「年末年始!(コミケネタありません)」 (Nenmatsunenshi! (Comikeneta Arimasen))
“Year End, New Year! (No Comiket Bit This Time)”

As much as I liked this week’s episode, I’m actually super hyped for next week’s. But if anything, this week’s episode setup everything for next week.


If there was one thing that I could never really relate to (until recently), it was people purchasing additional things to manage the temperature of either themselves or the room they were in. Be it a heater (or kotatsu) in the winter or fans in the summer, I never realized just how comfy of a life I lived with parents who believed using the appliances built into the home to keep the temperature within the perfect range. With those days gone and over with though, I’ve realized just how amazing certain devices can be when the temperature just won’t play nicely. So, even though the whole idea of owning a kotatsu and the laziness typically associated with it is so overused that I’d typically have nothing to say about them, I must say that watching one in action this week filled me with a lot of happiness. Or rather, a sense of shared happiness thinking about just how warm and toasty everyone who sat underneath it felt.

Coming Together

While the series missed New Years by about three months, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching Kobayashi, Tooru, and Kanna do almost nothing as they spent their New Year holiday with one another. But honestly, that’s probably one of the biggest strengths of this show — accentuating just about every single moment with an overabundance of minute details that make just sitting under a kotatsu an adventure in itself. Without going too deep I think what made all of the kotatsu shenanigans fit together were a combination of amazing facial expressions, creative angles, and creatively showing us some of the struggles that come with being stuck in a kotatsu.

Friendship Building

Besides all the New Year fun, I really enjoyed getting to see the entire cast even though it was only for a tiny part of the episode. Specifically, it was nice to finally see an extra soft Fafnir. Instead of rocking his trademark glare, it was pretty nice seeing him lighten up and interact a lot more than usual.

Looking Ahead

After a rather relaxing episode that didn’t have much happen, I can barely contain my excitement for next week’s episode. The focus of next week’s episode covers some of my favorite chapters from the manga and I’m so excited to see it animated. Anyways, I’ll catch you then. See you!




    1. If you were to graph my mood over time relative to Anime seasons, my mood slowly trends upward as each Anime I watch reaches its respective season finale. Then my mood will sharply decline into a negative region the moment the last episode of the Anime season finishes. For one or two weeks, I experience Anime withdrawal syndrome as my dosage of Anime drops to a minimum. I’m occasionally saved by the few 2-cour Animes between seasons or by a few series I saved up during the season. My mood then picks back up as I receive a fresh injection of new Animes in the next season. Rinse and repeat.

      I know Maid Dragon will hit hard at the end of the last episode (being one of my top favorites this season), but such is the life of an Anime junkie. I regret nothing.

    1. as far as i know, it will run for 12 episodes only. but well, since the manga is ongoing we can expect a season 2 (there’s good demand of more kanna yah know?) should the anime merchandise (DVDs BDs and related) sell well.

  1. With the season coming to an end within the next couple weeks, I really can’t decide between this, Demi-chan, or Konosuba 2 as my favorite series of the season…

    1. Last of forever most likely. They didn’t introduce a character that’s appeared in the manga by now and also rearranged some events in the original manga. I honestly don’t see it having much of a chance of getting a season 2.

      1. @TitanAnteus: Can’t say for sure whether this gets a second season or not (I’d like one and it seems to be well received, but who knows). However, disagree with your reasoning here. First of all, the chapter order isn’t super important to this series. To some extent it matters, but you can move things around without a problem, and the show didn’t do anything prohibitive in that regard.

        Second, my guess is that they didn’t want to introduce the new character due to time. It might have been possible – we got two anime-only episodes, but also could very well be rushed, especially at the end where it may not be the best idea to introduce a new character. In fact, I think one could argue that the producers might be saving such material for a second season. Even if a second season is green-lighted, it won’t be for a while due to lack of source material.

  2. Ah, that “While you’re up…” moment (when Kobayashi got up to go to the bathroom, and the others immediately started asking her to do stuff) was too perfect. That’s been a minor meme among my friends for many years.

    That bit at the end, though, where it flashed back to the lottery prize marble rolling out, after Kobayashi made the shot with the orange peel… What exactly is that supposed to mean? It seemed like they were implying that Kobayashi realized/remembered something significant, but it didn’t really make any sense.

      1. Eh, I dunno. Tohru promised not to use her magic. Plus, her interest in the raffle game was the hot springs trip, which she didn’t get, which sort of invalidates the idea that she influenced it.

    1. Around the 17th minute of the show, Kobayashi-san failed to land her orange peels twice into the bin, and near the end credits she finally got it in on her third try. I guess this correlates to how Tohru won the lottery on her third try as well. Never give up. =)

  3. Ginobi47
    1. In addition to seeing more of Tohru’s history, we’re apparently getting an elaborate scenes of how Kobayashi and Tohru met, which explains why it was glossed over so quickly in Episode 1.

  4. Late to comment, but my thoughts FWIW. Honestly, this was an “OK” episode, and to be perfectly honest, kind of “just there for me”. Not one “LOL” worthy moment or perhaps even “chuckle” worthy for that matter. I suppose “quiet” and “reflective” are a positive way to look at it, but meh. Lot of retread here, and while I can understand (per reply above) that they may not want to introduce a new character as this point, there still is source material they could use. I got a bit trolled early on because there’s an onsen chapter in the manga and figured for sure Tooru would win 1st prize but nope.

    I’m NOT saying it was a bad episode, but personally this was the least entertaining one so far for me. Kotatsu episode… check. New Year’s shrine visit… check. Anime staples. *shrugs* I’ll give credit that the overall tone fit the series, but that’s about it. Too “filler-ish” for my taste and if you’re gong anime only, how about some Elma stuff? She’s been underused in the anime IMO. Just relegated to “likes to eat” role anymore. Meh, again.

    Next episode (which I assume is the last) is back to the source and I agree with Takaii that it should be good stuff.

  5. I seriously question KyoAni’s pacing and storytelling decisions on this series, brought upon possibly because they only got this for 12 episodes and didn’t want to start another large story. How come we didn’t get an onsen episode from the manga? Why reserve about a fifth of this show for filler material? Why cut out an important character? Why introduce an entertaining character like Elma so late!? Why will they (apparently) cram so much into the last episode!? I really wish Elma had more stuff to do because she’s adorable and charming. I worry she’ll get too fat if she eats so much! 🙁


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