「ヒーロー殺し ステインvs雄英生徒」 (Hiirou Goroshi Sutein vs U.A. Seito)
“Hero Killer: Stain vs U.A. Students”

Izuku’s kindness will reverberate throughout the world.

Boku no Hero Academia is a masterclass in showing your work, and doing it without killing the pacing. From when Izuku first heard that Tenya was missing, to his thought process for finding him, to why Shouto showed up, everything is thought through. Everything is explained. All the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed. And it doesn’t kill the pace because, while it might occasionally verge on explaining too much of what most viewers have probably figured out, it never belittles us. It shows us why everything is happening and why people make the decisions they do, but it still trusts us. And the results are fantastic.

Of course we’re meant to juxtapose Tenya’s reasons for hunting Stain with Izuku’s motivation, Shouto’s motivation, and even Stain’s words. That’s what makes it so crushing—Stain isn’t wrong. Iida’s hunt for revenge is a personal quest, and it belittles the motivations of real heroes. Everything about Stain is still horrible, he’s still a serial killer who needs to be defeated and arrested with extreme prejudice, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. It’s all there for us to see, and we see it. That doesn’t matter, though. What matters is whether Tenya sees it—whether he can see it, past his grief and rage. That’s what this arc is building toward.

Seeing Izuku fight Stain, despite his fear—that’s a hero. Seeing Shouta calmly and confidently come to the rescue, a true professional beyond his age—that’s a hero. The whole battle was thrilling, stunning, and it was enhanced by Stain, who is not fucking around. Stain is willing to spill the beans on his quirk once Izuku got close, and even then he could not be stopped. The combat alone is enough to make this episode an instant classic.

What brings it a step above even that is the callback. Shouto is calm and confident, able to reconcile with his mother and use his father to become the hero he wishes to become, all because of one thing: Izuku. Shouto could have easily been the main protagonist in another story, but the heart of this series will always be Izuku, and it’s Izuku’s words during the sports festival that spurred on this change in Shouto. The effects of Izuku’s kindness back then, his willingness to go above and beyond, to lessen his chances of winning to help his friend and make him a better hero, will reverberate far beyond Shouto, farther than even the innocent people who the better Shouto will save. Shouto was only able to help kick some reason back into Tenya this episode because of what Izuku did before. Kindness begets kindness, and Izuku’s kindness will remake the world.

The League of Villains is awful, the Nomus are frightening, and Stain is utterly terrifying, but with people like Izuku, Shouto, and soon (once again) Tenya, this is still a world I want to live in. Deku won’t need to be a symbol like All Might was. Not when his contemporaries are going to be so much better, in part because of what he will do.

Damn I love this show. I love it more than I can express. I can’t wait to see the end of this arc, and the others beyond.

Random thoughts:

  • We don’t need the nameplates at this point gaiz, jeez. And be careful with the commercial cards, since those spoiled Shouto’s appearance as well.

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  1. https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia%20-%2029%20-%20Large%2018.jpg

    >Likes: Soba(the kind that’s not hot)
    Even in food he doesn’t like hot stuff. And at some parts, Kaji Yuki reverts to his Eren screams when Todoroki is screaming. Guess he got used to that pitch when screaming.

  2. Oh my god. Like, what the hell can I say at this point. This episode gave me everything I wanted and more. It made Stain right about something while still remaining a formidable villain that must be defeated, it gave me awesome action, it gave me Stain’s quirk (which is scary BTW), it gave Shouto stupendous development, and it made Tenya realize the error of his way before it’s too late. It also tugged in some subtle hints in the form of the heroes’ blood type during the commercial cards. So much good content within a single episode. This might jinx MHA, but I’d be so mad if the manga doesn’t get animated till its very end.

    1. Fairly warm Ice with fractures built in. And that chipped up sword should be ready to break. Not too much difference between sold rock and sold ice otherwise not something you want to be dulling, chipping and breaking a sword on.
      Had an acquaintance late 70’s, 10 years older min, who displayed authentic samurai sword and he sharpened it on ice till it could cut a tissue in half floating down on it. Learned swords dull fast in battle and how easy it is to chip or break one. Practice swords were wood or specially made much thicker dull blades you would never practice against another weapon with you battle sword.

  3. Shouto is so cool! He looks really awesome in his new hero costume – the best I think – because it’s practical and simple. It’s brilliant how far he has come and I loved it how he encouraged Ida.

    1. An extra detail included in the manga Volumes, the black jump suit actually has a heating and cooling unit to help him maintain his body temperature, and the belt contains anasthetic, disinfectant and other supplies for rescue operations

  4. Having read the manga, I (and many others) had expected the episode to end with Todoroki’s arrival, and was pleasantly surprised when it extended far beyond that point to become one of the best episodes of Heroaca thus far (easily top 3). The only (small) gripe i have with the episode is how Iida’s turn around near the end seems slightly rushed but otherwise this episode was absolutely fantastic.

    On a more ominous note, Stain has licked Deku’s blood now, twice. What does this mean for One for All? ….Food for thought….Show Spoiler ▼

    1. FYI, TFL’s spoiler may technically be a spoiler, but if you’re curious about whether Stain is now going to have One For All, go ahead and read it. It’s only going to help your enjoyment, and it might have been said back in season one and we forgot, I’m not sure.

      1. Yeah it was, in episode 3 or so. But that was a while ago and it was only mentioned in passing so people might have forgotten.

        It will be brought up again in an episode or two.

      2. Just wanted to highlight a point that others might have forgotten, since One For All’s passing via DNA ingestion was given only a passing mention. The Spoiler hasn’t been mentioned yet in series Show Spoiler ▼

        , while it was fairly minor i thought it best to just leave people with the idea and let then think about it for a while.

