「ただそれだけの物語」 (Tada Sore Dake no Monogatari)
“That’s All This Story is About”

Let’s talk about that ending first because it’s at the top of my mind right now. I am not a novel-reader and I haven’t spoiled myself with what’s going to happen next (although I have read a few bits and pieces here). First and foremost, I’m glad that WHITE FOX decided to go down the happy ending route. I don’t doubt that there could have been a darker/worse alternative for an ending and a part of me thought it could go there, but I’m glad it didn’t. Ending with Emilia and Subaru left a better taste in my mouth and makes me more hopeful for what’s to come if a second season does come. I’m not the hugest Subaru x Emilia supporter out there – Rem has made a strong case to be a better match for Subaru and there’s a lot more of that ship in the series with all they’ve been through but, Emilia is still the first girl and the main girl. So to ultimately see the two of them end up together and talking it out after a long arc, feels like a satisfying ending to me. There’s no denying that although I might not love this ship, there’s a real connection there. And you know what, at least Subaru has the guts to continue on knowing that it’s unrequited love. When Subaru jumped in to save Emilia in that old-fashioned damsel-in-distress type of manner, I couldn’t help but swoon. Man, this guy really nudged me the wrong way a few episodes back and now he’s actually being that hero and knight-in-shining-armor type of way. My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw how far Subaru would go for Emilia and that romantic gesture sealed the deal for me. Combined with the confession and the animation, and soundtrack, it just leaves me wanting more but also very content with how things went. Good job WHITE FOX.

Everything leading up to this ending was… just as I expected. Betelgeuse gets slaughtered by Julius but not before trying to possess Subaru. I didn’t think that Subaru would actually use the Witch against Betelgeuse but now that I think about it, he really took a risk there. All we know is that the Witch prevents him from telling the truth and clenches his heart each time, but does she possess him in the process? I don’t know, but it was gratifying to see Betelgeuse pushed out by the love of his life (sad, but true). Subaru is really starting to use his head now and using this “unique ability” to his advantage. I’m not sure who this Witch is and where she is (if she’s even alive) but for some reason, she’s really trying to preserve Subaru by keeping him alive in this world. It’s just unfortunate that this “ability” has also turned into a curse for him. Betelgeuse comes back again and again to try and possess Subaru but he finally dies by flame and d*mn, this guy just can’t let it go. I hope his undying affections for this Witch (whom clearly doesn’t love him back) isn’t a common trait for all the other Bishops (if they exist). Here I am thinking that there’s no way that Subaru can take him alone, but I’m impressed by Subaru’s own strength in this battle; especially when he goes as far as punching Betelgeuse physically off the cart. His symbolic gesture of writing in the gospel is just the icing on the cake when it comes to destroying Betelgeuse both literally in body and mind so I hope this means he’s really gone for food. Man that dude freaks me out all the time with his hands and head tilts.

Now I know there are still a ton of questions that everyone’s asking. I definitely feel like there’s a lot that I could be listing right now and you know what, I’m okay with not getting those answers yet. The finale was satisfying enough to hold me over until next season and I respect that WHITE FOX didn’t try and cram everything in or make an original ending or even leave it on a cliffhanger to keep people hooked. I can empathize with everyone that’s probably wondering what happened to Rem (I think that’s one of the biggest questions) and Crusch. Who is the Witch and what makes Subaru so special? And how is the Witch related to Emilia (they sounded oddly familiar hmm…)? There’s a lot of other outstanding questions that I think could shed some light on the other side stories going on as well – like what’s going on Roswaal and his suspicious behaviors? And what’s going to happen with the elections now that Felt’s a contender? There are so many questions I have regarding the side characters that I’m not even going to go into it because that would drive me insane. As for this arc though, at least it’s over and done with and that’s all I could hope for with this series. For anyone that has read the novels (or know of any spoilers), please let me remind you to use the spoiler tags available. You never know when and if a second season will come up and some individuals might want to keep it a surprise.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Wow. that was one crazy marathon of #Rezero… I feel like there’s still so much to be told but they could’ve have ended it any better =) I’m so proud of Subaru for the long journey he’s had after all these weeks. He’s come a long way. I wasn’t expecting such a confession by Subaru but gosh d*mn, I couldn’t help screaming, “KISS HER!”.

