「知れ!!昔の話」 (Shire!! Mukashi no Hanashi)
“Listen Up!! A Tale from the Past”

Talking made epic.

Each portion of this episode was enjoyable, in the different ways that all of HeroAca is fun.

Much of it hinged upon HeroAca’s large cast, and the joy that comes from seeing them together. The back-to-class scene was this, where it was just fun to see how everyone has changed, them giving each other shit, and their reaction to what Izuku, Shouto, and Tenya went through. Jiro defending the girls’ modesty was this too, as was everyone’s excitement about the training camp. It’s just hard not to love them all! (Except Mineta—though I guess Mt Lady didn’t totally ruin his view of women, so, uh, good for him?)

One thing of special note: Kaminari saying how the Hero Killer is kind of cool. It’s true that he was tenacious, as Iida said, but don’t forget the bodies. Never forget the bodies. With enough space and time, even mass murderers can become cool—history would have us believe that Alexander was Great, that Ghengis Kahn brought about peace of a sort, that Napoleon was an enlightened despot—and maybe some of that is true. But that forget the bodies. Never forget the bodies. Fortunately Horikoshi-sensei knows this, and was using Kaminari and Iida to get the point across. That’s good, though I still want to belt Kaminari upside the head, hah!

The rescue race was a special kind of fun, all because of Izuku. Did you get that thrill, when everyone else was talking about how Izuku was at a disadvantage, and you knew it wouldn’t work out like that? That’s a special kind of fanservice right there, where we’re in on the joke and our hero’s hard work (and the look of shock on their faces, especially Katsuki’s), is the payoff. I mean, he didn’t get to win, but that’s all right. The surprise on everyone’s faces was the real reward.

Then came the discussion with All Might, and damn if Bones didn’t manage to make even a scene full of talking into something compelling. Part of that is the material, of course; Horikoshi-sensei gave them gold to work with, and Bones isn’t a studio to look a gift horse in the mouth. But a lot of it had to do with the OST, so I guess props go to sound director Mima Masafumi on this one. The music built everything up into a crescendo at least twice, then left us holding our breath as the critical line was spoken, then it receded . . . and then it was time to do it again. Well done.

As for the content, I was spoiled on the One For All vs All For One conflict a while back, so while none of this was a surprise, it does up the ante. Before the last few episodes, the League of Villains was a problem, but it felt like Izuku’s problem. Now this is a generational conflict, linking Izuku all the way back to the very first One For All user, and setting him up to finish a battle that All Might wasn’t quite able to tie up. The stakes are raised, and the villain has gone from worrisome to diabolical. The extent to which I’ve been spoiled has been exhausted at this point (so mark and tag those spoilers, boys and girls), so I have no idea what the Symbol of Evil has in mind. It sure sounds like he’s grooming Shigaraki Tomura to be the next user of All For One, though, and that doesn’t sound good. It doesn’t sound good at all.

If only All Might wasn’t a coward in this one way. I likewise don’t know if the reason he soon won’t be able to stand with Izuku is because he’ll be fully retired, or dead, but either way, he couldn’t bring himself to tell his protege the truth. Probably should of, but that’ll make for some manly tears later on, I’d warrant.

Random thoughts:

  • “If superpowers had never appeared, then humans would be taking interstellar holidays by now.” Well :/

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  1. I really hope All Might doesn’t leave us any time soon. I haven’t read the manga or anything so don’t spoil it for me lol but yeah, the way he said it at the end was a bit sad..

    1. All Might is a great character, but part of the Mentor’s role was always to step aside and let the protagonist shine.

      Maybe he will only retire, sure. But if All Might had died from his wounds defeating the first Noumu, that would have been powerful storytelling. If All Might ends up dying to All For One, that will likewise be compelling.

      The Mentor’s death is a potent cliché precisely because we love him and we don’t want to lose him so soon.

      1. Am i missing something…I thought as Deku got stronger All Might gets weaker as the power is transferred so it would stand to reason that in the future he wont be able to be All Might anymore as he would be powerless or greatly depowered. Of course he could be alluding to his possible death as well but there is no way he would know that.

