「サンドウィッチ/じゃがバター」(Sandowicchi/Jaga Bata)
“Sandwiches/Steamed Potato With Butter”

Best Sandwich

If the Earl of Sandwich could witness this spectacle of diner’s arguing about what makes the ultimate filling between two slices of bread, I reckon he would be really happy to see that people are still passionately enjoying his invention to this day.

Lionel and his dedication to Katsudon might have zoned him out of being a serious participant, which makes it too bad he doesn’t know about the katsu rice burger. Add in the eggs and katsudon juice, and he seriously has a legitimate foothold in these arguments. If I had to chip in myself, fried foods are great between sandwiches when they are freshly made. But I have to disagree with Sage Artorius about tonkatsu still being amazing after being left in a fridge overnight. Sure, it still tastes good, but inevitably comes nowhere near the original article. You lose the crispiness, which accounts for a good portion of the experience! Hence I would give my backing to Tatsugorou a.k.a Teriyaki Chicken, when we are discussing about what Nekoya menu item would make the best savoury sandwich.

Dessert sandwiches are different from your savoury ones to an incomparable extent, so I’ll talk about them separately. My first exposure to fruit sandwiches came from playing this game called Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness. Strange though they may sound, I have to say they are lovely little creations. But between Adelheid (Parfait) and Victoria (Pudding A La Mode), I would have to go with Adelheid on cream being the superior complimentary choice over custard. Custard would make the bread way too soggy!

At the end of the day, I would have to conclude that all the other diners are all wrong (Heh). They’ve clearly never tried some good old cheese and pickle, if I dare say so myself. That stuff undergoes a magical transformation not dissimilar to that of Cinderella, when wedged between two slices of bread. Not to mention, lacto-free soy cheese would mean even vegans like Fardania (Tofu Steak) could enjoy sandwiches, and would no doubt join my side!

Cobbler’s Tuber

Aletta’s lack of fond memories for Cobbler’s Tuber really took me back to History A2 (examinations we take over here in the UK to meet the grade requirements set by our university offers). I remember sitting in class, wondering how anyone could possibly enjoy eating plain potatoes for three meals a day, every single day of their lives. Anyhow, while it’s better than being hungry, I feel extremely sorry for people who live that kind of lifestyle. There’s so much more to the culinary world out there! So I felt extremely happy to know that Aletta now gets to enjoy the lovely food at Nekoya on days of Satur.

An interesting thing I discussed with my friend Robin6128 actually came in regards to steamed potatoes being Aletta’s favourite food. He makes a pretty good point in hindsight that I failed to consider amidst wholesome food stories. To quote him, what can be so impressive about a steamed potato with butter? If it had more seasoning to it, like you might find with jacket potatoes, maybe a better case can be made. Taking a step back, though some people may find Aletta’s tastes questionably simplistic, I personally think it lends a lot to her natural charm. I also find it fits with her character of being grateful towards Tenshu for what he gives her, while never asking for more.

Concluding Thoughts

Although I found ‘My dish is better than your dish‘ hilarious, relatable too if you replaced ‘dish’ with ‘favourite anime’, I really loved this episode’s focus on Aletta. Since she is illiterate, she can’t take notes on orders, so resorts to memorising all her orders. Sometimes it can get difficult, especially since she’s the only waitress. I can definitely imagine her getting overwhelmed! If the opening theme is anything to go by, next week’s elf girl from the moon will join Nekoya’s roster of waitresses, which could potentially alleviate Aletta’s difficulties. I’m hoping that the two form a strong bond in the remaining episode because although Tenshu is a kind and caring boss, what Aletta needs is a dear friend in her life.


Eat Tokyo’s Katsudon


Last week, I was out and about in Central London with some friends, when I had the chance to visit one of the Eat Tokyo chain restaurants you might find in London for dinner. While the fantastic plate of Japanese Katsu Curry Rice tempted me, I remembered that it was not the item that featured in Isekai Shokudou. No… it was the Katsudoom!!!

Duty called and I ordered the meal. First thing that arrived was the miso soup. Nothing special, it tasted nice but I’ve definitely had better in my life. Would have preferred it if it had arrived alongside my meal. Then, after everyone’s food had already come to the table, my katsudon was the final thing to arrive. You see, there was something I didn’t realise. I had always assumed those thin yellow sticks of vegetables were bamboo roots. While I was partially right, a nasty surprise awaited me. Oh god. I HATE GINGER. Since I was stupid and a bit too eager to eat, I mixed the whole thing in. Can’t blame anyone. I ruined my own experience.

Final Rating: 5.6/10 – Everything else still tasted pretty good, but with my trip to Japan starting tomorrow, I’m honestly expecting better katsudon that will fall surpass my experience from last week.


  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I’m going to Japan starting from tomorrow in some of my other posts. Gonna sticky a copy pasta here. I didn’t really ask if I should drop my duties, but all my sempais insisted I must properly enjoy glorious Nippon, and have chipped in to help out with coverage for my shows over the next two weeks.

    Boruto – Takaii
    Isekai Shokudou – Choya
    Knight’s & Magic – Pancakes
    Princess Principal – Passerby

    I want to thank everybody for helping me out! Truly blessed to have awesome sempais. Also, be nice to Choya over the next two weeks 😛

  2. Isekai Shokudou is the #1 watched summer title on Japan’s d-Anime streaming site, and is popular with both male and female viewers.

    Other top 11 watched titles include
    2) Aho Girl
    3) New Game S2
    4) Isekai Smartphone
    5) Classroom of the Elite (Youkoso Jitsuryoku)
    6) Knights and Magic
    8) Hajimete no Gal
    9) Elegant Youkai Apartment
    10)Love and Lies
    11) Tsurezure Children

    Knights and Smartphone are more popular with guys, while Touken Ranbu and Clean Freak are more famous with girls.