Final Impressions

If there’s any anime that I’ve blogged on RC that slid under the radar for me, Re: Zero would be it. In fact, it slid so far under the radar that I had no intentions of blogging it until Stilts basically coerced asked me to take it over. And there’s no greater debt that I have for him than I do now because I’m so glad that I agreed. Re: Zero has been an emotional roller coaster through and through; an anime that has it all – from action to thrills and chills to hair-pulling cliffhangers. It gives you adventure, fantasy, and romance all wrapped neatly with an exciting story to go with it. The characters are a love and hate relationship – as people can be but it still manages to make you feel invested in the series and these characters. There’s almost nothing bad that I have to say because once you step back and look at the series as a whole (whether or not you hated it), Re: Zero did the best thing by keeping its audience coming back week after week. It continued to deliver the high quality episodes (although some episodes are better than others), the source material wasn’t completely butchered and it draws people in. Re: Zero was (and will continue to be) a successful anime and if nothing else, will serve to drive an increase in light novel readers.

Re: Zero started off as innocently as many anime do… with a young teenage boy that gets transported to a unknown land and he meets a young girl that he’s immediately attracted to. Subaru and Emilia’s meeting in the beginning will be the set up the foundation for their entire relationship from here on out. And as cliché as the introduction feels, I guarantee that you’re in for a wild ride if you just make it through the first episode. The first arc really pulls you in – with all the deaths, the attempts from Subaru to save Emilia and just the repetitiveness of each scenario. There’s no doubt in my mind that Subaru would triumph… but then the second arc comes around and it really takes you for a spin. New characters, new motives and just an endless cycle of question after question. By the time you get to the third arc, you think Subaru has finally got his break but instead, he gets pushed around, and beat up more than he ever has. He is literally driven mad. And this is where all the controversy and debates ramp up because you start to see Subaru in a different light and behave in irrational ways. As Re: Zero airs, the show goes down this dark path which begins to feel more and more hopeless for Subaru. It’s a tragic story told from the perspective of a young teenager that has no idea how to deal with his situation, let alone communicate with foreign people. You’ll feel bad for Subaru, you’ll want to smack him, shake him and yet, still want him to succeed because this story isn’t going anywhere without him. It’s a frustrating trek when you’re watching Re: Zero but I promise that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Despite all the hate that Subaru gets as a character, all the angst and craziness that is Re: Zero, I still commend the series for going down a route that not many mainstream anime are brave enough to venture. To create that much controversy about a characters’ mental state and have such polar opinions about him is rare. However, I think that’s what makes Subaru so interesting. He can be both realistic and not since he challenges a lot of norms of anime MCs. It’s refreshing to see how broken he can be and yet still bounce back each time determined to do better. There’s no shortage of character development if that’s what you’re looking for in a substantial anime. Trust me, I don’t think many people will be disappointed that they gave Re: Zero a shot. The OST, the animation and all the extended footage (at the expense of the OP and ED sequences) really show the effort WHITE FOX made to make this series special. And it is! It’s truly a story deserving to be told and it certainly makes me more anxious to read the light novel now. So final note is – watch this folks! You won’t regret it.


  1. White Fox did an amazing job with this series, and it really does show. Hopefully as the series has sold really well in Japan, we’re not waiting too long for that Season 2 announcement.

    I also just wanted to say that I was really impressed with the level of discussion this show had on here. Credit to everyone here for being such amazing followers of the show. 🙂

    1. With the critical, comercial and absolute success of this series of Re:zero among fans a second season is not a question of will it happen?, just a big positive WHEN?. One coclusive evidence is that the author is releasing volume 9 in 5 days and volume 10 that is the start of Arc 4 will be released in october, they´re really working the guy fast so they can adapt more material in season 2, which most likely will cover Arc 4-5-6 consodering the Web Novel is almost don with arc 6.

      1. I don’t know if this counts as a spoiler, but I read that Arc 4 is longer than Arcs 1, 2 and 3 combined. And since those three arcs were 25 episodes long, season 2 will probably be all about Arc 4.

        But, well, the LN just finished up Arc 3 along with the anime (correct me if I’m wrong) so we’ll have to wait at least 2-3 years for the LN to produce enough material.

      2. I didn´t mean it will happen right away but surely in 3 years we will have another season of this story, as I said above the author is gaining speed to releas more of the story so tghey can adapt more soon.

      3. I don’t know how much content the anime actually took up so I can’t judge if there is enough content to go for another cour at least but I did read somewhere that they are coming out with 2 volumes of the LN until the end of the year. So there is a chance I guess.