      2. @Kurik: The rate at which Izuku gets stronger has nothing to do with the rate at which All Might gets weaker. Izuku already has all of One for All, it’s just that there is some power left over in All Might which will fade on its own, with time. It’ll still fade just as quickly if Izuku just sat there and did absolutely nothing all day.

  2. A Centaur’s Life – “If humans had evolved more alike, there wouldn’t be any discrimiation.”

    My Hero Academia – “If superpowers didn’t exist, we’d be taking interstellar holidays by now.”

    Good lord. Are mangaka millennials angry with the world or something!?!?? >:

    1. Seems like both of those are poking holes at the absurdity of our own condition, as if to say, “You don’t have this difficulty complicating things! What are you doing?”

      But if you really want to know whether millennials are angry about something, the answer is probably yes. The world is looking a mite shittier than it was when Gen X was coming up.

    2. To be fair, this story was is meant to be set in the 23rd century, with the current generation being around the 5th generation of individuals with quirks. Using the general rule that 3 gens~1 century, that means that quirks started poping up around now, with all the social upheaval of quirks snowballing development by a fair margin. We will probably have commercial space travel within the coming 3-4 decades, commercial interstaller travel within the next 2 centuries doesn’t seem too far fetched

  3. The “history lesson” this episode felt shockingly impactful, honestly left an even bigger impression than the manga. The music as mentioned, and ESPECIALLY All Might’s voice actor just completely made that entire segment. Really impressive stuff.

    And I always thought the interstellar travel line was a decently clever way of establishing this is far in the future… without having to really show it. There are bits of advanced technology like the hologram projector we saw when Izuku was accepted into UA, but otherwise it’s familiar enough that Horikoshi doesn’t have to go out of his way. Does feel a little odd at times though, like Gran Torino complaining about cellphones when he must have grown up with them.

  4. Willing to bet All Might is dying, and just couldn’t tell Izuku not because he’s afraid of death, but the feeling of losing the one man you looked up with most. It’d probably fill Izuku with despair(nothing he couldn’t recover from, but certainly would be cripping at this pivotal moment in his life where he’s learned of his supposed destiny). That makes the most sense, and also coincides why he was looking for someone to pass on the quirk to, despite his middle age. It’s just a matter of when and where. I can easily foresee Tomura getting All for One, then killing All Might, leaving Izuku to the fated battle between the two, which has already been established at this point.

  5. I think it is very safe to assume that all might is about to lose his powers instead of dying ( like many people here think ) given how it was shown that his window of becoming all might is shrinking

    1. Jirou is mostly angry that Mineta mention every girls (including invisible girl) except her. True she’s the most flat chested of Class 1A’s female students, but that pissed her off.

  6. I find it really interesting that Gran Torino mentioned Stain not being serious. In addition to the kids realizing it, it seems like this isn’t the last we’ll see of Stain/Deku and co interaction. Him letting those kids (including Iida) win/live is kind of a big deal IMO.

  7. And as the ending mentioned, this means that though he mentions about One for All’s origins and past, he didnt mention how he got it and nothing about his predecessor, which Gran Torino insisted that he tell Deku..does that link to why he was quiet at the end in addition to him not being by Deku’s side when the time comes?

  8. Having read the manga about 3 times now (at least to where its been updated) the conversation still leaves me in such a weird but amazing feeling. I don’t know how to feel. In animes we’ve always known for the main character to face off against the “true evil” which in this case is All for One/Villain Alliance).

    But something about the way they explained the power of One for All and All for One made it way WAY more serious and evil/diabolical than it should be. Is it just me that felt this way? Like the Hero Killer bit just a couple eps gave off a similar vibe.

    Something about the way they explain things or the explanations themselves feel different from a typical Shonen. It feels more akin to that of old 70s 80s villains and such. Like the backstory for All for One and everything felt almost as dark as the backstory for Freddy Krueger, Jason, etc.


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