「夏だ!アホガール」 (Natsu da! Aho gaaru)
“Summertime! Aho Girl!”

This week’s Aho Girl is kickstarting a summer vacation arc while we’re still in the season of blistering heat, humid air, and torrential downpour. And what other way would they celebrate the festivities than to give us further evidence that the Summer sun is linked to an increase in the murder rate. For Episode 5, Sayaka finally addresses what I’ve been saying since the beginning; Akuru is far from the ordinary normal guy he sees himself as. Despite being one of the smartest people in the room, he’s equally irrational in his approach to many problems he encounters. Sayaka notes that Akuru is a brooding loner who’s aggressive towards almost everyone, but especially people who bother him. It’d be hard to blame him since Yoshiko has most likely driven him insane after years of conditioning himself to her antics. Nonetheless, she is right in that he acts like he’s above the others around him when he isn’t aware of how he’s in better company than he thinks.

The first skit plays a huge component in psychoanalyzing the logical leaps and bounds Akuru takes to correct the behavior of those around him. His need to condition Ruri into becoming a little sister version of himself comes with a burdening pressure to push her away from the things she likes. Not only does he try to speak on Ruri’s behalf by saying she wouldn’t want to see the Glitter Force PreChure movie she’s excited about, but is willing to physically knock her out when she gets too emotional at the movies and then gaslights her into thinking that she actually studied all day instead. His blind anger for Yoshiko also gets him to almost knock Ruri’s lights out when her confuses her reaction to the movie with Yoshiko’s ecstatic cheering.

A good chunk of the movie theater segment gets its laughs from how Yoshiko gets too loud and rambunctious in the movie theater for Akuru, but much of the funny moments involve how illogical Akuru’s actions are in the midst of all of the chaos. His obsession with Ruri has him uncharacteristically getting pumped up alongside Yoshiko about seeing the magical girl movie to cheer Ruri up. Akuru isn’t above trying to stop Yoshiko from acting a fool with violence, but he would also go as far as tying Yoshiko up with tape and knocking her and his little sister out in order to make sure they stopped disturbing him and other moviegoers. It also seemed like things would’ve gone much more smoothly than it seemed since Akuru was kinda enjoying the movie up until Yoshiko started shouting.

The episode had a lot of funny moments, but some of the funniest came from Yoshie’s interference with the kids’ summer plans. Yoshie played a convincing villainess in the last segment with the cartoonish lengths she went to sabotage the Public Morals girl’s plans to win over Akuru. Her open desire to have her retirement settled with Yoshiko’s marriage to Akuru is intensifying further with the desperation she has to ruin the Public Morals girl’s bikini, and use her own bra as a distraction to make her grand escape. Yoshiko’s dumb reactions to what her mom was doing did the most work in helping the jokes land. It was golden to see Yoshiko decide to draw nipples on her own bikini so she wouldn’t be left out or mistake Ryuuichi’s method of stopping her mom’s chaos for him expressing his interest in older women. The next episode is looking to focus on the group continuing their summer vacation on the beach, but only time will tell if Yoshie sneaks her way into their trip.



      1. I knew he was the author of Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to, but I didn’t know he did all of those Tsukihime doujins. It’s cool to see how far he’s come from “a cat is fine too” now that he’s got two anime adaptations under his belt.
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  1. I’m enjoying this series and all the episodes so far. This show and the comedy is pretty sporadic and random but I like this series that way.

    I noticed that that Yoshiko consistently gets physically beat, this might work in Anime but, if this was the USA the boy that beats a girl will go strait to a Juvenal facility and Men to Jail.

    1. I’m enjoying the short bursts of funny that Aho Girl provides week-to-week.

      Between Akuru hitting two girls in a movie theater with dozens of witnesses and regularly beating a girl and her mother, Yoshiko’s invasion of privacy & strip show for Akuru, the Public Moral girl’s intense stalking, Ryuuichi grabbing Yoshie while she cried sexual harassment, and Yoshie trying to see Sayaka’s panties, almost every character would have gotten into legal trouble in real life. I think Sayaka and the kids are the only folks who’d have clean records.

    2. It plays against your expectations. Most series women are off limits for physical comedy but men are almost always beat up. While that leads to a certain amount of shock humor it’s very clearly shown there is no long lasting effects and it’s all in good fun.

  2. Aaaaaahhhhhh, just the right kind of comedy. Considering my laid-back and highly exquisite South East Asian tastes in shenanigans, I cannot help but indulge myself further into the series as the episodes breeze by. One of several different strains of weekly hard drugs, how lovely~~~

    Nishizawa Mihashi
    1. They say insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting different results each time. Akuru’s been in that loop for quite some time. It doesn’t help that his weakness for his little sister has driven him to use some of the same tools in Yoshiko’s belt.

    1. Great eye on the VA allusions. Sugita and Yuuki also share Ragna and Platinum the Trinity along with the P5 one mentioned a few weeks back.

      I also need to check out this Youtube channel you mentioned. Ojou-sama are a treasure.


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