  2. Nadester
  3. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Zero%20Kara%20Hajimeru%20Isekai%20Seikatsu/Re%20Zero%20Kara%20Hajimeru%20Isekai%20Seikatsu%20-%2025%20-%20Large%2026.jpg
    Pfffft, Suburu writes something in Kanji (or Katakana, I can’t tell) and expects his enemy to understand his scribble? I would be surprised if an enemy can read that. Sucks to be Betelgeuse, he finally meets his beloved witch then gets rejected by her. I am surprised how hard it was to kill him, he was worthy of being a “final boss” character.

    All ends well. Now how many times Suburu had to die to reach this good ending I wonder. I lost count. I do hope Suburu’s Earth Dragon won’t be jealous; I am wondering if Patrasche can turn into a human. Anyway, I still have tons of questions going on. Like
    1.who is that female Assassin, from the beginning of the anime, and why was she after Emilia’s insignia?
    2.What does the Gospel say? And does it really say anything about the Jealous Witch or is it just a bunch of baloney meant to attract worshipers?
    3.Who, of the four, will become Ruler of the kingdom?
    4.Aside from the White Whale, are there more “major Monsters” Suburu may face.
    5.Why does Puck call Emilia his “daughter?” And will he destroy the world even if Emilia doesn’t die.
    6.Are there any other enemy organizations besides the Witch’s Cult, and will Roswaal actually help next time?
    7.Will there be a second season? And will Suburu get stronger magic-wise?
    8.How did Suburu get into this world to begin with? Should the kid be concerned if his family misses him?

    1. 1. I am also very curious about Elsa’s affiliations. All we know is that whoever sent her wants Emilia off the throne, so it could be one of the other candidates?
      2. I suspect that the cultists are simply crazed and desperate to get the attention of the witch without knowing who or what she truly is.
      3. I’m rooting for Crush or Felt! But we still need to hear everyone’s exact reasons for wanting to become the ruler.
      4. White Fox were in charge of this show, so.. WHITE FOX MONSTER CONFIRMED.
      5. His contract is apparently to destroy the world if Emilia isn’t in it. But back when they were battling Elsa and Puck had to leave for the night, he told Emilia “good luck, I’ll do as the contract says if anything happens to you” and Emilia just told him “yeah, sure”. That was very confusing, why would she be ok with Puck destroying the world if she died?

      6. I’m thinking we’re far from done with the Witch’s Cult. There’s 6 Archbishops, the one of Sloth has been defeated and the one of Pride is empty. That leaves 4, and we still don’t know if the White Whale was the Archbishop of Gluttony or simply a spawn of him/her. I believe it’s the latter. But, well, there’s whoever sent Elsa and the Dragon (maybe it has some worshippers too).

      7. Apparently we have to wait at least 2-3 years for a second season… but hey, better than nothing!

      8. I completely forgot that this anime was supposed to be “hikikomori sent into a game world”. I kept regarding it as the Witch had somehow kidnapped him from his world and put him in the fantasy one with Return by Death. And that she’s the one who decides when his save points get updated, what he’s allowed to say, etc. Basically that he was brought into the world for her sake (we don’t know why yet). But after we saw her with Betelgeuse “you’re not the one”, I got the feeling that she isn’t quite as omniscient as I had thought. In fact, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if she simply turned out to be “misunderstood”, and Subaru has to end up saving her as well.

  4. Poor Rem, the best girl gets sidelined for the last episode.

    I thought the final scene was way too long (not to mention slightly cringe-worthy), but as a whole Re:Zero was very good series. It’s not my No.1 anime of the season or the year, but I’ll easily recommend it to someone who wants a great series to watch.

  5. Show Spoiler ▼

    One Pinch Man
    1. That eerie music will never leave my mind… =X it literally sends chills down my spine when I think about it. I’m glad they chose to end the arc where they did though. Like I said, I think it leaves a better taste in my mouth =) but thanks for sharing that! I read that spoiler somewhere else too.

  6. A Japanese ad in Tokyo’s Akibahara Station is telling Re Zero anime fans to start reading the upcoming LN Vol 9 to find out what happens next.

    Half of Vol 9 covers the anime’s ending, and the other half transitions the story into the next arc. Emilia’s character will be developed there, with some reveals on Roswaal and Satella.

    The source webnovel is ahead of the LN + anime by 3 story arcs, but likely the related parties will hold off on making S2 of the anime until those arcs have been published as LNs. After all, the anime is an ad for selling the LNs.

