「アスタとユノ」 (Asuta to Yuno)
“Asta and Yuno”

Action, shounen, and some serious voice acting, Black Clover certainly knows how to ring fall in with style. As the ever helpful RC preview describes, fall’s newest release is unabashedly shounen, fully embracing the usual tropes (i.e. all of them) while giving Naruto and Fairy Tail a good run for their money. It might be generic as hell, but Black Clover knows exactly what it is and makes no qualms about it. The problem is a lot of people will probably do otherwise.

The main issue with Black Clover right now is not so much its concept and world, but how they are being presented. Yes, this means Asta (Kajiwara Gakuto). Newbie voice actor or not, the kid’s, erm, “special” style of screaming will definitely grate on a few nerves and probably induce permanent hearing loss half a continent over unless quickly changed. His long, drawn out words and excessive over-acting are not as funny (as probably intended) as annoying, a wasted opportunity to positively define his character for the actual story to come. Seriously, can you blame poor Lily for that beat down? Frankly I don’t think she hit him hard enough (or maybe she hit him too much—food for thought). At least Yuno (Shimazaki Nobunaga) comes across fine, although with few lines so far and a very stoic attitude, it’s going to be hard keeping Asta’s lungs in line without some conscious effort on the part of our sit-up champion. Or a ball gag, that would work too.

On the story front, however, Black Clover is likely to find better success. It’s nothing special at face value of course, between a generic magic system, some dark past set to return, and the built-in societal problems to overcome, but these series never relied on their uniqueness for staying power. Black Clover’s strength instead will likely derive from the rivalry between Asta and Yuno, as their wildly different personalities and stark difference in power offers ample opportunity for serious growth and development. We already have a surprisingly strong foil already between Yuno’s quiet and menacing personality and Asta’s assertiveness, and with a tangible goal (becoming the Wizard King) designed to constantly bring them together, it shouldn’t take long for the difficulties to start. Probably have to get through the generic introductory baddies and usual world building first, but I wouldn’t ignore the possibility of a decent tale of personal discovery hiding under Black Clover’s hood, especially once the first arc gets going. After all, our chatterbox apparently just found himself in possession of a demon and one hell of a sword. With eyes like that, you know it’s about to get real.

While certainly not the strongest of openings, Black Clover does have enough in place for a decent shounen adaptation—if it can smooth over the rough patches. Provided the voice acting can improve and the use of 3D is kept to a minimum (seriously, those chains look a lot like Hand Shakers), I don’t honestly expect anything other than a fun bit of action entertainment. Plus with this likely being Studio Pierrot’s new multi-cour shounen production, I highly doubt we won’t see any improvement once the show kicks into gear. For good or bad it’s a new wave of shounen, and Black Clover is helping lead the charge.




    1. The sad thing is it’s not even the voice itself. In the RARE occasions where there was quiet internal monologue in the episode the seiyuu’s voice was pretty good. The problem is the god damn screeching/roaring that punctuates every damn line that just grates at your ears.

  1. Yeah, the real challenge for this show is if the hearing of the audience will hold up. There are very few voices in anime that just bother the heck out of me. But this one might be added. If he just talked that might be one thing. His normal speaking voice (of what little we heard since he was almost constantly yelling) sounded ok. But that yell…it’s like a parrot in terrible pain.

    The rest of it was ok. It was very generic, but has room to differentiate itself as time goes along.

    1. It’s hilarious too because the preview OVA that came out a few months ago wasn’t that bad for voice acting. Asta didn’t have the ridiculous screaming there and was slightly abrasive to boot. I’m not sure what the hell changed, but it’s obviously not working.

  2. The voice actor for Asta basically killed the character for me and he’s supposed to be the main character. Unless he changes his style or they change the VA I don’t see a future for this show.

    1. It’ll be the sticking point for this without a doubt. If the kid can transition into something like Fairy Tail’s Natsu for example then there won’t be much of a problem. Only concern is if we can get such a transition fast enough, because it needs to happen now, not 12 episodes from now.

  3. I already was annoyed greatly by the MC simply due to the frequent long yelling, and it’s only the first episode. ( ._.) That’s not a good sign to me. I do hope this gets worked over soon because this is really hard to ignore. I want to focus more on what is going on around (even if it’s all generic shounen and cliche), but I can’t without being so annoyed…

  4. I feel better knowing I wasn’t alone completely irritated by the voice. From memory (and to my ears) it felt like yelling.

    My viewing experience: constant yelling… skip 2min… contestant yelling… skip 2min… incessant yelling… skip 10min… more yelling…stopped watching

  5. I honestly found Asta’s voice hilarious and not nearly as bad as I’ve seen people make it out to be. That said, while the series is very generic it was still an enjoyable watch. Not sure I’ll keep up with it but for now it’s gained my interest.

    1. The voice acting will depend on the person IMO, but personally I cannot stand the yelling, it’s just too grating on my ears. Unless the kid can soften the effect he’s going for this will quick be the make or break part of the show.

