「知性と感性」 (Chisei to Kansei)
“Sense and Sensibility”

Diana did come off as sympathetic during the last episode when she had to choose between going to school and becoming her family’s leader, but it was very heart-warming to see her start to slowly accept her yay once more. She was absolutely cute this time around with Akko cheering her up, and helping her try to reach the shrine in time for the ritual. It was a relief to see such a different side to Diana where she is opening up to following her heart as Akko does rather than try to endure the heavy expectations given to her only for her hard work to be undone by Daryl selling off all their possessions. There was also a good in-between for the resolution with Diana able to return to the academy, and save the chase to head the household for a later time. That way, it gives Diana room to grow more accustomed to taking on a more passionate, less cynical outlook on building on her repertoire.

Another treat this time around was how Andrew and Akko are starting to understand each other. Andrew was supportive of Akko during her push to get to Diana and let her know about Diana’s past, but at the same time called her out on how Akko had been thinking more about her feelings than Diana’s when she repeats how she wants to take Diana back to the academy. Although Akko has Diana’s passion for leaving nothing unfinished in mind, the self-reflection that Andrew presents to Akko while they’re talking does give her a perspective on how Diana might be thinking of all of this. That way, when Akko heard from Diana about how important it was for her to preserve the Cavendish family’s lineage, she was more receptive to her feelings and encouraged Diana to chase after her goals even if it goes against Akko’s desire to have her back at the academy. It shows that despite still retaining their drive and mind-set, Diana, Akko, and Andrew are accepting of growth and maturity as they become fonder of each other.

I just wish they didn’t hastily introduce the fact that Diana temporarily lost her magical ability when she was a kid. This is important information, and it could’ve given Diana a chance to empathize a little bit with Akko’s magical deficiencies. We could’ve even been able to understand the internal dialogue Diana must have had where she would be going back and forth between being ashamed of seeing herself in Akko’s inadequacies, and envying the resolve that has made Akko coast through her obstacles at such a quick pace. Even though they don’t have to spell everything out, I think they payoff for seeing Diana praise Akko would’ve been sweeter if it let Diana open up about these feelings. I suppose there are enough episodes for this to come out at a later time, so I’m not too bothered by it. For now, I am content with seeing how much Diana and Akko bonded in this episode.


  1. Wait… why did Diana temp lost her magic abilities as a kid? Trauma from her mom’s death?

    I’m more charmed by the triangular relationship between Andrew, Akko, and Diana. There’s no triangular love shit, no jealousy. They’re just really at-ease with each other, and I like that.

    1. Yeah, they dropped that bomb way too late in the series with Diana’s temporary magic loss. I’d imagine it might have to do with her mother dying around the same time, but there could be some hereditary reason where the Cavendish family could have some affliction.

      I like how naturally progressing the relationship is without the bells and whistles of drama or a love triangle dynamic. It seems surprisingly subdued in that even with such passionate characters, they are on a casual, friendly basis.

  2. I love Akko actually using magic for offensive power by polymorphing to squish snake, Akko getting closer to being dangerous as polymorphing can go far. I guess almost dying actually got through to Diana’s aunt we might have a behavior change as Diana’s aunt did get raised by the same person Diana’s mother was raised by I am assuming. I guess the change of heart by the dramatic event has been panned so much that it rarely happens in stories anymore. Yes, a change for the better every time is not real, but neither is the modern evil never changes view.

    This was such an uplifting episode with such wondrous emotions coming from Diana.

    If Diana did not gain power over the estate by the founder appearing I am waiting for what Diana has gained from her.

  3. I’m glad the ritual doesn’t care about its own rules that it sets up for itself. It doesn’t allow non-Cavendish blood in there, but…Akko walks in fine. Daryl gets away with tying Diana up with a snake, which doesn’t count as interfering then, stating her intentions as she does it, but when Daryl starts to get zappy, THEN it decides to step in. And for an almighty ritual to punish those who interfere by having a tree devour them, you can just dispel it…so yeah, most of the ritual in that regard was terrible.

    Also, I could almost see it as being endearing that Akko supports Diana in wanting her to become the new head. But it takes her seeing a flashback and hearing it’s Diana’s dream to fulfill protecting her heritage that changes Akko’s mind. Not Akko clearly seeing Daryl is selling possessions and Diana affirms that she wants to protect that from last episode, which is legitimate on its own merits, only hearing it’s Diana’s dream to do so does she change her mind. With a different approach, I wouldn’t have minded, but the way they portray as is just makes Akko look bad with her still being selfish until she has things spelled out for her. A state she shouldn’t still be in this late into the series.

    I’m glad Diana made some slight character progression and got to be extra emotive, but Akko feels like a stagnant character that I’ve excused for myself a few times, but now I’m tired of seeing her have this behavior for so long and never showing progression unless the story calls for it for a motivational spark. I’m looking for a huge change in that. Or an extra boost of Constanze, that’d be fine, as well.

    Fuwa Fuwa

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