    1. That does seem to suggest that they acknowledge that the anime was super popular and are telling fans if they want to know what happens next, read the novels. Unfortunately I guess that means we’ve got a wait like you’ve said for more published material to come out before they do another season. But I think it’s a matter of when, not if, we see a Season 2.

    2. To me, this doesn’t sound like they’re confirming a season 2 but rather pushing folks to go read the novels if they want to learn more. I think there needs to be more source material for them to go ahead with another season which (from the sounds of readers) is a far bit away… =(

  7. So I had gotten behind on watching so I dared not hit RC and spoil things…

    Every once and a while, we get a series that knocks it out of the park. Re:Zero did that just that.

    Now I am left wondering what’s gonna fill the gap.. This one is going to be missed.

  8. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Zero%20Kara%20Hajimeru%20Isekai%20Seikatsu/Re%20Zero%20Kara%20Hajimeru%20Isekai%20Seikatsu%20-%2025%20-%2012.jpg
    Some webnovel spoilers on Satella.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. The way this (season) ended reminds me a lot of how Inuyasha “ended” initially. It ends in a spot that’s good enough that even if, for some reason, it didn’t continue, then you could still find some general satisfaction with how it “ended” there, despite the many questions you might have, but at the same time, if they do decide to revive it down the road, they left it open-ended enough to do so.

    Subaru finally being able to return to Emilia, admit his mistakes and apologize for them, and confess really felt satisfying (especially after just missing out on being able to do so last reset), but at the same time, it was also great to see him not trying to pressure her into being with him like he tried to do before as well with the whole “you owe me a much bigger debt” yelling and thus showing how far he’s come with his development.

    Seeing Betelgeuse “rejected” the way he was also had a satisfying tone to it.

    1. A lot of people don’t seem to care for the reunion at the end between Emilia and Subaru but like you – I felt rather content with it and satisfied. Like I said in my post, I’m not a huge shipper of Emilia and Subaru, but I can be persuaded to jump on board. I thought that Subaru’s confession at the end was nicely put and the fact that Emilia doesn’t love him back “in that way” (yet) is realistic. It’d be too awkward if she also said “I love you” or flat out rejected him. It’s a very mature response from Subaru to accept that his feelings are one-sided right now and I think it shows a lot of his character growth. That’s what made it a sweet scene for me.

      1. Yeah, it seems to be the tribal-minded pairing camps that don’t seem to care which, as I brought up a couple times before, are really the parts of the fandom that can end up ruining an otherwise decent/good series (that involves romance) if loud enough; they end up being ones who don’t care whose established character and development, or what established plot and development there is, gets sacrificed so long as the pairing they like “wins” in the end by getting together, no matter how forced it is or how much it throws everything out of whack.

        In this case, I can understand ONE point by the Rem followers in that Emilia isn’t as developed, but what a chunk of them seem to choose to ignore is that Emilia simply hasn’t gotten the chance to truly shine yet and, according to LN readers, she does get plenty of development after this point of the story. Unfortunately, in the end, that chunk doesn’t care one way or another about Emilia getting development or not so long as Subaru ends up with Rem. If anything, they don’t WANT Emilia to get development for fear of her overshadowing Rem and “stealing” Subaru from her and such.

        But also like I said, I really like Rem too. I wouldn’t mind if she and Subaru got together, but I also know that the plot and character development have clearly shown that Subaru’s eyes are only on Emilia, so unless the plot is believably changed to say otherwise, then I’ll support Subaru/Emilia. To forcibly change SO much of a story solely because of pairings that may or may not even matter in the long run of that very story just because certain bigwigs think they’ll make more money off the loud pairings fan base by forcing the change can easily end up dismantling an entire series/franchise like what happened with Naruto (not even 2 years since the manga ended the way it did and it’s practically a shell of what it was, all things considered).

      2. The problem here is mainly that in the novel is made pretty clear that Subaru loves Emilia and Rem equally, but the anime skipped some important Rem scenes and Subaru lines in that regard so it feels really strange.

      3. I agree so much with you. So many people have the idea that Emilia loves Subaru and no, its one sided love so far. The episode was great still tho Subaru did say exactly how he felt without holding back. I still think the sudden crush episode 1 was weird but thats in the past.I see so many comments saying Emilia loved Subaru from the start which is an outrageous lie.

