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Juha vs Aizen:

I didn’t expect a chapter a day early, but I’ll take it – even if it means we’re even closer to reaching the end of Bleach. This chapter did feel rather rushed; more than last week’s, but not yet to the point that it affects the reading experience too much. In fact, you could argue this is the pace people would typically expect of Bleach chapters, as we got to see several characters doing their thing and the story is certainly moving along nicely. The part that I suspect most readers will be enjoying is the face-off between Aizen and Juha. In an ideal world, this would last several chapters, but given the circumstances I’m content with this stand off and their back and forth seen here. Perhaps we’ll even get an Aizen bankai next week if we’re lucky?

Welcome back!

Getting Ready for Battle:

Speaking of luck, Juha seems all to aware of Ichigo’s good fortunes… but that quickly shifts as he once again breaks his zanpakutou. It’s almost funny at this point how little Ichigo is able to do against him. I can only hope that Kubo knows what he’s doing here, because Ichigo getting his sword repaired last week was already controversial, so what the hell is going to happen next to save his blade? Will he even swing at Juha before the series is over?

Ishida is also getting ready to potentially land the killing blow on Juha, as his and Ichigo’s dads arrive on the scene to prove their worth. It would be a shame if this is all they’re going to contribute, but I’ll take it either way. I’m glad Kubo has managed to effectively switch between the different groups still standing and giving at least something to do. It may not be grand or deserving given the current situation, but we take what we get, I suppose.

The dads fulfil their purpose.

Renji and Rukia:

I think my personal favourite part of the chapter was the near confirmation that Rukia and Renji are a ‘thing’. Maybe not in the romantic sense quite yet, but this final arc has made it clear that Ichigo/Orihime and Rukia/Renji are the the main couplings. It just so happens that’s the two pairings I’ve been rooting for ever since I started watching Bleach, so this makes me a very happy fan. Rukia and Renji’s childhood flashback was one of my favourite parts of the Soul Society arc, so seeing them come together in recent arcs and Renji now thanking Ichigo for being cupid in this scenario is a great development if you’re a fan of that ship. If you’re a Ichiruki fan, I suspect you’ll be less thrilled… but I think the fate of that pairing has been obvious throughout this Thousand Year Blood War arc. You got Ichigo looking at Rukia’s peach butt and that’s about it.

Renruki Confirmed?

Overview – What’s Next?:

This was defintely a fast paced chapter, cramming in content that Kubo normally would pace over 4-5 chapters. It makes for an exciting read, but also a little worrisome since we’ve only got 3 or 4 weeks left at most. It still seems impossible for things to wrap up so quickly, but at the very least it appears Kubo has decided on the final pairings for the four main characters – whether you approve or disapprove of those choices will likely determine how much you enjoyed this chapter. Unless of course the Aizen and Juha showdown was enough to satisfy, as I’m sure it was for plenty of readers.


    1. that chair aside, are Aizen in his full power or are some body parts still “chained/locked”, because if i remember correctly the Captain commander did not use all Key to unlock his chains…

      So, with the Chair gone, is he free of them?

      1. I believe he is free to use all of his power since he was already using his god like reiatsu before to try bring down the Soul Kings Palace.

        Chair-sama held back Aizens power until the very end.

        Praise the chair

  1. You can tell this is not at all like Kubo’s previous chapters. There were 3 to 4 things that would usually happen at the very end of a chapter in a full page spread like Ishida receiving The Silver Arrow, the only thing that can defeat Ganon! That shot of Ichigo and Renji attacking Juha from behind could have been a last page, Aizen being freed from his chair could have been a last page.

    See? You don’t have to buy time for a cool last page. Make the whole thing cool. Make every page, and every shot serve a purpose. Aizen’s Bankai, my prediction will be it’s something that throws off all of Juha Bach’s awareness. It may even be a “Future Seeing Blocker”

    Juha can’t perceive good fortune?….Le huh?

    1. Might actually be spot on.

      I suspect Aizen’s bankai might be the counter to Juha’s skill to see the future.

      Think about it.. his normal shikai is hypnosis, what if his bankai is able to completely fool even the almighty eye. Something along those lines.