  6. The first episode was not so interesting to speak about. So about voices. I don’t remember anyone worse than Yanase Natsumi’s voice for Chihiro in “Ef~a tale of memories”. That dying voice… (# ̄ω ̄)

  7. My thoughts

    Is Asta annoying? Oh hell yeah. That kid is straight up obnoxious and EASILY the worst part of this episode. His entire “character” if you want to call it that, is basically just him screaming.

    …but, having said that, I also kept reminding myself that, while this was some time ago, Naruto was pretty darn obnoxious too at the start of his show. Maybe not THIS bad, but still…pretty bad.

    So I’m going to give it a couple episodes, see if they tone it down a bit, now that he has powers.

    If not, moving on is easy enough since, at least so far, the show has given me little reason to care about these characters. The world is at least intriguing enough though.

  8. What a terrible, terrible choice for VA, i sure hope he gets a ton of flank for this performance from his fans (if he has any) this should not become standard or even continue in the slightest, if i wanted to hear chalk-on-chalkboard noise i would watch youtube for 10 hour version of it.

    1. I just looked him up, and it was his VERY FIRST voice acting role, what a terrible start to a seiyuu career, this is what you get when you put a newbie VA in a protagonist shoes

  9. eh why? i think it’s fit because the protagonist is described as loud, annoying etc and it works haha, i think it’s still better than with koi to uso nejima and ririna flat tone.

    1. There’s loud and annoying, and then there’s loud and annoying. Natsu screams a lot too, but he doesn’t do it the same way as this kid for example, it’s less abrasive overall and more pleasant on the ears. Asta’s VA has yet to learn how to keep the effect while remaining tolerable.

  10. I finally watched this thinking the shouting couldn’t possibly be as bad as everyone says it is and JESUS CHRIST I want to throttle this seiyuu.

    It isn’t even the shouting itself that is killing me it’s when they just trail off at the end of statements and all you get is that screaming screeching ululation sound that grates at your ears.

  11. I actually found the trill in his screaming annoying until about half-way, then I began to ignore it… honestly, Naruto’s ‘dattebayo’ were also initially annoying, but you get used to it after a while.

  12. ep 04:

    Okay, Black Clover. What you want to be? I only saw the “magic loser” Guy and yelling. Can he not have an normal conversation with his friend, without repeat every time “i am become the Wizard King!”..

    Well, even Naruto as an little brat was not that annoying… You are bending many patience. Get your path straight, and learn Social behavior, will ya?

    Ep 04:
    Do i follow this Show? Yes, but its now 40/60.. The Yelling and “you are a pitiful boy, you have no Magic. Go back to the Hole you crawl out!” and this one badmouthing Guy (or girl?) get smashed with his Sword…. Black Glover, we know it already. Show me please new things. The Sister surly will have her entrance..

    Turn the tables for me…

    p.s. this is not an Spoiler. it is just my thoughts

    1. I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but you don’t need to have even read the manga to know that this anime doesn’t intend to present new things any time soon. Sucks to have this, I know, and this is by no means me defending this overly generic shonen fest. On the other hand, I’m actually having fun predicting every single event that will happen like I’m playing a game with myself LOL. But that’s just me.

      1. So this. “Woah this 4 Clover Wielder is a Genius, he is awesome!” but actually not showing anything real about him.. and “this Boy is a Looser, how can not have any magic in this World?” (i do have here an Dejy-vu), where bad boys pick up on the genius (Why is he chosen to wear the 4 clover!, i am more suitable for it!” or “Get back under the stone you crawl out, you looser!” use these talks, to get crushed from both, teaching them a lesson…

        We now it already.. i mean i know it.. we are in episode 4 and nothing changed… Are they fighting their way up trough bullies?

        come on

  13. Ep 05:

    Well, the same old story line even in episode 5..

    i am dropping this.. there was a little glimpse of chancing, but it only last some seconds and cam to late. Sorry

    In this world, where higher ups looks down on “loosers” and get surprised is not my “cup of tea”
    or is this anime 24 episode long?…

    Animes archenemy is the pacing and time, where the manga do not have this time pressure

    1. Surprised! Actually, I like where this is going, troupe or not.
      Unlike UQ, which is pulling things out of its “air”, there’s a
      nice consistency between the characters. I don’t know if
      there’ll be a dark (serious) arc, or it’ll just be crazy antics,
      but I think the premise and its execution is very watchable.

      1. well, they needed 5 episodes to get into an School (some sort of), now they will rush trough the last ones until he become the King? I think not, we surly will not reach this destination. But where we go then? The Pacing is my problem here. I fear that now they rush things

      2. An Manga has an “open end” until the sales get worse, where they need to pump money to get on..

        Anime has only some sort amount of time to bring us the manga as animation and if they do it right, perhaps they get another season, another amount of time of the manga to show us in animation form.

        in Anime you need to plan ahead, what content you want to show us. the mana has not this pressure

        So, i fear they rush now with the anime… but i am honest here, until now even “Hulk” was an better actor then our “i can only scream, and shit!” Main hero

    2. I know get it. I know now why this Anime takes it sweet time, it has 51 Episodes… So they do not need to rush things.. But still, for my “feeling” they are not pushing forward..


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