    2. I find that what the author did here is pretty similar to a lot of Romance genre stories where they introduce the “main girl” first then go on to develop a rival character for a while. I think that many readers pick up the story around this time and tend to feel more attached to the rival character (probably why best girl never wins lol). Then after a bit they get on with the actual story of the two, which from the comments here seems to be the case.

  10. This was a superior anime and very well done over all it really moves you. This anime also hit a cord it seams for those of us who have experienced traumatic events or that have mental illness. Those who do not have these problems often don’t realize how you can bounce from great to horrible and a seemingly full recovery is always subject to fail. Really love that the main character grew and learned, combat can mature people a huge amount in a short time even if it leaves them mentally scarred as well.

    The series also seamed very consequential as for Suburu each death does not erase the traumatic events he has had to live though. In fact this to me might be a tragedy for Suburu in the end for even if he wins his mental health might never recover I could see the other winners who won because of Suburu visiting Suburu at the Asylum where he will spend the rest of his life.

    I love how much other characters are developed. Of course as Suburu has to depend on these powerful characters this is a must. I remember a few decades ago a producer of movie that had teenagers ported to the middle ages put his foot down and told the writers no the teenagers are not going to be able to beat any trained warrior. The trained warrior having learned actually well developed martial arts involving their weapons for many years in a full time way. Also the training would have built impressive muscles and stamina needed for those weapons. So I am very glad this series has Suburu only the match of untrained street toughs only when they do not pull a knife. Otherwise Suburu is no where close to the professional athletes of the warriors in the tale.

    I wish other boards enforced their spoiler policies. Following has no spoilers other than the nature of the complaints.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. At first I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have an hour long episode to cover everything, but I’m actually pretty satisfied the way they ended this. They didn’t leave a horrible cliffhanger for anime only fans to despair upon, and we’re left with a happy end where Subaru was finally able to save the girl of his dreams and confess to her to (and get some much deserved recognition from Emilia herself~). I do hope that when they make the next season, they can dedicate an hour to fully resolve arc 3 before we plunge ourselves into the next arc.

    I wouldn’t call this show perfect, the dialogue was cringe at times and the story didn’t become fully immersive until around halfway in arc 2, but the show only became more and more interesting after that. Amazing character development for Subaru, literally went from zero to hero in the most amazing way. People shit on Subaru’s character a lot, but that’s proof that he was a very compelling character because of all the mistakes he made along the way. Also, so many great characters too: Julius, Wilhelm, Felix, and Beako in particular for me, aha. Funny how I actually like all the side characters more than the main characters. Sundays will never be the same again 😡

    1. I totally forgot that the first episode was an hour long… I guess they could’ve done it again with the finale but I’m not too hung up over it. I too thought the side characters were amazing – especially the ones that got more screen time. My favs also include Whilhelm and Julius… Beatrice is cool too but we don’t know enough about her (yet) and I would’ve liked to see more of Anastasia. Her underhanded performance to get info from Subaru a few eps back makes her methods more interesting than brute force. OH! And AL! Almost forgot about him but he’s a good guy… to serve someone like Prescilia and still be kind.

  12. Re:Zero goes for the classic ending, basically the safest and most emotionally conclusive route they could took. It’s good that they didn’t adapt the little bit that was left in arc 3, since that basically will send Re:Zero to a “Scumbag cliffhanger that might never be resolved unless you read the novel” area.

    About the whole series, I’m still trying to write my own detailed thought about this series. One thing for sure, Re:Zero is one ambitious series who tried on doing many great things. I think they ended up executing them with varying degree of success: Some hit, some miss. But I’d give them a great applause for trying to elevate it beyond what usually LN/WN tries.

    It still have a ton of material left, and I’m happy that they could flesh the world and setting in the right pace. We started from a single guy trying to save a girl, to a whole mansion, to a whole town, while simultaneously faithful to its own purpose and drive. No blatant infodumping, characters are introduced in a way so we could care about them slowly without being overwhelmed, and Subaru received a significant development from an unlikeable dude to a pretty cool Emilia’s personal white knight.

    I think some things could be polished further (Emilia lacks screen time as of now, Rem changed too fast from ice maid to super devoted waifu, Subaru’s kind of acting too stupid in the middle of the series before he got PTSD’ed, etc), but White Fox did a wonderful job in the execution of them. They pulled a dedication which I can’t see in almost every adaptations out there, and I think Re:Zero fans should be glad that it was not handled by any other studio.

