「バンド」 (Banndo)

What in the world just happened? In the span of 20 odd minutes we saw the show head go down an irreversible path and then turn around..?

What the Flying fu..

With Fuuka’s sudden departure from The Fallen Moon last week being a pretty big game changer, I was ready for big things to happen this week. Between the band falling apart and the strain on Yuu and Koyuki’s relationship, I don’t think it was too far of a stretch to expect the other three members to have problems of their own. And honestly, I thought it was pretty amazing that we got to see The Falling Moon spectacularly fall apart. With a majority of the band members finding something to fill the hole that the band left, I wouldn’t have minded if things ended with Yuu being stuck in a crappy mood with Koyuki by his side.

Except, that’s not what happened. After watching three out of five members of The Fallen Moon start to devote their life to other things, I was flabbergasted that Yuu was somehow able to convince them all to come back. Especially when you consider things like Sara on the verge of joining another band and Mikasa literally giving up any attachment to music in order to be an obedient child. Don’t get me wrong though, I for one really love unrealistic come back stories and what Fuuka is doing right now feels just like that. But man, it would have been nice to see the show go down a less followed path in the anime scene.

HOWEVER, I don’t approve of Yuu and Koyuki breaking up. The two were literally made for each other and Yuu literally had a once in a lifetime opportunity staring him right at him. God thinking about what happened makes me so salty I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.


So, as it was clearly pointed out in the comments last week, we’re entering unknown territory. Early on the in season I accidentally read that something happens to Fuuka around this point in the story but the anime went and drastically changed things up. Something I think is pretty cool but makes me wonder — why did Fuuka have to go and have a giant personality shift? She’s supposed to be the girl who keeps on running head first into the headwind. But instead we’ve been given a rather negative Fuuka who can barely keep her smiling face on in public!

Hopefully we get some drastic change next week.

Looking Ahead

With this week’s episode dropping everything on us all in one go, it looks like all that remains is whether or not Fuuka and Yuu get to have a happy ending. And seeing how a lot of other things are riding on whatever decision Fuuka makes, hopefully we’ll all get a happy ending. See you then!


  1. From what I’ve read, the change in personality might have been necessary for the ‘alternate path’ to occur. Honestly, since I’m not really following the anime, I can’t say whether it’s a good or bad thing. Had things stayed true to the manga, the story might not have been unique, and since the series seems to have only 12-13 episodes, it probably would’ve left a bad taste ending like that. I can’t really see the anime having another season.

    On a related note, there’s an article by ANN, where the creators discuss why changes were made to the anime. It’s pretty interesting to read about their perspective and why they made such changes. To make a long story short, when they decided to produce the anime, only six volumes have been released, so in some sense, I can see why the made the changes. I’ll put a link to the article here in spoilers; though the link itself isn’t necessarily spoilers per se, there are some spoilers in the article so beware.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Reactions to the anime’s changes are interesting. Some like it, because they felt the manga’s events were too melodramatic and forced, plus it would end a limited 12-ep series on a depressing note. Others hate it because it deprives Yuu’s character growth (Seo stated the Event was meant to be the catalyst) and cheats the loyal childhood friend out of her deserved victory (like Takaii thinks) – plus the manga purists who accept no changes.

      What does everyone else think?

      PS. I think Seo’s regret at writing out Fuuka in the manga is reflected in some of the later chapters, which IMO are rather silly.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I don’t mind major changes to a storyline as long as they execute it properly. Sure, seeing a utterly faithful adpatation get played out can be exciting.

        As you said, the melodrama and forced twists get old. For some reason I still follow it but it takes the approach of the story getting fueled by stupid things the characters do instead of riding off of characters acting human and intelligent.

      2. I kind of wish they followed the manga.

        This episode looks like it went back to what happened after Yuu was able to recover after Fuuka’s death in the manga so maybe they will leave the ending open ended or maybe Fuuka comes back and it will just end with them back together in a band.

