「救世の祈り」 (Guze no Inori)
“Prayer of Salvation”

Now that, was a fantastic episode of Apocrypha.

General Impressions

God damn, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that hyped after any episode of Apocrypha. With the story chugging along to the next big climax and characters getting an opportunity to show us that they’ve grown since this whole damn thing started, I don’t even know what I should talk about first.

If I had to make a snap decision though, there’s no way I couldn’t talk about this new alliance between Sieg, the Black Faction, Ruler, and Shishigou. Seeing how the previous format of Team Red versus Team Black has went out the window, it was nice to see the participants of this Greater Holy Grail War manage to get along and pool their resources together. But honestly, what probably felt the best, was that everyone that partook in this week’s amazing fight probably had little to no attachment to the grail itself. Instead using their shared displeasure of Shirou to fuel their actions, it was this great situation where everyone couldn’t care less about what happened in the past (because it was related to their Masters fighting a separate war) and managed to become one hell of a team. It’s hard to really put into words, but seeing Sieg, Mordred, Jeanne, Chiron, and Astolfo all fight together was truly a sight to behold.

Moving on, boy did Astolfo get some great moments this week. Showing off his charming side while expressing how much he cares about Sieg to truly demonstrating the true worth of an idiot who couldn’t care less that they’re facing the Golem of Creation straight in the face — I’ve come to see Astolfo as something truly more than a cute and endearing trap. That and I think that scene where he had to gently coerce his Hippogriff into obeying was so adorable I almost died from the cuteness overload.

Flipping back to some more serious talk, let me end this post with some short rambling of the future. As someone who has no idea what’s coming (except for what I’ve seen in the comments that I’ve had to spoiler tag), I can at this point honestly say it was worth watching the first cour. With the story evolving and the conflict changing, it really feels like we’re about to dive into the meat of things. Sieg is no longer a useless homunculus, all of my favorite characters are now working together, and Mordred gets an opportunity to be more than this angsty girl who can use her sword better than a Berserker. All things that I would have never saw coming even a few episodes ago.

To everyone who’s made it this far — thanks for keeping up with the posts! I hope the story keeps up what it’s doing now and I hope you’ll join me for the ride :).

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  1. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2014%20-%20Large%2003.jpg

    Man, Jeanne moves quickly, doesn’t she? lol

    No screenshots of Sieg and BEST GIRL on the roof? For shame! XD


    “Won’t one of your Noble Phantasms work?”

    “Nope! Sorry!”



    And who doesn’t love Mordred’s face here? Could she be…jelly? XD

      1. I’m not a Fate expert here, but if I were to take a stab at it, I think it’s something related to how Astolfo was summoned + doesn’t have the highest stats (except for being a lovable dummy) to begin with.

        That said, I’ve been wondering if her Master change to Sieg makes any difference. I’m assuming he’d have more mana/prana to draw from (seeing how Sieg is a walking mana battery) in the worst case.

        Poor Hippogriph, haha.

      2. The Hippogriff could probably hurt the golem, but it can’t vaporize it like a beamsword could. Also the Hippogriff was still injured and tired out from getting shot down by Semiramis, which is why it wasn’t precisely enthusiastic about helping out Astolfo this episode.

      3. He’s versatile, but not directly strong. Although due to one of his skills he is stronger physically than he looks, but he’s still not going to fight knight classes up close. He’s got a lot of NPs and potential abilities.

        He’s the kind of guy useful for adventures, as he pulls a new magical item out his ass each step of the way. Not useful for direct battles to the death as much.

      4. Here’s my tier from what I know of everything in materials.
        Very High:
        Astolfo (lots of NPs somewhat makes up for bad abilities)
        *stronger when certain conditions are met

      5. To be fair, he has to contend with fighting a long ranged opponent and people with plot armor. He’s actually extremely difficult to fight and would kill most opponents if he could get up close to them, and then on top of that he’s got the suicide attack which is extremely deadly. He’s got more than enough justification to move up to a High tier IMO.

      6. his biggest problem seemed to me that he’s a berserker and thus doesn’t think clearly about what he’s doing. being almost unkillable could be a huge advantage, if he didn’t just wildly flail around

    1. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2014%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
      Well, obviously, I am sure people are starting to like Mordred for her help in getting sieg and astolfo together. I still remember how people, like mira-pyon and Atavistic in episode 10, mentioned they dislike Mordred. Wonder how their opinions changed.

      As mentioned last time, I really feel sorry for Mr. Mashin, the author of the manga “Fate/school life.” He was probably expecting that Celenike would reform and Astolfo would give more attention to his Master; this could have happen if maybe Aphrodite did the same thing to Celenike like she did to Medea. It would have been interesting if Celenike could have experimented to see if she can be pregnant with Astolfo’s child; not sure if it is possible for a Master and Servant to procreate.

  2. This show is very bad ( this is coming from a BIG fan of Fate/Zero ), so bad that the main ( perhaps only ) discussion is between a few kids about who is the best girl
    Pathetic , seeing the Fate series take a nose dive like this is painful , this one makes Fate/UBW look like anime of the year in comparison

    1. I think if you really want to enjoy Apocrypha, you have to adjust your expectations accordingly.

      This isn’t ufotable and this isn’t the same type of story that Fate/Zero or Fate Stay/Night UBW had. This is A-1 with a story that’s supposed to be a bit darker (and a bit crazier(?)) and after making it through the first cour, I’m starting to appreciate it.

      They also haven’t blown out my ears until recently, but it wasn’t as bad as before so I consider it all a win.

