「轟VS爆豪」 (Todoroki VS Bakugo)
“Todoroki vs. Bakugo”

If we could harness the power of Bakugo’s rage, we could power our civilization for millennia to come.

The Todoroki vs Bakugo fight was disappointing, in a highly compelling way. Disappointing because, after Bakugo vs Uraraka and Todoroki vs Izuku, it was over too quickly and without a ton of flash, bang, or sizzle. Compelling, though, because what happened speaks volumes about Shouto, Katsuki, and even Izuku, in ways that will directly propel their stories going forward.

Katsuki is the one that most interests me. It’s impressive how Horikoshi-sensei built up to Katsuki’s explosion over Shouto not using his flames, and not even wanting to win the damn medal if he couldn’t beat the best opponent fighting at their best. From Shouto’s declaration to Izuku through every event up until now, he was always striving in that berserker way that so typifies Katsuki—though what I most like is the moment he barged into the wrong waiting room, and admitted his mistake. That, along with how Katsuki was saying nearly the same thing to Shouto as Izuku did before, though for different reasons, show why he isn’t a lost cause. Dude has some anger problems, natch, but he isn’t a villain, and as long as all that rage is channeled to good ends, he can remain a force for good in the world. If his pride doesn’t crush him first.

Though, saying Katsuki has some anger problems might be the understatement of the century. His face is amazing. Moving on!

Going into this episode, I never expected the second half to all be about family, though I’m happy it was. Tenya and his older brother—oof. That one hit hard. To see one’s personal hero, and older brother to boot, laid up like that is bound to shake him to the core. Then there was Shouto and his mother, his starting line—the person he must save to truly start on his hero journey, just as his father is the villain he must defeat. We couldn’t have had the great Bakugo vs Todoroki fight we all wanted to see without sacrificing this scene. That fight can wait; this was needed now.

All of which was juxtaposed by Ochako’s parents coming to visit, and aren’t they just the greatest! Them + Izuku’s mom talking about how she kept losing consciousness (occasionally from dehydration, hah!) after finding out that he has a quirk now were just PRECIOUS! It’s like the old quote: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” They might not be as compellingly fractured as Shouto’s families, but sometimes it’s nice to see some kids in fiction have a healthy home-life.

Then there’s Katsuki, getting after those damn germs. Hah! That kid is an idiot. An angry, angry idiot.

Going forward, Izuku’s quest will be to obtain the part of the All Might package he’s been missing: the smile. He’s got the strength, now he just needs to use it in a way that doesn’t make others worry. That’s good, because he can only keep breaking his body in school functions so many times before it feels like the administrators are being negligent. New challenge accepted!

Random thoughts:

  • What’s wrong with your eeeeeye.

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  1. I personally wanted Shouto to make Katsuki lose just to spite him, and in a way, he delivered. Now that’s priceless LOL

    Other than that though, I could understand why he wouldn’t go all out the same way he did against Izuku. He was confused. Very confused. That short-lived moment in which he’d forgotten about his father was too short-lived, and now instead of being concerned about only his father, I think the wall in his mind came crashing down to make him concerned about not only his father, but also about what this new found resolve and path could mean for his mother and, more importantly, himself going forward. He needs to settle it all. He needs to find a way, an idea, an anchor to make his new path make sense. And he needs to make his peace with it and, when he’s ready and sure of himself, embrace it. Because he knows there is no going back from it now. And the more I think about it, the more I realize his winning the final match wouldn’t truly serve to that end.

    His mother is where his ‘new starting line’ begins. I find it heartwarming that he never held ill will against her for what she did. I want to know how she is now, what she thinks of her son now. Speaking of, I know Shouto would be pissed at me for saying this, but good god, his mother is pretty.

    This was an all-around very satisfying conclusion for the tournament arc. The family theme was a nice touch to end it. Now onto the Stain arc!

  2. Does anyone else notice that the entire screen will go dark and murky during action sequences in this show? It doesn’t always happen, but when it does it’s really distracting. Screen cap #4 is a good example.

    1. Yes, this has been going for many years now, and the answer is…Pokemon.

      Namely, the Porygon episode that caused many children to suffer from seizures, due to the flashing light/color effects from the fight between Pikachu & Porygon (which also caused that Porygon was never featured in the anime again).

      So new Anime TV guidelines were put in place to prevent this from happening again, so scenes that feature similar light/color effects are darkened intentionally by the studios (the majority being shounen fight scenes), just to be on the safe side.