      1. Probably the best way to end Juha is for Aizen’s Bankai to be a take on Kurama’s Sinning Tree. It puts Juha in a reality based hell where Juha can’t distinguish between what’s real or not. He wakes up over and over again only to find he woke up into another illusion. His future powers don’t help him as he only sees every possible outcome of him never escaping it.

        That’s what I’d like his bankai to be. His Shikai already deals in illusions, so his Bankai should be a bigger version of it where his victim loses their mind.

  2. The editor of Shounen Jump said yesterday in an interview that there is less than 10 chapters left to go before Bleach ends. It looks like Volume 74 will be an extended volume which means more chapters! So hyped for this!!

    1. in all serious of me, If the Manga publication slot for Bleach is still not occupied, then Kubo are “free” to end his Bleach manga, as long the publisher still walk along the path with him

      Or, he has an “after Quincy War” Arc in his backhand called “Bleach: Rebuild” (Seritei is in pieces you know?). They need to “control” the now free Aizen, or Aizen just make an truce vow with Seritei until it is rebuild. Even Aizen needs to rebuild his team

      Perhaps this is also a very good point to give his “Bleach” Baby into the hand of his manga successor for Bleach 2. Just change the printing into monthly status

      or, just watch in how “Boruto” are doing

      1. not only Seritei need rebuilding, also the Kings Palace. But then the future enemies.. in how far are they stronger then Juha? Perhaps after this fight they are very busy with rebuilding or “burnout” from they skills using, so the Team B Captain’s must fill in the spot for their Senpai’s

        something like Boruto if you like. He could use the ex-captains with the current Vize-captains as team, with a bit direction help of the “old” Captain’s that are to busy or injured…

        But perhaps Kubo is overjoyed to end Bleach after this long time. Perhaps to end this “curse”..

      2. example:

        How do you thing would fit from the Vize-captains into the Shoes from “kenpachi” Captain?

        and so on, the old ones do not need to die, they just must fill in the role for these secret community of Seritei (These ones that Aizen swore revenge), he can now be a part of the power to rebuild seritei

  3. As someone who dropped the anime a bit after SS arc, it’s kind of sad to know that Ichigo x Rukia was never a thing. Always pictured them as soulmates. Good old days when Ichigo got impaled by Rukia’s sword. 🙂

  4. this is so stupidly rushed, it feels like i’m reading a fanfiction instead of the actual manga.

    * isshin and ryuken are really just going to stand there while the whole world is about to be destroyed? they came all the way there just to deliver the arrowhead? and out of nowhere, with absolutely no foreshadowing, we have this magical quincy-killing arrowhead that will save the day?

    * rukia and renji left their comrades and ran all the way there just so rukia could get sidelined off-panel again, and renji could have some crappy rushed bro-bonding moment with ichigo that doesn’t really have any place in the story right now?

    * aizen and yhwach are only now, <5 chapters from the end of the manga, being revealed to have known each other this whole time? and yhwach was just chilling and watching aizen being beaten by ichigo in the deicide arc?

    yes, the salt is real. i can't believe this was not a chapter out of a fanfic. it just seems so weirdly rushed.

  5. I haven’t read all the comments but didn’t Juha take a good chunk of Ichigo’s powers and left him a weak shell of himself? What did he hope to do anyway being ‘less’ powerful than he was a few moments ago when he couldn’t do anything against him? Or am i missing some critical bit here?

    1. Yeah I thought all about that when it happened. A lot of people said that he’s just a pure Shinigami now, but I had thought his Hollow power and Shinigami power had fused together, and the “white” Ichigo was suppose to be both.

      So Tsukishima fixed his sword, but did that also restore his powers? Cause in that case he should have his Quincy and Hollow powers back too. If Juha Bach took all his Hollow powers which is also his Shinigami powers then he shouldn’t have a sword anymore, he should have been reduced to a normal soul.

  6. I think this chapter could have been 3 or 4 separated one with much more consistency and solid plot-points (and without even that much of a glacial pacing we always get).

    But yeah, let’s see what it’s going to happen.

  7. Seriously, all he needs to do is go to his final form and fuse with his sword like back when he rekt Aizen. After all this he still doesn’t learn and is close to breaking his sword again…


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