        If they leave it open tho and they try to do another season or something then her not dying will change a big part of the next arc that would happen. There is also no way you could just go into the manga where the anime leaves off so you’d have to start over on that side to.

        I think they could of still had her die in the episode that she didn’t and still made it to a part that left off with a cliffhanger for a second season or for ppl to just follow the manga without changing the main plot of the manga. Don’t want to get into spoilers but I would of liked that better than the way they changed it. I’m so used to getting one season of an anime then having to go read the manga and since I’ve read this one already seeing it faithfully adapted into an anime would of been nice without changing what happens.

      3. Honestly, as much as I love this series, I don’t think it will get a 2nd season. It’s great, but it seems that shows like this don’t really get a second season. Though with the announcement that Sangatsu no Lion is getting one, who knows. That being said, what makes that have a second season while Fuuka does not?

      4. I liked Aoi Fuuka. And for Sakura, as a short character, I liked her as well. In a way, I can understand why she did what she did, but it’s like what Itachi said. Imitating others isn’t bad, but it’s not really a way to truly know yourself.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Fuuka/Fuuka%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2037.jpg
    There’s a familiar face. She looks younger than most mothers. What is her secret.

    Noooo, Keychain-sama’s sacrifice was in vain! His death was supposed to signal the end of the Fuuka ship.

    Anyway, sad the dude broke his childhood promise, but breaking the poor girl’s heart seems so forced. They were so in to each other the previous episodes but now it went downhill

  3. Repeat after me: I will not break up with the incredibly hot/famous childhood friend, I will not break up with the incredibly hot/famous childhood friend, I will not break up with the incredibly hot/famous childhood friend…

    1. I will not break up with the incredibly hot/famous childhood friend, I will not break up with the incredibly hot/famous childhood friend, I will not break up with the incredibly hot/famous childhood friend…

      Velvet Scarlantina
    2. 美しき勇名の幼馴染は俺を絶対に分かれない、美しき勇名の幼馴染は俺を絶対に分かれない、美しき勇名の幼馴染は俺をゼッタイに分かれない。。。
      (Utsukushiki yuumei no osananajimi wa ore wo zettai ni wakarenai, utsukushiki yuumei no osananajimi wa ore wo zettai ni wakarenai, utsukushiki yuumei no osananajimi wa ore wo ZETTAI ni wakarenai!!!)

      (Mou iya da!!! Kaonojo hoshiin da yo!!!)

      (Seo Kouji me!!! Ii romansu neta tte chanto ni tsukuren no ka yo!? Kusottare ga!!!)

      Nishizawa Mihashi
  4. Are FREAKING kidding me!!!?? That felt so forced and out of place! Yuu just broke the heart of the idela girl he wast so in love a moment ago and just wnet of the other one! I feels like the wirters are trying to throw Fuuka in our faces just for the sake of it, no matter if it makes sense for the characters or not. Poor, poor Koyuki!.

    1. IKR!!!!!!!! I can accept things if the anime is trying to go for a “harem route” but I will be so disappointed if this will really end with Yuu breaking Koyuki’s heart and going all the way with Fuuka

      1. I still have a little hope but is very difficult for Yuu and koyuki to get back togueter in just one episode when the writters are forcing a Fuuka ending us no matter how it is for us and the characters.

  5. Fuck this shit. If they wanted to fuck us like they did with Suzuka (the relationship thing there), then why the hell did Yuu and Koyuki became a couple in the first place? I’m sick of this shit.

    Syaoran Li
    1. I get what you mean and feel, I was on a rage so many years ago when the dram went to the roof with the triangle of Yamato-Honoka-Suzuka but the thing is, Yamato truly was in love with Suzuka from the start, he forced himself to go for poor Honoka just to forget about her and of course everything went to hell in a hand backest. Here, Yuu and Koyuki had feelings for each other since they were kids, they have many stuggles to finally be together and the guy has zero chemistry or development with Fuuka but all of the sudden he says he likes her and Koyuki just gives up when that´s nowhere bear her personality or feelings; we were thown a big mess on the face and of course we are on a rage here!.

