personally think someone will fight Juha to distract him while Ichigo is taken away and healed up. As for how he can advance his powers, that’s up to Kubo tbh. He could always do some kind of deus ex machina twist and have an immediate(well sorta..) return to the battlefield in a powered up state.

    2. Well, obviously he needs to evolve before his powers gets stolen. Have to say, Ichigo is cursed; just recently Ginjo tried to steal Ichigo’s power and now this guy; not to mention both keep saying “I am taking back the power I gave you.”

      Anyway, if Ichigo’s hollow powers get stolen then that is good news, hollow is poison to the Quincy so Juha will get poisoned

  2. Aizen showing up to save the day with a ‘Just as planned…’ scenario would be hilarious!
    Expecting the Dads to show up in the next chapter, unless we jump back to the Gerard fight.

  3. Ichigo’s new sword and bankai was cool, but seriously that just for looks and completely useless, or it’s just these schrift abilites and Juha’s power are so ridiculously overpowering. <.<

  4. With the sudden turn of events I can only see Ichigo either being saved to regroup for a later time at this point,(though I doubt that) or with his Quincy powers being taken away, will allow his shinigami/hollow side to take full control as the Vasto Lorde. We shall see.

  5. Guess that means another training arc. If Ichigo’s a special Quincy than he might have these powers, since they don’t come from Yhwach, but another source (probably the Soul King).

  6. I think that part of why Bleach feels stale and this last arc a bit all over the place is because Ichigo has yet to make any real impact on the plot. He has been awesome the past few chapters but once again has been defeated. This entire arc he hasn’t had a start to finish fight (as in defeated the enemy at the end) and now that he finally throws himself into a proper fight he’s going to lose? A series only really gets by on how strong its protagonist is and Ichigo really isn’t doing too well at the moment.

    I follow these reviews weekly and always turn to them after reading. You always right awesome stuff! Really appreciate it, keep up the good work!

    1. It’s really interesting to see how the comments on the Bleach reviews changed since the reviewer changed. They used to be be much more negative (sometimes exclusively so), but since the change it’s more postive without it being one sided and just blind praise.

      1. Hey I’m trying here.

        I can only explain why things don’t make sense so often. Some weeks I just can’t. If you still love Bleach at this point and if Kubo’s the greatest shonen writer ever then it doesn’t matter what I say.

        If you think maybe some of these elements aren’t working or if the faults in Bleach actually bother you then we can be friends 🙂

      2. That wasn’t against you. Or anyone actually. I just wanted to add something to your last sentence, where you praised the reviewer. I just found the change of tone in the Bleach reviews and comments interesting. Guess it’s true what they say. He who pays the piper, calls the tune.

    1. Dual swords ain’t that special anymore, considering we have other captains with them. I digress, but shounen means the main protagonist losing and then coming back – how well they execute this is what different shades the good from the best.

      Soul society/ hueco mundo arc was definitely the better arcs, the rest feel bland and flat. Full bring was the worst plot wise.

  7. Juha absorbs Ichigo’s Quincy powers, but wouldn’t Juha also absorb some of the Hollow powers too? IIRC, Hollow is the antithesis of Quincy and is considered to be the poison of Quincies.

  8. Tell me Ishida and Hasch’s fight didn’t remind you of those children’s fights:

    “I have a sword which can cut through anything”

    “Then I block with the shield that can block anything.”

    “My sword can cut through the shield that can block anything.”

    “Then my shield can block the sword that can cut through the shield that can block anything.”

  9. Juha remembers me of that enemy in Gantz which could only be defeated by shooting him from outside of his sphere of awareness, by sharpshooting, so its regenerative skills did not activate.

    However that’s impossible with Ichigo or Inoue’s styles, they need help.

    Maybe Ichigo will reveal he too has an overpowered schrift, as other quincies, or go super hollow and quickly overpower him, or Juha will absorb something toxic.

    Anyway, Juha dared to explain his power, which in Bleach leads to defeat…

  10. I get this is the final arc showing the face-off between two of the biggest groups within the Bleach universe. However some brevity would be welcome so the arc feels less drawn out and we see a natural progression to the final conflict/confrontation.

    I’ll probably go back and read the volumes from when the manga moved into its 2nd phase once the series wraps up. Then I’ll be able to appreciate the flow of the story more.

    Patrick Honeyman
  11. …or his Powers are not so pure as the Juha expect. With the time Ichigo’s Quincy, Hollow and Shinigami powers got mixed. Thats the power of Humans. So his Quincy Powers are now tainted with a little mix from the other powers. Like 98% Quincy 1% Hollow and 1% Shinigami.

    What let them interact with the opposite side without killing Ichigo is his Human soul strength, that works as an antidote for the other side. As if Quincy, Hollow and Shinigami powers are hidden in some sort of very thin body membrane, that are hold together from his Human cells

    But that is a bit to complicated now to bring in. this is more DNA Sci-fi not the Soul chi power, of Bleachs universe

    So in any case, Juha do not suck out pure Quincy power, no he get some Hollow traces that can let his immune system going berserk. some kind of allergy shock. That could fill, something like what happen with this Quincy hand boss

  12. and to Ishida vs Haschwalth

    Looks like “who has the strongest Reflect skill” without dying first. here this fight got boring, are they not “Brain use” fighters Kubo? Why there here just compare their Skill strength?

  13. Juha absorbs Ichigo’s power. But in doing so, he accidentally also absorbs the hollow inside, something that his race has now immunity to, killing him. At first, he questions why this was happening, then realizes that he only looked into the future and saw himself defeating Ichigo, but never looked past it, almost immediately killing him. Thus leaving his position to that other Quincy, whose name I do not remember.

    That or Ishin comes in to save the day.


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