  5. Horikoshi Kouhei chooses not to do any introductory material for his villain characters for the manga extra content. He believes by keeping their stories and motivations secret, it makes the overall plot more exciting and the villians more fearsome.
    Initially he did an intro for Stain, but removed it later due to said beliefs.

    1. If you’re referring to the delayed post, I posted on my twitter that this one would be late b/c Mama Stilts was visiting this past weekend, and I wasn’t going to ignore her to watch anime for three hours. Next week’s will be out in the normal time frame.

  6. Can’t imagine how Iida must be feeling right now. One of the most irksome things in such a world for a hero must be when a villain, especially one like Stain, is right about them, especially on such a sensitive topic as his brother’s injuries. The only thing that could’ve made it much worse would have been if Stain had done the whole, “Do you think your brother would be happy with what your doing right now?”, or “Do you think your brother would want you risking your life trying to kill me for revenge?.

    1. That would have been worse, though I’m glad Stain didn’t go that route. That’s more of a Shigaraki move, if he could empathize enough to realize that’d hurt someone. Stain doesn’t seem to go in for causing sadistic emotional pain to that degree. He could have said it and been right, though.

      1. Stain was right about Tenya, but one thing that ultimately makes him a villain is a grave mistake. From my POV, Stain is generalizing. He thinks all heroes other than All Might are phony and not genuine when he should’ve looked deeper into his to-be victims. I can sense that Ingenium was genuine because I believe Tenya’s admiration of him, and also Izuku’s from before. I wonder, is this the extreme of what over-admiration to one single individual does to a person’s mindset?

      2. @yoloalchemist I wouldn’t say Stain’s exactly generalizing the way you say. To me he seems to be making his decisions based on spur of the moment reactions: Izuku and Shouto seemed to get his “approval” for heroic attitude while Tenya was going to be ignored until he started to show what Stain deemed unheroic conduct. Granted we don’t know anything about how his past victims acted in front of him and the ones we see him “judging” are children (he implied kids don’t interest him at first), but basically his creed seems to be that heroes should drop some of their humanity.
        Some of the heroes shown from other 1-A kids’ perspectives are probably meant to show the kind of activities he doesn’t approve (looking at you snake lady).

  7. Gotta say, Iida acting like he’s entitled to taking down Stain when he’s a bloody pool on the floor was kind of annoying the helck outta me =01. I’m like, “kid, you can’t even move” so how do you expect to do anything??? I hope Deku decks him right in the face after all of this.

    1. If his search for revenge doesn’t yield something good (stopping Stain), then it will have been for nothing, and he won’t be able to hide from the fact that he acted selfishly and immorally—that he wasn’t acting like a hero, in other words. He’s desperately trying to avoid facing that reality.

      That’s a very human thing to do.

      1. Thank you for being one of the few people I’ve seen who actually see the whole incident from Iida’s POV. He’s in the won, but others keep talking about the situation as if he’s some child who took someone else’s toy and then threw a tantrum when it was taken back from him. Like yeah, Stain has a point, but he kill people who are still risking their lives to save others irrespective of motive and that he makes one or two good points somehow makes him a better hero to them?

      2. While what you say is true, it doesn’t negate the fact that its annoying =0w. I’m sure Deku and Todoroki understood why he acted in the way that he did, but Deku still got angry(or at least appeared to be angry) at Iida while Todoroki quietly understood. Its not that I don’t sympathize, just that his behavior in that situation overrides the amount of sympathy I have for his actions.

  8. Seeing Stain fight makes me want to see Hitoshi Shinso (the purple guy from general studies) become a hero even more. Their quirks are similar, but Shinso’s is better – he doesn’t need to come close to his opponent to cut them. And since most villains in this series just can’t shut up… well, he’d be a formidable hero. I hope we get to see it someday.

    Anyway, this episode was just fantastic. BNHA keeps getting better and better. Get up and reshape yourself, Iida-kun.

    1. Shinso’s weakness is that, once his quirk is known (and after his battle with Izuku, it’s known), it can be defended against. But humans are social creatures, so you betta believe a ton of villains would fall for that shit. You’re right, he’d be WICKED powerful, especially with a good team, with lots of supplementary training (hand-to-hand skills, etc), and with some appropriate support gear. The kid could be huuuuge.

      I hope we see more of him too!

    2. ironicaly i think shinso works best if he’s not become an usual hero with costume but someone like a spy or interrogator for police so villains had a hard time to remember his face.

  9. A truly great episode. So great, the number two hero in the world gets ignored after he BBQ’s a villain. When up against fast regenerators like the Nomu a flame caster is very useful to have. “I’m going to keep killing you till you die” or something like that from Full Metal Alchemist. Still, might need help keeping a real tough villain down while they burn especially if you’re not real flamethrower hot. Real flamethrower uses a petroleum fuel that burns way hotter than normal wood fires and keeps burning for awhile after hitting you. A few steps, a few more running maximum before the muscle is charred to the bone.

    1. Do note that while the First Noomu had super strength and regeneration, it doesn’t mean all subsequent Noomu will have the same set of quirks Show Spoiler ▼

      . Also while I think Endeavor could charbroil the Noomu’s into mush, I don’t think he will. While he is most definetly a massive a**hole, he is still a hero and i think he tries to avoid killing wherever possible (if only because it’s bad PR)

  10. Like no joke, I got goosebumps when Midoriya and Shouto showed up.. I didn’t think Shouto was the one Midoriya sent the location to but it was nice to see this side of Shouto as well. I know I say this for each episode but this episode was definitely one of the most memorable episode yet.


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