  6. It is settled then. The primary reason the Final Fantasy VII remake is gonna be a lot better than the original and revolutionary in its story telling is that it will the first story out of Japan that will actually break the mold of the ever losing childhood friend complex, by giving the player the option to choose between Tifa and Aerith as the love interest. Can’t you see? All this time Japan has been conspiring against us to lead up to this, including this horrible development that broke Koyuki’s heart XD

    Joking aside, oh man, this is a mess. I’d hoped the anime would take a different route after the rather radical route the manga took, but this is how it turned out? Either Seo is rolling in his new grave, or he’s the one behind this development and is out to troll us some more. Sigh.

    1. One, the dude’s still alive. AND TWO, He WAS behind this insane fuckfest… And the staff that led him on to doing things this way were fucking guilty as charged. Anime News Network has the whole scoop on it.

      It’s all here people, it’s AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL here…

      Nishizawa Mihashi
      1. What gets to me is that the anime made itself out to be going down a different route than the manga- only to force the same developments as the manga in a shorter amount of time. What a waste of a chance to actually do something different from the manga :/

    2. @yoloalchemist Aa sou desu ka, hontou ni sumimasen _:(´□`」 ∠):_

      @Doro It would’ve been alright if that really was the case but from what we’ve seen, it’s like “Yo hey Fuuka, how bout we hook up no?” just like that- outta nowhere. Then suddenly just like that he abandons Fuuka and goes straight for osananajimi, then suddenly break up again STILL outta nowhere. You’d think Seo would sincerely want and put effort into a Fuuka route given recent interviews, slowly progressing the attraction and courting phase but NOOOOOOOOOO… It’s not even bad writing through linguistic incapability anymore, it’s just BAD LOGIC– PERIOD.


      Nishizawa Mihashi
  7. As I said on animesuki, this episode went down the path I was afraid it would go…things just felt so forced almost the entire way through JUST to set things up to allow Fuuka to come back into the center as the namesake heroine. It doesn’t even feel like she’ll have to answer for her selfish decision to just ditch the band over her unrequited crush on Yuu and the others will just welcome her back with open arms and thus Fuuka will simply be handed her happy ending overall rather than having actually earned it, thus it won’t feel satisfying.

    Koyuki’s actions felt like they were done this way just to get Yuu to reject her and her attitude – the way she just so easily gave up and let him go – was nothing like what was established before. She was someone who was determined to fight for Yuu’s attention and feelings and not let Fuuka just snatch him out from under her, and she even jeopardized her idol career without hesitation in order to essentially confess to him. There was actual chemistry between them, they actually developed and grew closer through their interactions, and so on.

    And ever since those couple of times from earlier in the series (the beach, again very forced, and “date”), it’s not like Fuuka ever truly made any real attempts to try to win Yuu over for herself romantically, so it only makes things appear even more forced. That’s largely my problem with the sudden shift – the lack of mutual development between Yuu and Fuuka compared to Yuu and Koyuki.

    If this series was two cour, I MIGHT be able to buy what happened IF they actually took the time to develop things properly afterwards, but at one cour, and doing it so late rather than back at episode six or something, they’re clearly having to rush and force things to happen to get a “proper” ending.

  8. well yeah.. fuck this… yuu just dumped koyuki just for a blue haired kid who bitches and abandoned the band just because the guy she likes (heh? really i dont feel it in the last couple of episodes) prefers another girl. duh lame. manga is better. because Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Kind of feel bad that I will be dropping this on the second to last episode. I came into this knowing it was going to be a load of kek and worst girl would win, just like Seo’s other works. But I decided to watch it anyways. Surprise surprise Yuu decided that all of his years of mutual feelings were somehow fake and he wants to throw it in the trash. GomiYuu.

