「感覚 エマージェンス」 (Kankaku Emajensu)
“Sense Emergence”

Well, that was certainly a wild ride. One moment we’re chilling around a fire eating apples, only to be interrupted by an impromptu song from Mikumo that leads to all out galactic fight utilizing bio-waves as physical weapons. There’s certainly more questions than answers after this episode, but if there’s one thing for sure, the Protoculture ruins are bad news. The question is, for which side?

As we find out, the use of the ruins and competing over them gave us results that hurt both sides, and it’s ironic that the very weapon the Windermeres are hoping will extend their cultural reach with might just lead to their own extinction. Cassim in particular seemed to age quicker as a result, and at the very least, there was a tremendously negative effect on the remaining pilots and their combat prowess. Even Heinz was left shaking in his boots after the fact, and on the flip side, Freyja’s synchronization with Hayate ends up coming with its own ironic twist as well—seemingly causing Var Syndrome-like effects (go figure that Hayate’s also piloting Messer’s plane while he suffers from similar issues) rather than preventing it.

The fact that Roid seems to be the only one close to understanding what’s going on makes things even more complicated—brain tuning also reeks of ominous vibes—and that’s without going into detail in regards to Mikumo, who experiences an “awakening” of sorts that completely throws things into disarray. The fact that she collapses at the end and we receive an ED sequence focused exclusively on the Mikumo we’ve known up until now makes you wonder if she’ll ever wake up again, and whether or not she’ll be the same person even if she does. The questions surrounding her origins are many as well—was she merely found somewhere by the scientists or was she created by them?—and it’s safe to say that this was a significant episode that progressed the plot while leaving much to the imagination.

I will say though, for all the confusing developments toward the episode’s latter half, I quite liked how they went about things here, and the whole discussion between Cassim and Freyja started off the episode with a nice touch that emphasized their similar origins while highlighting how they have different allegiances and philosophies despite their common heritage. It was great demonstration of how much age, experience, and the people around them have come to shape their respective views on life, and it goes to show just how important it is to take the time to talk to others and to also considering how things are on the other side of the equation.

Ultimately, their discussion doesn’t end up changing the paths taken by either, but it’s clear that both sides came out better for having had it, and it was a honest, genuine interaction in a series that hasn’t executed particularly well in that regard. The ominous foreshadowing with the rain, the dark backdrop, Kaname’s doubtful line of questioning, and Cassim’s interesting reaction to the Immelman name merely added to the atmosphere of things here, and it’s safe to say that the series took large strides forward this time around with this week’s developments.

Until next week, some things to note:

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    ED8 Sequence




    1. I liked that particular bit of directing near the end when mikumo gave an “acoustic live performance” of the ed. It played really well with the tension that culminated in the big fight we got this week. I also like the idea of freyja’s song having var effects on hayate. One of the major things that bonded these two so deeply together has now become a subject of concern. I wonder how they will overcome this and what effect it may have on their relationship

    2. I really liked the episode and I hope we finally find out something about Mikumo. I am surprised you did not get a screenshot of the shota mindrape. I think the Obasan touched him in a bad place.

    3. The funny thing: Bogue now wants to kill Reina first, is this the start of the wild triangle? Makina-Reina-Bogue? (Bogue was-and-still-is the only Aerial Knight to have a heterosexual response to Walkure, I mean, he got Reina’s holographic ass in his face after grabbing his subordinate’s smartphone last ep; Reina probably gave him his first non-Windermerean boner. Haha)

      1. That’d be a funky, funky triangle.

        I will say though, it’s interesting because no matter what, it seems like Bogue’s always the one who somehow gets a clear shot at Walkure. You’d think the other guys’ll get more chances given how much focus has been given to them and their obvious experience, but nope, it’s always Bogue.

        1. @Magnus Tancred

          But it’s not a “twisted” love-hate love affair. He doesn’t like Walkure in general, as they’re the enemy to him. However, if you remember during the concert he got all shy and stuff when Reina appeared on the holo device. I thought his facial expression said it all, he got all embarrassed as he’s clearly developing a bit of a crush on Reina. But eh ok.

      1. Yeah, her voice comes out as exceptionally strong compared to the others, especially when she’s singing acapella without background music.

        I dare to say I’ve enjoyed her songs a lot more than I have anyone else as a result.

    4. This episode gave us more questions than answers. And I think it was a good thing to do, as long as the reveal is good enough in the end.

      -Who is Mikumo, really? That she has something to do with the Protoculture ruins is obvious. Is she Protoculture? Is she a man-made clone?
      -Freyja can infect Hayate with Vars? Is this the first step towards a “Freyja is a Wind Singer too” reveal? Or is it because their personal connection?
      -Cassim knows the Immelman name? Is it because some in Windermere know who dropped the bomb? Or is it because Immelman indeed had those connections with Windermerean independentists?
      -What else can the ruins do? Can anything be worse than zombifying the whole galaxy in the name of the “chosen” race? What does Roid know that the rest don’t?

      What I didn’t like was that the infiltration is as horribly sloppy as the first time. Sigh. On the other hand, the two infiltrations prove that the only way to make Windermereans cool off and discuss things rationally is by mentioning apples. Maybe Walkure should start writing more songs about apples instead of love.

      1. “Can anything be worse than zombifying the whole galaxy in the name of the “chosen” race?”

        Roid mentioning word tuning. So yeah, I think it can get worse: Roid may start altering their personalities and memories. Why zombify someone when you can alter their very souls?

        Lord Nayrael
        1. Ugh, if that’s true, yes, it can be worse. If the Protoculture of old was like that, suddenly the Protodeviln invasion starts becoming more of an “Evil versus Evil” situation.

    5. Well, the AK confirmed that without the Wind Song power haxx, are mediocre flyers, which balance the fact that the Delta Squadron are the weakest of the hero squads in the Macross universe. Kinda liked the “we don’t have wind haxx anymore!” expression in Keith’s face while running away from the Hayate-Freyja synchro flight. Another thing is that Cassim would look better with Chaos’ garments. Now we know that not all the Windies are nationalistic jackasses.

      On the other side of the things, Mirage, WTF are you doing? This isn’t a triangle anymore, Freyja is winning by a whole star cluster!

    6. Hayate and Freyja were as one during that dogfight scene at the end of the episode. It was kinda clear when Freyja was in some weird trance like state and when that was interrupted it immediately affected Hayate. They’ve got some bond thing going.

      1. On the other hand, the trance is shown as not very positive and she was giving him Vars. For once, maybe Delta will pull a twist and say that the song-powered super modes so typical in Macross can have very nasty drawbacks.

        1. It could have been a number of things now that I think about it. If you remember when Heinz started singing, it immediately affected Hayate and the others. With Walkure inc Freyja singing, and the ruins going all funky, maybe all of these combined did something weird to him?

    7. I can’t even describe how weird this episode (and the last 2-3) was. Having a mood-swing every episode? Or even within the same episode? Disjointed? idk.

      OTOH, I can sort of guess what happened with Mikumo-san pre-Delta:
      ~~~~fan-theory – YMMV?~~~~
      Show Spoiler ▼

    8. Calling it now! Mikumo is Sharon Apple V.2

      For a show that boast multiple love triangles, the only established triangle I’ve seen is involving Hienz, Roid & Keith.

      That makes me sad!

      1. Mikumo looked rather out of it when she was singing at the end, I wonder if she did that intentionally or something else? There’s certainly hints of her old memories returning, and what Mikumo will emerge at the end of it could be a huge factor in this war.


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