Poor Ichigo… poor Bleach.

Haschwalth’s Final Moments:

The end is nigh, and the question on everyone’s lips is how the hell this is all going to get wrapped up in 5/6 chapters? Honestly, I have no idea. All I can say is this chapter didn’t give much indication that Kubo was rushing to the finish line just yet; could he have already written this chapter before the heads at WSJ told him to wrap it up? That’s my guess, because even though people are claiming this chapter was rushed, I think it felt every bit like the Bleach we’ve come to expect. We got three pages of Renji attacking Juha and getting his zanpakutou broken, and just as much large, scenic background panels to set the scene as ever before. Some developments may seem sudden, but I don’t think this is as fast-paced as others are claiming.

I’m actually quite pleased with how Haschwalth’s story was wrapped up. I’m bummed we didn’t get to see a full-on fight between him and Ishida, but I’ll take this resolution as a late reward. Funnily enough, ‘friendship’ as a reason for a character changing their tune always feels overdone and cheesy, but it is a core part of WSJ manga, and it makes sense with Haschwalth’s character, considering his flashback with Bazz-B. His words here reflect on his own failures as a friend, so I believe it when he says he wants to take Ishida’s injuries in order to help his friends. This also means that perhaps Haschwalth wasn’t as evil as he seemed – he certainly believed in Juha’s cause, but all those angry faces whenever friendship was brought up reminded him of Bazz-B and turned him into the boy he once was. With that, I think this is a fitting end to his character that doesn’t feel all too sudden.

The power of friendship makes sense in this case!

The Fullbringers Return!:

I’m sure people will complain about the Fullbringers coming to save the day, but we all knew they would return at some point after being teased many years ago now. They may have come out of the blue, but I think this is the best possible way to get Ichigo & co back on their feet. Orihime confirms that she did try and heal Ichigo’s bankai, but Tsukishima manages to help by using his own powers to change their version of the past in order to lend to her abilities. It’s a creative way to mix both he and Orihime’s powers together, which results in the least asspull-ish way possible given the current circumstances. Ichigo is back on his feet now, and in typical Bleach fashion he’s ready for another fight – which has people also complaining that it’s ‘rushed’.

Everyone’s favourite Fullbringer (except for Riruka).

Overview – What’s Next?:

I’m saddened that Bleach will likely be over this time next month, but I’ll save the sentiments for the closing chapters. This particular chapter felt just as steady paced as all the ones before it, so I expect the coming weeks to be the blitzfests that take us to the finish line. It’s almost inconceivable that Ichigo can beat Juha in a sensible fashion in such a short time, but all we can do is accept this fate and see what the coming weeks bring us.


  1. It seems a deus ex machina way to resolve this battle is inevitable. There’s not enough chapters to conclude this fight in a satisfactory way. I think we’ll just have to accept it and move on.

    1. I wanna know how they are gonna resolve the big bad fight with Juha in just 4-5 chapters? The last fight should be an epic godly fight that goes on for weeks to months plus leaves time to tie up loose ends (like a Ichigo X Orihime pairing) and such.

  2. I’m… not happy. I don’t like how this is turning out and how few chapters we’ve left.
    After having followed a series for so many years you want it to have a good closing, but I feel that we won’t get that with Bleach.

      1. If that really is the case, I’d have much rather seen the series put on hiatus for a few weeks/months, because like I mentioned, I’ve been following this series for years and years and I really want a fitting ending for it, and not something that’s rushed in a few chapters to meet a date set by someone else.

    1. I kinda feel that this whole final arc is a disapointing failure. So many dream matchups that should have happened didn’t or if they did happen they were done halfassed. At least my long running prediction (since the soul society arc I have been saying that here) that Yachiru was Kenpatchi’s bankai was finally proven right.

      1. and my years long “dream” that Inoue Orihime, is somehow Ichigo’s Seritei’s Mother or at last an direct Aunt. Her love for Ichigo could be Mother vs Child bonding. Or Inoue Orihime is the Soul Queen, exiled (or for her own safety) into the Human world and her “Karate” female close friend are her special Bodyguard

        But, this is of course my dream

    1. Now that I think about it, when someone stabs Ichigo in the back not only do we know it helps him but it signifies that the arc is ending soon. Funny how we know Ichigo is the only person we know that stabbing him, from behind, actually helps him.

      I hope Oda is planning a page with Naruto, Ichigo, and Luffy. For those of you, who don’t know, when Naruto ended Oda made a page with Naruto and Luffy.

  3. Samu, I’ve noticed a slight pattern to your reviews. You say what the main consensus is for other readers in how they think the latest chapter was “rushed” or an “asspull”, and then your response is that you think it works, or the latest developments don’t bother you very much. You explain why someone else sees something wrong with a development, but your response is usually that you think it works or it’s not a big deal. Ok. So let me suggest something. Explain in more detail why these things that bother everyone one else don’t bother you the same. I think you have to explain the “why” a little more because just saying it doesn’t bother you…It’s difficult for me to just accept that with no explanation at all.

    So for example the way that Tsukishima fixed Ichigo’s sword. You said it was a creative way to combine his and Orihime’s powers together. My argument against this would be, if memory serves me right, Tsukishima can only insert “himself” into his target’s past. Unless Tsukishima’s powers evolved he couldn’t change someone’s past AT ALL. He could only make people remember the past differently. It’s a contradiction. I can tell you that’s why people are not happy. I can also tell you that in this chapter he singlehandedly slammed the nail in the coffin to Orihime. She said she could not reject Juha Bach’s powers. Congrats. You have made her utterly useless against Juha, and now it seems Tsukishima will be the one that “actually” defeats Juha Bach’s powers. That seems insane to give him the spotlight when he’s barely been in the show and not Orihime who has been here literally from the beginning.