    So yeah, I’m satisfied by Re:Zero despite of its imperfection. Second season, please.

    1. I agree that this series is far from perfect but the fact that it managed to accomplish as much as it did in only 25 episodes was a feat and I applaud it for that. When I think back to all the “great” anime that I’ve ever loved that was THIS complex and timeless, it’s hard to think of one that didn’t run for multiple cours (and normally spans more than a year). Re: Zero only got 25 eps to condense a lot of world-building, character development and plot all into one so… that’s a challenging task already. It’s certainly a story that might be better received in novel form (like a Harry Potter type of story that has SO MUCH in it) so unless it’s given more time on air, it’s hard to properly do it justice. I thought WHITE FOX did the best they could and I’m satisfied with what I got. Could they have done some changes here and there, for sure! But it’s not going to change my overall impression of the series. Overall I enjoyed it and I’d surely recommend it =) WHITE FOX has been coming out with better than average material year after year… I can’t wait for Steins;Gate 0 soon…!! XD

  13. This was relly beautiful! This story has earned a very special place in my heart because of its very complex characters and complete decunstruction of the fantasy genre. Here we have Subaru, a protagonist that is in my eyes the king of character development, he had to improve himself to the limit in order to not only save the girl he loves so very much but to be indeed be worthy of her; this is all this story is about, indeed, a boy trying to be better in oder to save a girl from a death and loneliness.

    So this is it for now guys, see you around in season 2 where it will be proven why SubaruXEmilia is the official couple od this story, arc 4 onwards is the start of an equally incredible character development for Emilia.

  14. Rezero has already sealed its place as the best anime of the year despite the fact that there’s still winter line up incoming. I haven’t seen any anime that created waves in otaku world in this year like rezero

    Anyway i kinda understand now why Emilia would be a vessel for satella as per previous episode reveal… Satella as we can see in this episode is like deprived of love, or her love one is taken away from her. Emilia is pretty much the same. She hasn’t experienced being loved. So with subaru confessed his love to emilia, she finally got to experience what is love. And i could say if you take subaru away, or have subaru focus his attention on rem more than emilia, she would go insane. We all know how how small jealousy grows to the point the one who is jealous turns insanely obsessive to the person.

  15. All this talk about the blank letter, as well as the fact that Rem hasn’t been mentioned by anyone a single time since she left for the capital, has made me not quite enjoy this ending as much as I could have. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very satisfying ending (especially since I’ve been a SubaruXEmilia supporter since the get go), but something just felt missing without Rem.

    But if what you theorized (about the whale) is true, I still would like to say that I sincerely doubt Rem and Crusch would be killed off-screen just like. They were, after all, in the caravan furthest from the carcass, so.. I’m holding on hope that Rem-tachi are fine.

  16. I have to say, throughout the entire series Emilia has given me the impression that she cares about Subaru more than anyone else. When he struggles, she worries. When he’s happy, she’s happy. When he does stupid things, she lectures him. She always wants him to stay out of trouble, and she never includes him in anything that might be hard for him (the main reason she didn’t want him in the courthouse was probably because she knew they would treat her that way and that he wouldn’t take it well). Rewatching all Emilia scenes just gave me the impression that she might be secretly in love with him. But she didn’t say a single word in response to his confession (other than try and confirm it), which leaves me a bit confused as to how she’s actually felt about him throughout the series.

    I suppose I need to hear more from her, so it’s all about waiting for the next season, but I still choose to believe that she cares for him more than she does for other people in her life.

    1. I think it’s hard to see if Emilia is “in love” with Subaru or not. I’d like to believe she is too! XD but I don’t think she’s there yet T_T I think the reason she’s happy around him and worries about him, is not because of love but because she’s genuinely a good person and she cares about him (and the villagers and people in the mansion). Subaru doesn’t really get special treatment from her in my mind but maybe he will start to after this. I’d like Emilia to develop feelings towards Subaru that weren’t forced though and not a “I-like-you-because-you-like-me” scenario.

  17. I think fans are gonna be disappointed that the director pretty much said this was a novel preview. It’s a shame since the show was pretty good. There have been many great anime over the years that never got conclusions and sadly this show might be one. The source is pretty much 3 arcs ahead but the LN are just where the anime is. So it will never happen or it’s gonna be years. Not everything is full metal alchemist popular to get a full remake alsmot a decade later.

  18. I hope White Fox adapts the final VN of Utawarerumono. I mean… Itsuwari no Kamen was kind of a blemish on their otherwise outstanding record.

