備えろ期末テスト」 (Sonaero Kimatsu Tesuto)
“Gear Up for Final Exams”

Two vs one? How unfair! For the two.

You know me: I love me a huge cast. (Or you don’t, and I’m telling you now.) The more protagonists there are, the more funny little events we can have with all of them. Simply seeing where everyone falls on the exam scale—from the unsurprising to the very surprising—was a treat in its own right, and getting to see how they tackled preparation for the written exams was satisfying in an ineffable way. It’s these pleasant little glimpses into their life, you know? Slice of life inside an action-adventure anime, you could say. Not sure it’s accurate, but that’s what the first half felt like.

That and Monoma being terrible. Fortunately Kendou-anego was there to keep him in line. Monoma might be a terrible person, but the rest of his class is all right. Every class has to have a Katsuki, I guess?

(Not every class gets bouncy Yao-momo, though. To their detriment. Bouncy Yao-momo is best!)

All of which was pleasant, but it ain’t nothing next to the bombshell at the end. The teacher’s reasoning for upping the difficulty level on the practical exam is sound; it’s useless to teach with lawsuit/bad publicity prevention in mind if it gets in the way of the students’ future success, and with the potential of the League of Villains to cause a flare up in villain activity, they better get as strong as possible, and fast. I especially love the structure of this test though, because it not only pairs the students with a partner they might not get along with, but it pits them against a teacher that they’re specifically ill-suited to engage. But those weights—oh, how cruel! Giving them false hope, and the impression that they might have a chance. It’s necessary to make the test work, but damn if it ain’t mean. (I love it.)

That’s right, this is less a test about combining their strengths to succeed against a powerful foe so much as it is a test at transcending or mitigating their weaknesses against a foe that’s intent on exploiting them. This is an especially useful test for someone like Momo, who has a great deal of potential that’s being held back by her flaw (and it’s a flaw she can surmount, unlike Kirishima and Sato’s endurance problems—though they certainly could have played that better). It’s also going to be great when Izuku and Katsuki have to fight All Might, of all people. Damn. Even if he’s running on One For All fumes, that won’t be easy.

The first battle was great, if only because it outlined the contours that the rest will follow. I can’t wait to see all of them, though. There’s just something great about a tournament/battle test like this, when it sets up fights that would never happen otherwise, in combinations that are fascinating. Like this one? I want to see it. This? You have my attention. This one?? …poor Uraraka. But still, want to see! I can’t wait to see.

Random thoughts:

  • “If you need to control your quirk, then control it! Idiot!” Katsuki’s not wrong. Yet another sign that, no matter how much of an ass he is, Kacchan is still smart, wise (in a twisted way), and works damn hard for his spot near the top.
  • Katsuki is helping Kirishima! That’s kind of cute (in an angry way).
  • I think it was super wise for Izuku and Uraraka to watch the other matches. They learned more in the first match (and from Recovery Girl) than they’re liable to get in benefit from overly planning. Though the fact that their two teams probably won’t be able to plan at all is a disadvantage, natch.

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    1. Power lines will not shock you if you do not ground yourself. An example you cannot touch the line while still touching pole holding them up. He is taking a risk vs an opponent who is hiding all they have to do is hit him with a line attached to the ground to fry him. And of course, he has to release himself to attack.

      I do wonder if very high power transmission lines would fry you by what little conduction there is from air but these are not thouse.

  1. Honestly really surprised a slighhtly dissapointed the changed the operation process, while yes it allows us to raise tention with how badly Kirishima and Satou did, it broke my imersion a little since, as an exam it felt horribly unfair (high variance in planning time and ability to witness successes and failures of different teams)

    1. That is true. There’s nothing really precluding them all taking place at once (unless the teachers want to observe each battle to see how all the students are doing . . . though they could also record them, so even that’s a stretch), so it really is just to let each battle breathe (and let Izuku comment on battles leading up to his).

      They probably could have gotten this structure without actually changing the way the exam works—just have someone say “Start!” over an intercom that starts all the battles at once, and then while we watch each battle one at a time, every time we leap back in time (no more than 30 minutes) to take a new battle from the beginning, replay that same “Start!”. Gamers! did as much during the epic confession scene, to show that everyone’s freaking out was taking place simultaneously.

      Still, it actually helps to know that it was done the more fair way in the manga, because that means the result is based on THAT (more fair) exam construction, and no one will actually get a leg up for being able to observe ahead of time.

      1. There’s only one Recovery Girl to go around. Simultaneous means she might not be able to heal critically hurt people in time. Separate matches means Recovery Girl doesn’t have to make life-or-death decisions.

      2. Luck has always played a large role in UA’s exams, though; this is nothing new. I can almost see Eraserhead going “well, you won’t know how much preparation you get in real fights either, so suck it up and adapt” on that complaint. Even if a departure from the manga, this conduct isn’t really out of character for UA either.

      3. The main reason why I bring this up is because in the manga, all the exams took place at the same time.
        This is ultimately still a school, the exams are meant to guage the strength and weaknesses of your students so that you can foster their growth. Giving different students such a massive time and preparation disparity goes against when you HAVE the ability to do otherwise is pretty counterproductive to your goals
        As for the one Recovery girl thing, do note that while the Teachers said they would be serious they aren’t about go after the students with intent to kill or inflict permanent damage Show Spoiler ▼

    2. hmmm i think seeing their classmate getting owned had the pressure on itself and can disturb their ability to think objectively. The exam also geared to equip the students an experience against villains and force them to examine their own weakness so no wonder that it’s unfair and lack of time and intel to made plan also included.

    3. They are getting marked by the teacher that is matched vs them, and how well they do isn’t only based on if they win or not. They just wanted to give them more experience in live combat because of the impending danger

      Or else getting matched vs all might would mean they would fail for sure… as all might has no weaknesses except for his time limit now since the injury and transfer of power to midoriya.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia%20-%2034%20-%2008.jpg
    I don’t get this guy. His power/Quirk is Copy, which potentially makes him the greatest partner to any superhero team, even one with Deku or All Might. Yet all he does is denigrate the very people he should be working with.

    Not the greatest pic of Grape-kun this episode, but I’ll take it. Teamwork, Grape-kun, teamwork.

    1. That’s probably his personality flaw that stem from the implication of his quirk (i.e. zero originality, ripoff, downgraded version, parasite etc) causing massive inferiority complex.

  3. They can learn so much from this exam because they’re going to battle with someone who is a lot stronger than they are and also as Deku said, who have strengths that is their weakness. This is gonna be a fun couple of episodes xD


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