    2. I think the obvious issue is this is what I more or less consider a ‘soulless’ adaptation. There are a lot of criticisms for the original written work to begin with, but it seems they not only ignored those flaws in the anime adaptation but also piled them on. Apocrypha was never the type of story that was fit for an anime adaptation as it stood, but it had potential if care was actually put into the production and any changes they might make. That love… just isn’t here. It just seems like a cash grab trying to make easy money on the current Fate fad. Some quick $$$ and it also helps promo FGO. If they’d put a little more love into it I feel like I could have looked past the story flaws.

      I’m not knocking anyone for liking it and there are definitely things to like in the anime — but it certainly doesn’t have much going for it for a long time fan of the Fate line of stories outside of seeing some of your favorites animated.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2014%20-%20Large%2009.jpg
    Poor Roche, to be “digested” like that; next time the kid should summon Leonardo da Vinci as a Servant, I am sure the compatibility would be perfect. I am frankly surprised that Gordes managed to live, I guess a magus, that makes homunculus, isn’t that compatible with a Servant who makes golems. It’s practically almost the same since Caster’s Noble Phantasm involves “making a human.”

    I am at least curious what that glowing EGG, near Caster’s feat, is. It was NEVER explained by the end of this episode.

    On the side note, Caster’s Golem is capable of “eating” a lot, would have wanted to see what happens if a supersized Spartacus was eaten.

    But seriously, that Golem was so SHORT-LIVED!!!! It seems to be a shame that we didn’t get to see how strong the Golem would have been, once it reaches full power.

    I am shocked that Ruler’s B rank Strength is that powerful.

    Anyway, Mordred should have bargained like this.
    Mordred – “Ruler give me 2 command seals.”
    Ruler – “That’s too much!!”
    Mordred- “Mmmm, you are being crushed to death, are you sure? I can wait all day. Ah, no wait, make it three seals, you got like a massive truckload, don’t be stingy.”

    Last side notes.
    I still don’t get why Caster have his golem attack the black team. It wasn’t needed since Caster wanted to bring Eden to the world. Not to mention it was too reckless, the Golem should have reached FULL POWER before it attacked.

    Where does Chiron get his arrows? It seems like he has an endless supply.

    1. I to wonder what the egg was about. If I were to guess though, maybe he pulled something from Roche and put it into there? It was glowing green before the Golem stepped on it.In terms of what happened physically to the damn thing, I think the Golem just absorbed it after walking on it.

      If you think about it, the Golem is only invincible if its making contact with the “Garden of Eden” (at least to my understanding). I guess it technically didn’t matter if the Golem was fully powered if they could just launch it into the sky again. (DON’T QUOTE ME ON THIS, I’m hoping someone more knowledgeable with chime in if I’m wrong)

      1. I think the egg was supposed to be the core for the golem. Caster probably told his master to bring him the egg to awaken the golem. Obviously, Roche was much more suited to be the core than that egg, it basically was just a bait. I can’t find another reason on why he would bring it to Caster otherwise.

      2. @youkai
        Thank you sir, that explains it. So that “egg” was a dummy when the real “core” was his master. that is so dark.

        on the side note, I have to give Servants credit for their durability. In Caster’s case, he can still talk a bit after getting an arrow stuck to his head. Was shocked that the dude had actual eyes under that mask, considering how I don’t think that mask is capable of allowing a wearer to see.

      3. Adam didn’t immediately betray Avicebron

        PROPAGANDAAAAAA!!!! Was not the first man the first criminal on Earth? Given everything, wanting for nothing only to betray their creator anyway? This lumbering Jewish puppet is but a mockery of the very concept of Eden! That paradise can’t fix what is born torn!

        Ken Hayashi
    2. Why Avicebron even bothered to attack the Black Faction if he already got what he wanted? He could just gtfo to somewhere and start spreading heaven or whatever.

      Also, why he even bothered to attack without the rest of the Reds?

    1. walks by and beheads the crazy fujo abusing sieg’s gay boyfriend
      “psh, she was just in the way of me and where Mastah parked the car.”

      Mordred is a good acquisition for the Sieg’s harem and she understands the hearts of the homunculi.

    1. Being a saint is being a rolemodel for Catholicism, only God is perfect. She could have sexual desires, as long as she confesses and tries to not fall into temptation from time to time.

  4. “Fantastic”?
    This whole thing is laughably bad even by already floor-level low fate standard. Asspulls and pathetic self-referencing everywhere, completely unneeded “hero”, oy vey look at our token faggot white piggu goyim and would you like some sakuga with that.

    1. No salty enough your tears, if you do not like it, then while hurting yourself in watching? So your tears are not Salty enough, you should cry at last an class full of Water

    1. He never used his Noble Phantasm. Fiore ordered him to use it, but only after careful consideration on whether it would be able to take down the golem. After a quick scan of the golem and locating the core, he concluded that his Noble Phantom would NOT be strong enough to take it down and so lead to him concocting that plan involving everyone else instead.

    1. But it did need 3 servants. Rider made it so Adam wasn’t connected to the Ground with his Trap NP, turning his legs to spirit so the moment before it regenerated (which, by being on the earth would be immortal), Sieg and Mordred could blast it.

    2. Not entirely sure what was up with that. If he used his NP and it was just not made obvious that he was using it or if he’s going against his master’s orders and holding it back to backstab Mordred next episode.

      1. She asked him if his noble phantasm would work and he said no.
        His noble phantasm is pretty shit and relies almost entirely on surprising an enemy with it. Once it’s revealed, it’s basically useless since everyone can defend against it. It can also only be used at night, and only once per night.


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