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OP: 「Hikari Are」 (ヒカリアレ) by BURNOUT SYNDROMES

「ごあいさつ」 (Go Aisatsu)

It’s a strange feeling to have Haikyuu!! back so soon. I’m not complaining, but this seems to mark a change in how future seasons are going to be adapted; there’s no guarantee we’ll get the traditional 25 episode ever again, but if the shifting episode count lends to the content getting adapted then what’s the point of moaning? The second season may not have sold as exceptionally as the first, but it’s still one of the best-selling of the year, so you can expect Haikyuu!!’s anime to continue for as long as the manga goes on and there’s profit to be made. It’s a blessing to have it back, as it’s my personal favourite sports anime and I know plenty of others who share that sentiment.

As someone who has been reading for manga weekly for years now, I should preface this by saying I’m biased with this upcoming match. Basically, I love it. I think it’s the best content Haikyuu!! has provided thus far, and without giving much away it is just… everything you could hope from a high-energy sports title. Everything we’ve seen from the past two seasons indicates that we’re going to get a high quality third season that may exceed already high expectations. This Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa match has been hinted at and hyped up for so long, and now they’re finally meeting on the court to put their worth to the test. Going into it, Karasuno seem like fish out of water, while Shiratorizawa are seasoned pros among the best across the country. It almost seems unbelievable that Karasuno would ever stand a chance again them, but this extra long match promises to be packed with even more surprises than we’ve seen thus far. And if you think you can predict how it’s going to play out, just remember the brutal ending to the first season. With the 10 episodes of this season focused entirely on this match, you can imagine how it’s going to paced – don’t expect training arcs or downtime this season, because that’s not we’re getting. This will be balls-to-the-walls volleyball action, and it’s sure to be brilliant.

There’s not much point in giving a general synopsis, as this episode spoke for itself: Karasuno and Shiratorizawa are preparing for their match, and we’ve got plenty of side characters returning to how their support. Tsukki’s brother is ever amusing, Hinata’s old classmates have shown their growth and provide a nice contrast from the first episode, and the comedy was just as funny as I remember. Whether it be Tanaka and Noya being as dumb as ever with their ridiculous fantasies, or the sheer contrast of the two teams, there were plenty of hearty laughs before we dive into this destined face-off.

I also really dig the new OP and ED. The opening’s crisp animation and winter backgrounds are different from what we’ve had before, and the ending takes inspiration from a similarly styled colour spread from the manga. I appreciate these sort of callbacks, and with the abundance of style it’s delivered with, there’s no fault to be found. This production is as strong as ever – almost movie quality at some points – and I predict there won’t be any episodes that will suffer from poor budget distribution. We’ve got nine more episodes, the match is only just beginning, and what a match it promises to be. Unfortunately, I can’t promise that this season of Haikyuu!! will be blogged on a weekly basis. I’m confident that it could be the best season yet, but I’d rather focus on other potential hits this season – of which there are many to choose from. I could gush each and every week, but the upcoming content of this season will be especially hard to keep tight-lipped.


ED Sequence

ED: 「マシ・マシ」 (Mashi Mashi) by NICO Touches the Walls



  1. This sure feels like it’ll be epic. The entire 1st was just setting up how huge it’s gonna be, and that spike from Ushiwaka in the end gave a small sample of what’s to come.

    Samu, if this could be the best season yet, then I know it’s completely up to you and I respect your decision either way, but why won’t you blog it? Even though it’s gonna be sort of a pain for me personally to have to wait 9 weeks for new developments of a single, 5-set long match to happen, I will still want to talk about them with everyone else here. So please do reconsider.

    1. I really wouldn’t mind blogging Haikyuu!! again, but there’s simply too many other anime that I would rather talk about, if only because they’re not a third season of a show I already love and gush over whenever I can. There’s only so much I can say about Haikyuu!! at the end of the day. This fall season appeals to my tastes so much that I could ignore two of my favourite anime (Haikyuu!! and Eupho) getting sequels and still have at least 3-4 more shows I wouldn’t mind blogging instead. I just have so many choices and Haikyuu!! isn’t at the top for me right now. Sorry!

  2. I don’t remember being that excited for a anime recently. Even though the game barely started, I was just shaking with emotions. This is it, the grande finale, the epic showdown. I don’t really mind that it’s just 10 episodes long, if that helps to deliver the highest quality product, fine with me.

    I don’t think I have anything important to say, especially referred to this episode since it was pretty much a preview for what is going to happen, to remind everyone where are we and what are we for. I simply can’t wait.

    It would be really unfortunate if no one blogged this here, especially you Samu since I was really enjoying your coverage for second season. I hope, as well as yoloalchemist (and probably many others) that you will rethink this, since as you said – it’s sure to be brilliant.

  3. So, Yuri on Ice will be on your schedule? Nice! Can it be so much bother to give a little space to Haikyuu in the comment section?

    They took out one of my favorite lines, Nishinoya and Tanaka’s “They got cheerleaders!”

    I binge watched both seasons in my anime summer break, and I might of might not read 4 times Shiratorizawa vs Karasuno’s manga arc. This is gonna be epic.

  4. I was already hyped for this season but what brought home just how much this show gets to me was the ending.
    They finished the episode with Karasuno losing the first point and I cheered. It was just so exciting.


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