    1. Tsukishima showed he was able to use his ability to affect objects (ie cutting the ground and alter its history to whatever he wishes). It may be a stretch, but that’s the explanation I can come up with.

      Other than that, I’m not going to pick Bleach apart for minor plot details that don’t quite add up. If anything extreme happened that affects my enjoyment of the series, then I’ll mention it. Bleach isn’t a literary masterpiece, and I don’t expect it to be. Every ongoing manga has some inconstancies, after all. And with only a few weeks to go I’m not going to get down by the inevitable negatives that come from a sudden ending.

      1. Alrighty. I guess we’ll see what happens.

        I just thought of something pretty funny. I’ll role with Tsukishima doing this since there’s no choice, but Tsukishima could technically stab Ichigo again and have his past self train in the Precipice World for 3 million years. Also he could have Ichigo absorb the Soul King’s powers as well as any…other…power he can find. There. Now he’s stronger than Juha Bach. :p

      2. Ichigo would only use the Soul Kings power temporary to beat Juha Bach, he do not want this power for himself. He do not want to be on top. He just fight for his friends, when done he get back to be the “old ichigo” we know

        So Soul king can be resurrected or he give his powers to someone else better fitting. But then how is it?

      3. Actually. Tsukishima could end everything if he cuts Juha Bach. He could change Juha Bach’s past so drastically that he takes all of his powers away. He never gets the Soul Kings powers, he never reawakens in the first place.

        Although if Juha Bach can truly see all futures, he should know to kill Tsukishima immediately.

  4. Well one thing for sure, Kubo or his helpers, are listing to his fans. Because i think i can see in how he change Orihime to the discussion around the internet of her powers, as if he just want to give an visual answer to us… even when someone felled trolled, at last he listen to his fans

    for that i bow in respect

  5. Man this is becoming into the worst case scenario: a rushed out ending that is shitty as it is unsatisfactory.

    I stopped “caring” about Bleach way before the Aizen arc ended, but I’ve stuck by it simply because I dedicated so many of my years to it that it felt wrong to not see it to the end, the same way I did with Naruto. So I’ve skimmed through the chapters these past few years, and even came to embrace the bullshit of a series it was. Long have I wished for it to end as well. But for all of that, I still expected it to end on a much stronger terms. But it seems it suffered the editorial axe (which was way long overdue) and Kubo has no choice but to end his greatest creating on a shitty rushed note.

    It’s sad. Even though Bleach has become the butt of everyone’s joke, it definitely deserved a better way to go than this given it’s long success and legacy. Now Bleach will also be known as the shit series that never recovered to the point of having a properly well done ending.

  6. Wait so Bleach is over in 6 chapters? What?

    So…Aizen being released was completely irrelevant. He never fought, and even if he shows up randomly near the end to “help”, its still only 6 chapters left and he dont do anything major.

    Squad Zero, being hyped as they were, barely did jack and only Ichibei got a real fight.

    Haswalch or however you spell his name, as well as Gerard, didnt even get a proper fight concluded, making their entire bits a waste of time. Kinda like all the other pointless reveals like Ukitake being the soul king’s hand…or something, only to be absorded by Ywach 1 chapter later…

    So much pointless plot twists and waste of times, it baffles me how everything can get wrapped up in 6 chapters.

    1. @it baffles me how everything can get wrapped up in 6 chapters.

      How so? It’s quite clear a deus ex machina twist will conclude this fight and that will be that. It has become less a case of wrapping everything up neatly and more just getting this story done by any means.

  7. This arc was a little strange, sometimes bad, sometimes good. But the feeling i have, and it was said here is that the publisher has made the decision to shut down. Wrapping all we have, Ichigo & co vs Yhwach, Kira vs Lille Barro, Chad & Ganju vs a bunch of things, Nell wandering out there, the fathers there too. And what happened to all the Arrancars and Haribell that was at Yhawach’s attic. In 5 or 6 chapters all this? 3 options here, the bad guy wins, the good guy wins in an empty victory that no ones understand, or many things will never be explained.

    1. ..Rukia (Ichigo’s real Girlfriend) kiss him on the check and say “good morning dear, seems like you had an Nightmare!. But i can cheer you up!. Because i am pregnant!”

      Ichigo: “NOOOOoooooooooooooooo!”

      Orihime: Nii-san, why you are screaming that loud in the morning, daddy and the other girls got up. because of you!”

      Chad: Master, please get up and prepare to get to school

      this kind? 🙂

  8. Well after a deeper thought, i begin to think that Kubo lost his way of telling the story he planed. Perhaps in the middle he began to fight against the fans expectations and perhaps bulls eye speculations, but Bleach in the end fallen deep down at the end. this “come to me if you dare!” Gate is just an escape of the plot line

    he should more focus on the Bleach story and not counter and fight his own fans

  9. Juha: Didn’t I break your bankai?
    Ichigo: No you didn’t.
    Juha: Your zanpakuto is clearly broken. Look at it.
    Ichigo: No it isn’t!
    Juha: Do you even know who I am?
    Ichigo: AIZEN!

  10. Speaking of the whole 5-6 chapters thing, are volume lengths that strict in Japanese publishing companies and manga industry even on special occasions (like a long running series ending)?

    In other words, would they never allow the last volume of Bleach to have 10-14 extra chapters or something (hitting the sweet 700 chapters mark), i know chapter length is hard to change because Bleach is published weekly with other manga in the same issue of Shonen Jump, but keeping the series going 10 more weeks to get a proper finale + closure feels really worth it, even if the final later-to-be-published last volume will be slightly larger than previous volumes, or even double the size.


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