「たとえ未来が見えなくても -moonlit sorcery-」 (Tatoemirai ga Menakutemo -moonlit sorcery-)
“Even if the Future Can’t be Seen -moonlit sorcery-“

Hands down this was the sadest episode of the series yet.

General Impressions

Boy, was I not ready for this week’s episode. Seeing how we’ve been lead to believe that Ctholly is actually doing okay and will experience some sort of huge change once the “soul” in her body finishes its hostile takeover, who would have thought the show runners would have been conniving enough to toss that all aside and literally start axe kicking my heart right from the get go? A tactic so effective in ripping the feels from my chest that I clearly remember having to pause multiple times before the first half finished to clear my eyes up so that I could keep watching.

If I were to point out the moment things really clicked though, I think it was the moment Ithea revealed to us that the girl we know as Ithea isn’t the original. Besides answering the question of what happens to Ctholly if everything goes terribly and the soul inside of her takes over, there was this huge sense of dread as my mind connected the dots of what awaits Ctholly. Throw in that stupidly effective piano and humming track that comes on when you know things are about to get real and I’d like you to tell me how in the world you’d manage to fight off all those emotions instead of just letting it all out. But as if that wasn’t enough, you had Ctholly trying her best to fight back the tears as she pushed forward trying to do everything she could to ignore the terrible and unfair future waiting for her. Be it watching over the young ones or putting up laundry, every single action had such a weight behind it that you could genuinely feel the sadness behind every single act. A sadness that never managed to go away even by the time the episode came to a close.

Honestly, I don’t think I can go on anymore before I start making myself get all worked up again. In terms of the story things moved barely an inch, but when it comes to my emotional investment to the show and its characters, I don’t think I have anything left to give it. Overall, I would give this episode a definite thumbs up even though all it did was set things up for a spectacular finish no matter where the story decides to take things.

In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week where I’ll hopefully have some more tears to shed. Also, I know the post might be a little on the emotional side, but I don’t think there’ s a viewer out there who could deny that this was just an episode completely full of feels.




  1. Starting from episode 8 it’s getting harder for me to watch this series. Ctholly in that beautiful dress wowed me. I can imagine how fun and happy her future can be, just to realize that her fate is sealed. </3

    1. For now nothing is decided, considering some scenes from the opening and ending as a hint there is still plenty of hope that Ctholly and Willhem will get their happy ending.

  2. Ithea or whoever she is, such a good kid.
    I don’t think she’s too much different from the real one, but I do wonder which parts of her are the real persona. Seems quite happy being able to faithfully recreate the old Ithea too.

    Ctholly’s situation is actually much worse than dementia. She’s not just losing her memory, she’s losing her self. Not sure what would be a lot more scarier.

    Thinking about it more, these leprechauns are truly tragic. They have an option of either blowing up in a blaze of glory or slowly disappearing from existence. We really haven’t seen any older leprechauns have we? It doesn’t look like they have any good future options.

      1. Only Senorious works like that (Ctholly’s sword), the rest of the Regal Braves and Dug Weapons work as the fairies, the least yu wish for life the better the sword works. This makes Laila an interesting case, because as the most powerful of the Regal Braves and wielder of Senorios she must have been the most tragic human on the planet but you always see her smiling.

  3. This show really nails it when it comes to poignant moments. Everything Ctholly does this episode is beautiful, yet tragic. Pushing herself to “live in the moment”, and not dread over what will happen in the future, that emotional maturity really shows how much she’s grown throughout the series from meeting the TO, and not to mention Ithea’s confession about her memories. I imagine it’s similar to how those with terminal illnesses in real life do their best to cope and enjoy the time they have left. It’s heartbreaking to think of such things, but I appreciate that this anime can portray those feelings so well. You know it’s only going to get more tragic later, but I wouldn’t have it any other way at this point. I do hope there’s some light at the end of the tunnel though!

    1. Willhem is puting his hopes in that Magical Sword in the surface to save his beloved Ctholly but if you ask me I think she will be saved by other means, the sword looks like the easy route and sure as hell this sotry is not about the easy path to happiness. Praying real hard for a happy ending for those two, they sure have earn their happy ending by now.

  4. Yes, rewatching episode one was a mistake. First the opening sequence. Then Scarborough Fair a new version by a Tamaru Yamada a Japanise singer who has wonderful English, then the link to the other song she sang which is also very touching and in this anime. Looked up the history of Scarborough Fair and found out it an English folk song with a huge number of versions and names who’s first recorded version was in 1650 and the style of the song is one popular in Middle English 1100-1500. The song often a duet between a man and a woman always had the singer asking for impossible deeds like a shirt with no seams to gain their love. Thus this asking the impossible love tragically melds with this story in a very sentimental way. And to me, the huge age of the song really hits the heart in that it is a timeless topic.

  5. This story is a complete amaster at mixing sadness, tragedy, happiness and love. After watching this episode I rewatch the first episode´s prologue to confirm Ithea´s words and she might have been joking around at the time but without a doubt Ctholly´s love for Willhem is what is keeping her from falling apart and made her fight so hard against the mental disentigration, as she said: he was the first to show her love, compassion, understanding, hell she even pulled a miracle to return to him!. This is a story about two fools so broken by fate than they had nothing to live for until they found each other, it might sound cheessy but it indeed the only way to describe our heroes here.

    P.S.: You know Willhem my boy? That moment where you saw Ctholly in that gorgeous wedding like dress? That was the mement you aske her to marry you!!!!. Well the tttle of next week´s episode makes me think he´s finally, finally going to ask the big question and Ctholly´s words from the prologue of episode 1 confirm that Willhem did indeed told her he loves her directly and aske her to marry him, that´s something!.

  6. Oh most certainly he will, why she will be the happiest woman or Witch-Fairy on Regul Aires! Mostlikely his military allies and everyone else around him too.

    Eric Brian Brewster

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