Episde 10

「誠実の証」 (Seijitsu no Akashi)
“Proof of Good Faith”

Episode 11

「すべてがむだごと」 (Subete ga Muda-Goto)
“All for Nothing”

And you thought Avilio was angry before.

These past few installments have completely changed the landscape for 91Days. Completely. Most notably, Avilio’s revenge scheme has gone from cold, calculative procedure to emotionally charged carnage. All bets are off—Avilio is PISSED. They guy’s always been sort of pissy and angsty about his family’s death, but he’s seemed for the most part over the initial anger and more hellbent on coldly executing his complex revenge scheme. With the conclusion of episode ten, however, we finally get to see a freshly outraged Avilio. This isn’t just about murders he’s had plenty of time to let sink in. It was always personal, but now it’s personal.

And on that note, I’m surprised by how believable the friendship between Corteo and Avilio turned out to be. I’ve written previously on how contrived the strength of their bond seemed to be throughout the show’s run—at least to the extent which the show hopes we believe. We’ve been expected to truly understand Corteo’s undying loyalty to a childhood friend that he has only recently been reacquainted with. While we still don’t get much of an explanation here, we get a little more insight into their friendship. It came off at first a little too strong and sometimes even…weird, but soon becomes something understandably real. Maybe Corteo is a little too puppy-doggish, but Avilio for the first time expresses something close to…affection? I think. If you look reeaaalll close. Either way, it finally provides us a reason to empathize with Avilio. And just in time, as he’s forced to execute the only source of human compassion he’s maybe ever seen in recent times.

This is an excellent way to finally emotionally charge the plot going forward. It’s something we’ve definitely been in need of. Now we can sink our teeth into all the crazy that’s about to go down. Avilio isn’t just out for those responsible for his family’s murders. Now he wants everything. He wants the utter destruction of the Vanetti family. And boy does he get it. One by one, characters we’ve become well-acquainted with are cut out of the equation. Dead. Dead. Dead. It’s absolute carnage, and Avilio is not stopping at any cost. By killing Don Galassias, he’s sealed the fate of the Vanettis. There is no family for Nero to run. His death is almost as guaranteed as those that’ve already fallen.

While we’re there though, I think Nero has taken far too minor of a role in the past few episodes. A couple of the prior episodes were devoted to establishing a bond between Nero and Avilio—one which I think has not entirely paid off in the face of Corteo’s more involved presence in Avilio’s life. Did he really actually have a friendship with Nero? Was that real at all? The series has been going back and forth with whether any of Avilio’s friendships are genuine. Now that we know what he truly felt towards Corteo, it’d be great to get some closure on where he stands with Nero.


  1. I usually like the reviews on this site, but I don’t really care for your reviews of 91 Days. Not because we have different opinions or anything, they just seem disingenuous. They’re usually pretty late and don’t discuss some of the more interesting parts of the show. I’m all for someone having different opinions, these write ups just seem kind of phoned in :/

  2. With Avilio being forced to severe the only real bond he’s had throughout his whole journey of revenge in order to continue that journey, he’s dramatically escalating. At first, they make it seem like he was just going to walk right up and kill those responsible and die as a result given how empty he was clearly acting, but instead, he’s seems to be getting the Galessias to do it for him by igniting a mafia war between the families, and from the looks of it, he might end up working with them next episode.

    Now Nero is all that remains.

  3. As I said before: they are no heroes nor villains in this story, only criminals. “Avilio” onslaught is the result of murder and betrayal by Don Vanneti towards his family. He was right about not letting Angelo to live because of vengeance. With Corteo’s blunder and death by Angelo really sent every thing down the toilet (in terms of the situation of course), so Angelo has nothing else to lose. As would Obie Trice says: Shit hits the Fan!
    All of Don Vanneti’s efforts are now shattered.
    Serves ya right you backstabbin’ you SOB!


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