OP Sequence

OP: 「ぼなぺてぃーと♡S」 (Bonapetiito♡S) by ブレンド・A (Burendo • A)

「はじめてのドS」 (Hajimete no Do S)
“First Time Sadistic”

Blend-S was everything I wanted — and then some.

General Impressions

With a simple premise that doesn’t know what the words “take it easy” means, Blend-S was everything it promised it would be and then some. From the characters and their interactions to the humor flowing out of every scene, I was stoked to see that Blend-S’s adaptation into an anime captured everything that made the source material a fun read.

The biggest of which is probably just how fun this show is to watch. There’s just something about the way everyone conducts themselves that helps create this environment where even the smallest things are just super fun to watch. And as much as I don’t want to admit it, I think what helps tie it all together is Dino the Manager. As the airheaded character who seems to have zero filter on both his words and actions, he provides just the right amount of silly for the other characters to work off of. Be it Mafuyu or Kouyou trying to kick some sense into him or Maika taking it easy on him for being a cool foreigner and/or her manager, he seems to be an integral part of making this show work. That and I’m surprised I don’t hate the guy since characters like that seem to always rub me the wrong way. Good job Blend-S.

Moving on from there, let’s talk about our the other two girls who we met today — Hinata Kaho and Hoshikawa Mafuyu. With the former filling out the role of the pretty blond who has both the height and the body to be a superstar and the latter taking the more serious senpai role (while out of work mode), I loved every moment they were on screen. If anything, I was quite conflicted trying to pick a favorite since they both have such distinct charm points! I suppose if I were to break it down, Kaho would win for design and interests while Mafuyu wins for her personality as well as that amazing ability to enter work mode. Luckily, it looks like the story has a pretty good handle on how to split up screen time which should mean ample time with all of the girls.

Overall, I think we have a winner here. If you’re looking for a show that is fun to watch and you’re a fan of the slice-of-life/4-koma inspired genre, look no further than Blend-S. It has the characters to fulfill just about anyone’s needs, the general storyline is varied enough to keep things from getting boring, and most importantly every single character seems to jive well together. All of which comes together to make a quirky little 4-koma inspired show that manages to stay fun and interesting without overusing any one trope.

Please watch Blend-S with me.


ED Sequence

ED: 「デタラメなマイナスとプラスにおけるブレンド考」 (Detaramena Mainasu to Purasu Ni Okeru Burendo Kou) by ブレンド・A (Burendo • A)



  1. This show turns out to be stronger than WORKING!! in terms of content and story for some reason, and I like that. And I’m glad it’s mostly acting because if all the personalities were persistent after their work this show is going to turn me off. I’ll look forward to another episode, I suppose.

  2. Someone at Studio A-1 must be a fan of 4 panel manga as they have another series just like this one starting in Jan 2018 called Slow Start. Their fall shows are also very different tonally to their Winter ones, what with Grancrest & Seven Deadly Sins starting in the Winter(Along with Slow Start). It feels like fall is a filler season for A-1 as they don’t have anything serious per say storywise.

  3. The “Smile, sweet, sister, sadistic, surprise, service!” bit in the opening is so simple but so catchy. I’m going to need to see what the rest of the cast is like, though… really not sold on a couple characters

    1. I’m not a fan of cute-girls-doing-cute-things anime either! But I actually like this, because the guys (especially Dino) has big role in this series. So it’s more like cute-girls-doing-cute-things-while-dino-gets-nosebleed?

      I think you will like this.

  4. Ep 02:

    First thinks first…

    – The Animator for the female Legs are an Pro and he or she like Tights

    – this Magical Girl “Toy”, reminds me of Rory from Gate.. and a good decision 🙂

    – yes, this Episode has a “bit” of Fanservice. But rest assured, they where all “green”

    and yes.. Even my new Work pals said to me “You are to nice for the world, boy!”.. so i can feel with her 🙂


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