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「裸で出会えば友達(ダチ)になる」 (Hadaka de Deaeba (Dachi) ni Naru)
“You Can’t Hate Someone You Meet Naked”

A brand new [immortal] friend, and a brand new [immortal] family.

Since writing the first post, I’ve now read the first two volumes of the manga, so I’m better able to comment on the differences between them. Which I’m going to try not to do too much of! I mean, how boring is that? I’ll use it mostly to speak to where the differences between the two are interesting. Aside from that, I’ll mostly just say that this is the usual sort of adaptation, where the original is superior, as opposed to the rarer sort, where the adaptation is equally good, good in a different way, or (miracle of miracles) the better of the two. So if you want the full UQ Holder experience, read the manga. You already knew that, though. That’s why I’m reading it now.

There were some interesting adaptation decisions in this episode, though. While the first episode was 97% faithful—manga|Touta came off as less annoying and more skilled at fighting than anime|Touta, while the anime was bloodier, the latter of which I felt was a good change—here is where the changes come in, because they completely skipped the second chapter of the manga. And they should have! They have limited time, and while the second chapter does some important stuff—most notably, providing the impetus for Touta’s “Let’s use our immortality to help people!” idea, without which the end scene was even more out of left field than it already was—in the grand scheme of things it’s quickly forgotten. Anime-only viewers will have to suffer through some forced leaps of logic, but once again, this is the usual sort of adaptation. Make the leap and trust that there was a reason, even if you don’t get to hear about it.

Where the interesting choice came was in taking some (though not all) of the important bits from that second manga chapter and combining them with the events adapted here. For instance, Evangeline wasn’t in loli form in the bath in the manga. That’s a good change! The source scene was still better (usual sort of adaptation, remember?), but that was a chance to avoid losing some elements from the missing second chapter, and it came out mostly as good, so I’m glad they took it. Overall, the adaptation is still on track, more or less.

This episode featured the introduction of an important character, Tokisaka Kuromaru (Hirose Yuuki), a swordsman of the Shinmei-ryu (Shinmei School), and—okay, yeah, they’re nodding back toward Negima! even more than the source material did. Does Motoko get no love? But the events, while as overly convenient as they were in the source (it’s a weakness of Akamatsu-sensei’s), held largely true. Kuromaru falls to Touta’s charms hilariously fast, though—and this should really go without saying, but no means no. No means no, both of you! For an episode built on comedic sexual harassment, I much prefer the type where the target is egging her opponent on, and no, the rocking body doesn’t hurt. Doesn’t hurt one bit.

Evangeline still hurts. Evangeline hurts a lot. But them oppai sure don’t!

The organization that Yukihime helped found, UQ Holder, is officially revealed, which means the intro is over and the story enters its next stage. On with the shenanigans!

Blogging note: I don’t yet know whether I’ll pick this series up, but covering the third episode is entirely within the realm of possibility. One might even say it’s likely.

Random thoughts:

  • I love how Kuromaru’s nii-sama underestimates Evangeline. Just because she isn’t fragging countries anymore doesn’t mean she can’t do it! Though how much of that was him lying to Kuromaru to get rid of the kid is—well. Safe to say nii-sama is a trash person and leave it at that, I feel.

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