    1. Quite disappointed to see that Shokoku no Altair + Mahoujin Guru Guru don’t rank higher. That said, I’m happy to see every show I wrote a preview for made the cut! What can I say, I have the magic touch of premonition (more like I read the source materials and am in the know, but don’t let the other staffers know the secrets behind my mysterious powers!)

  3. I like how the regulars compare their sandwiches like they compare their waifus.

    This week’s foods are easy to make. I used buns, smoked ham, and barbecue sauce from fridge to make my own sandwich. Never heard of custard sandwich but I like to try!

    Yes, potato is the best and the easiest ingredient (The Martian approves). As for steamed potato, I tried using melted cheese and chili beef as the topping.

    One Pinch Man
    1. Yes, potato is the best and easiest ingredient

      Ah, I see you’re not a man of culture.

      By the way, I probably won’t be making or eating these foods next week since I will be in Japan. Would be nice if you could try posting your creations in next week’s comment threads, and talk about the taste experience!

  4. Can’t wait to see the dark-haired Elven girl show up. I’m not sure what she was doing apparently in space, and naked, but they’ve been teasing us with her for half the series now. Also it looks like she’ll be in at the same time as our dragon-lady, so that interaction should be very interesting to watch indeed.

  5. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now but remember when Aletta said that the only blessing she got as a half-demon were her horns?

    Though I don’t have anything to back it up, I personally believe that she’s actually a succubus. I mean there’s no other explanation for the fact that for all intents and purposes she’s literally just a cute human girl with goat horns. And whatever nature of a succubus she’s supposed to have, aside from her natural charisma, is held back by her being a halfie. It’s a headcanon. Don’t mind me too much.

    Oh and hell yeah. Space maid finally shows up next episode.

  6. To quote one Samwise Gamgee (again):

    “PO-TA-TOES! Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew…”

    Ah potatoes, the multipurpose dish. I usually like them mashed (with gravy on top), fried (French fries!) with flavoring, mixed with corned beef in diced form, or as part of the Filipino dish nilagang baka* (a soup/stew usually using beef chuck or brisket with cabbages, potatoes, and onion seasoned with fish sauce and black peppercorns).

    (*-Note: Not referring to the Japanese word meant as an insult–usually said by cute Shana-like tsundere girls–but rather the Tagalog term for cow.)

    Anyway, besides being a nice Aletta-centric episode, she also gained some extra “cute points” for wearing black strawberry-print undies. (Almost reminiscent of a certain Aya Toujou.)

    P.S.: Enjoy your trip to Japan! 🙂

      1. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume it was Tenshu that bought them for Aletta. Either that or he had a female acquaintance back home actually do the shopping for him in order not to arouse suspicion.

  7. As I was watching this episode, I was feeling bad for Aletta getting stuck in the middle with the patrons’ “food wars”. It made me think, how did the master run the show without anyone? My answer to myself was the patrons probably respect the Master more than they respect Aletta. I am also noticing that Aletta’s palette is growing (she’s shown eating more dishes than the patrons) while the patrons stick to their favorite dish, she definitely deserves to work there.

  8. Not only does this show educate us about restaurant food but it gives a detailed explanation of how a girl should take a shower. It looks like the new waitress will take over the fanservice department.

    1. Well, i know alone 3 Arts of Elfs from my MMO or Fantasy Books. Forest Elf, Half-Elf and High Elf.

      Forest Elf are one with the Nature, and protect them with their Life and magic (help even the grown trees) Somethink like “Avatar” witout the Blue Skins

      Half.elf is where one parent was not an Elf. Mostly they are an combo from Elf and Human. But also other races was possible, but then they have other names.. (You know, there must not only be Love to give birth.. aehm… Drifters…)

      also High Elf, the Elfs with the High Nose above the other Elfs races, seem themselves as superior against them and some also superior against other races…

      Also, mostly Elfs and Dwarfs are like “Kakachi and Guy” in Naruto.. See Lord of the Rings “do not tell this the Elf!”…

      This are my definition of these 3 Elf races

      1. If you need some Pictures… Google for “Elfquest” and you get a gist.. Well the US Way of the Elves… But most common are the Elfs from “Lord of the Rings”

      2. My Definition:

        Wood Elf/Forest Elf = They are serving Mother Nature
        High Elf = They devoted themselves to their magic
        Half Elf = Are something in between

        But this here are founded of MMO’s and fantasy Books i read in my past. “Das Schwarze Auge” as example and so on.. But “Lord of the rings” shaped mostly our picture of Elfs and “Record of the Lodoss War” shaped the Anime picture of Elfs.. special the “sexy” Dark Elf ones…

        i do wonder if there are also Dark Elfs in the manga

  9. I loved the waifu wars between the patrons over their favorite food, and how far it heated up between everyone. It’s nice how many callbacks there are to the guests’ experiences from previous episodes to show us how far Aletta has come since she’s started, and how she’s gotten used to working at the cafe.

    It’s also great to see Aletta’s development as she learns how different cooking methods can give something like potatoes a new texture and flavor profile. Boiling/steaming them is great, but I like to bake them in the oven with olive oil, salt, and some rosemary. The latter ingredient works best when they’re sliced up or are halved small potatoes. The grill also does something great to the potatoes.

  10. Well, i do hope that they do not come all at the Same time in the restaurant. No i mean Time, not Day. Because if they come all at once, then the Cook have some trouble… First get first eats? Have the others the patience to wait for their meal?

    Cooking is also “time consuming”…


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