      Ned Fletcher
  9. I think I’ve become numb. After hearing people complain about the episode (And in some cases drop the series with one episode left… that mindset always confused me) my response was “Yup. Just as dumb as ever.”

    1. I don’t blame him so much as I do the creators for going back and changing stuff. But regardless, if things stayed the way it did, would it be more impactful? Just thinking about it here as an anime viewer who knows abbsolutely nothing about the manga.

  10. I’m usually more understanding about these things, and let’s be honest we all knew it was gonna go that direction, but that really just felt so forced. Not just the thing with Koyuki (which didn’t make much sense) but even with the band itself.

    I know many people complain about what happened in the manga, but to be perfectly honest. The turn out of events there leading up to the creation of the song “For You” felt so much more natural and more meaningful than what we got here.

    Sadly disappointing

  11. Opinions of the anime aside, what do you all think of the music? Since the manga puts a great emphasis on the music, do you think the anime did a great job with the music? Do the songs seem meaningful? Are they songs that you can listen to everyday without getting tired of them?

    1. I’m not gonna listen every day, but in general I think the music is one thing this anime got right. I’m glad the rock bands actually play rock music, and the vocal performances are good.

      1. Yeah, Lynn does a great job singing “The Town where the Stars Fall”, or whatever the correct title is. Listening to it really made me feel like I was at an outdoor concert at night with the stars shining down.

  12. So after last week’s ep I decided to finally start reading the manga and found it pretty damn good.

    Coming into this ep I was somewhat excited & curios thinking that if they were going anime original for last few eps, they might as well go down the Koyuki path since everything was all set-up for them, the spark & a few passionate moments were there, they just needed to make it official that they’re going out. That way we would’ve gotten to have both the Fuuka manga & the anime that goes down a different route but’s done well regardless.

    So much for that, the staff just got lazy at the end. The breakthrough in the band and reunion happened in the same episode and it feels awful. There’s no time to let it sink in. Furthermore, the spark & a few passionate moments between Yuu & Koyuki were there in the anime, and not as many with Fuuka in comparison. If you’re gonna do that, then go with the girl you’ve build up the romance with so it comes off as naturally as possible. Could’ve turned out okay even if it deviated from the source material.

    Manly Tear
    1. Just started reading the manga this weekend as well. And gotta say, surprised they snuffed her out that quickly. Like, around chapter 35, and the manga is now around chapter 150. Like, what is it even about now? How does it have her name when the MC died in the first 3rd of the series. Weird.

      1. @seltzermx
        IKR. Someone, somewhere in the beautiful nation of Japan, and sometime in the near future would have to gather the balls to say
        “You know what? F*** this shit. Why must the childhood friend with sincere feelings towards the protagonist always lose? Just to break the mold, imma write a new manga in which the childhood friend finally triumphs, CUZ I CAN, AND F*** anyone who says No, this trope is sacred and should never be defiled”.

        I mean seriously, this trope is getting tiring and is too predictable.

      2. So, I kept reading and this manga has basically turned into “Beck” at this point. Wonder if that was the original intent, or if sales were don and they decided to kill off the original Fuuka and pivot in that direction.

      3. @seltzermx
        I wouldn’t be sure about anything. And I’m not such a Seo expert myself, as this is his first story that I got to read and watch. But if what some other people say about the guy is correct, he’s basically what you’d describe as a troll, as he also did this sort of radical move with his other manga series (not exactly killing off a main character, but something else that can also be considered radical and out of nowhere). Maybe it’s his personal touch of being unpredictable, but I think some people tend to be unhappy about it. It certainly didn’t make any sense to me that he’d just do this in Fuuka. So if any of that is correct, chances are he killed off Fuuka in the manga… cuz why the f*** not!

        So yeah, if I’m not wrong, weird guy, and not in a good way.

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