    Apparently the next anime on their agenda is Peacemaker Kurogane so I am looking forward to that, watched the original 2003? series and loved that.

    Anyway, nice to see that they ended Re:Zero on a note that all audiences can enjoy, I was a bit afraid that they may chuck in something to really gut us.

    Also, both Satella “The Witch” and Emilia are voiced by the same VA? Is this foreshadowing something?

    Goodwill Wright
  19. I feel kind of cheated by this ending. I was always going on about how this would not have a happy ending, so I was expecting the worse, but instead we got was happy ending…(for one pairing anyway). Though, in my defence I was expecting a season 2 would be coming. So many questions left unanswered ending like this…

  20. Something was not really told or shown at all , Petelgeuse “soul” after being rejected from Subaru actually went back to his original body and persisted by taking that form , now that means that it had nowhere to go , so his other “fingers” are supposedly dead? They did have the idea of killing them all before killing Petelgeus but then Subaru said that he can be possesed too so we didn’t really have the final plan they had , and they didn’t show us anything enough to assume they actually killed them , just one surprise attack by a small part of them with no details of the results other than Otto and the Metia , and I don’t feel like taking Petelgeus that far away would be enough .
    So is it that they just did the mission of killing the “fingers” between the village scene and Petelgeus scene with such skip? Even the “finger” that was in the thing like a temple behind Petelgeus?
    And how did they distinguish between normal followers and his fingers , in the first time for example , they just knew that one finger was killed under the rocks and Julius said that his troops killed 2 of them…..on what basis?

    1. Is that “what if” even possible? Assuming that Subaru runs away with Rem, Emilia will end up dead and Puck will destroy the world. How would they have time to conceive and birth children during the time Puck is roaming around destroying the planet? o.O

      1. The link contains information that has not been discussed in the anime. If you consider that a spoiler for future content, then yes. But the general gist of the information in the link is a backstory for Crusch and Felix. It gives you greater context for why they are the way they are.

  21. Felt the emiliaXsubaru ending was a little cringe worthy and forced too fast.

    But aside from that and subaru being an emotional gymnast/train wreck, the show was GREAT!!!

    To bad we gotta wait soon long for more

    Thanks for covering!

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. Thanks for reading! I didn’t think Emilia and Subaru’s reunion was as cringeworthy as I imagined. It could’ve been done a lot worse. That said, there’s definitely not enough screentime between the two of them to establish a romantic relationship that makes you awwww, so maybe that’ll be covered more in the following arcs =X

  22. My theory about Subaru and his love for Emilia is that he doesn’t love Emilia but is being made to love Emilia…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. These are just my thoughts but well…….Spoilers for those who didn’t finish the show and reading here for whatever reason ^^

      This theory surely crossed my mind , and it makes lots of sense , now I don’t think that Subaru doesn’t love her at all from himself (maybe) , but the attraction and devotion at some points did feel kinda artificial , but still it can be for real (his actions for the twins was also not backed up with much bonding , maybe he is just like that) , either way it’s a reason for the witch to make use of it to ensure the safety of that vessel , and it feels like the witch cultists aren’t really doing what she wants , that’s why she needs Subaru , and the one time she killed Emilia when he was telling her about his ability , well she may have seen that the situation is ruined and he is late , so used the situation to make the warning stronger , maybe that’s not the case at all , maybe because he tried to tell her about it from before , hope whatever the real thing ti be something amusing and very well made.

  23. So for those that read the Light Novel, so how is subaru interaction with Felis and her crew from here on out? Is Emila surprise that Subaru help take down the white wahle?

    My only grip is he loved Emila for no reason. Maybe he is pride reincarnated.

  24. A million thanks to Nagatsuki san, for giving me such awesome season this year, million thanks to all the seiyuu involved for such great performance, specially thanks to matsuoka san (my fav MC Kanda Sorata and Soma kun) haha you are seriously TREMBLING my brains out! XD, outstanding performance, million thanks to White Fox and everyone works so hard to delivered such awesome anime, million thanks to Myth&Roid for such epic ending theme song and Takahashi san (EMT) for such lovely ending theme song! Big Salute! My life are somehow complete with this anime and with such lovely ending (although i know whats coming next lol), but still, good job, damn good job y’all.

    Definitely going to buy all the music cd and blurays, in fact I’ve already asked my friend bring it back to me from Japan XD

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