      This end up being corrected in the DVD/Bluray, since those are not subjected to the same guidelines from the TV version.

      Dr. Midnight
    2. Anime in Japan has to be dimmed down at very intense, flashy, and bright moments, because they changed their standards once children began getting seizures from watching an infamous moment in the Pokemon anime. You now see it in literally every single anime.

  3. Ha ha so in this universe, a person can actually has more than one quirk.
    We have Midoriya family’s tear burst, Ochako’s shooting eyeballs and Bakugou’s super pissed-off eyes.
    Hmm.. why dpes it has to be all about eyes?

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia%20-%2025%20-%2025.jpg
    Todoroki’s older sister is nice! I wonder what the family dynamics are in that household. Does Endeavor actually care for his other children? With Shoto’s mother gone, who is taking care of the other children?

    No Grape-kun image this week because Bakugo stole the show!

    There’s a toothpaste sponsor in Kaachan’s future…”Exploding Cleanliness!”

  5. Kaachan a recovering bully is a very interesting person. The last study I saw on school bullies is overall society would be better off putting all of them down as the strong majority never stop being a negative effect. As a victim, I have a problem with bullies but I like society should try to judge each person independently and a minority of bullies do become somewhat decent people at a minimum. Kaachan seems to be working towards in a very awkward way becoming not only decent person but a real hero. Grouches are allowed to be decent people as they demonstrate over time to all that there is a heart under the bluster. From what we have seen Kaachan was not a all in bully in the past actually letting Izuku hang out with the gang, a true bully would never let a tag along go with them and many bullies are loners. The bullying problem is actually much larger than the number of actual bullies in that otherwise normal people occasionally do it especially to enforce group norms. Kaachan does have a major anger problem but he seems to be trying to direct it to productive uses. And Kaachan’s bullying has mostly transformed to a warrior code where he gives everyone not just victims insults until they prove themselves. I love that this show is showing people who have traits and personalities that easily go to evil, fight society and themselves instead to be heroes.

    As far as I can infer Endeavor has mostly ignored his failures in breeding, giving them the decent treatment physically that his family and society expect him too and luckily for the kids not having much to do with them. Love maybe a little who knows when other traits over ride love.

  6. I felt a bit let down, halfway through the tournament, mainly due to the express delivery of every other fight since Midoriya’s defeat… An anime like this, could have earned its place in eternity if it had delivered an amazing tournament ark, and in a lot of ways it did, right until our MC was out. After that, we still had good episodes, but having had a taste of awesomeness the rest felt lacklustre… Good anime, despite that.

    1. You see, I disagree completely. It’s not that it didn’t deliver, it’s that it didn’t deliver what most of us went in thinking it would deliver. It prized character over spectacle, and if we could have both, that would be great! But in this case, I think spectacle would have largely gotten in the way, particularly in this last battle.

      Will I think of the ending as often as I will some of those other battles? Probably not. But its repercussions are setting up something even more amazing down the line. Sometimes you’ve gotta tee up for a bigger moment down the line.

      1. There’s the thing, I don’t think they had the need to sacrifice one to attain the other. Midoriya’s fight against Todoroki was both awesome and full of character development, even paving the ground ahead for things to come (the issue of Midoriya’s kamikaze antics were addressed perfectly as a result in the aftermath; not to mention the issue of Todoroki’s self acceptance). Apparently this is not anime particular, it was the creator’s original idea since the start, which may pay in the future.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think that Boku no Hero is one of the best animes of the kind in years, it’s just that I believe that it could have reached the Olympus of great shounnen, standing proudly beside earlier Naruto. If we think back to that, we realise that it’s quite possible to deliver amazing fights and character growth at once.

      2. Is it possible to do it? Sure, certainly. HeroAca has done it before.

        Would it have been possible to do it with these character arcs? No. Not Shouto’s certainly, and not Katsuki’s either. And if that’s where Horikoshi-sensei thinks the characters must go, I wanna see what that entails. It might be something different than we’ve seen before.

  7. I can also understand Katsuki’s frustration. Even though he was declared the winner and “the top”, because of Shouto not being able to put everything he had into the match because of his confusion, there will always be whispers about whether Katsuki “truly” is the winner; a lot of talk of “what ifs” and such, especially given how strong Shouto showed he could be against Isuzku.


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