「Aqours WAVE」 (Aqours WAVE)
“Aqours WAVE”

Compared to last season, I think I’m in love with how the show is handling its pacing.

General Impressions

Now, while my excerpt may have had the word love in it, don’t think that this means I didn’t find fault in this week’s episode. Starting with my biggest grievance, I was quite disappointed to see where Kanan was finding her inspiration for feeling down. At this point in the game, I really don’t think there’s any reason for us to fall back to the issues that Kanan, Dia, and Mari had during Aqours’ original debut. At least, no point in the sense of trying to create a sense of urgency through the use of drama. And sure, you could argue that the feelings that Kanan felt about that original dance formation are what helped push Chika to her self-realization about her true worth. But as we talk about in a second, that could have happened with or without what happened throughout the first half of the episode.

Tiny gripes aside, it was really cool to see a Chika-centric episode. As the leader of the group, it was great to see her take the center and all the responsibilities associated with the role. Besides our girls facing their demons since this is where they were disqualified last time, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chika struggle to learn her moves. Not because of any kind of animosity that I felt toward her character, but I honestly thought it did a fantastic job at showing off just how amazing a Normal-Monster can be. As Riko amazingly put it, someone who thinks they’re average will be the one who continually challenges themselves to be the best they can be. A phrase that I think describes Chika almost perfectly.

Overall, another pretty good episode that ended things with a fantastic song and performance. God, this show really does spoil us with how they’ll completely omit the ending sequence in favor of giving us a damn good performance. Before closing the post out, let me just point out that I have no issues with how quickly the storyline seems to be moving. Seeing how the Love Live competition has become a lot more difficult compared to when Muse took it all, I was wondering how the show would be able to advance our girls quickly enough — and if this is how the show runners are planning on doing it, I’m all in favor for it.

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week. See you then!




  1. Hanamaru: “We’ve seen this place before, zura.”
    YoshikoYohane: “This is the promised land where the last Ragnarok took place.”

    (*cue Led Zeppelin’s epic guitar riff*)

    “♫Ah AH aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah AH!
    Ah AH aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah AH!
    We come from the land of the ice and snow,
    From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow…♫”

    Dangit, and I just (re)watched Thor: Ragnarok a few days ago!

    And for more things in today’s episode that (unintentionally) remind me of something else, Chika trying to learn Kanan’s (and by extension, Dia and Mari’s) unused dance move reminds me of Kenshin Himura learning the Hiten Mitsurugi Style’s succession technique (a.k.a.: Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki) from his master, Hiko Seijuurou (with Kanan being the Hiko to Chika’s Kenshin). Both Chika and Kenshin want to learn the potentially risky new move in order to face a looming challenge, struggle to learn that move through trial and error, and on the day of the deadline set by their respective mentor figures…both manage to prove that they can do it.

    While I still stand by my statement in the previous episodes that Dia is the “take-charge leader” of Aqours, Chika is still important as the “heart” of the group (even with her reluctance to admit it), as a group without a heart becomes cold and lifeless. And by Jove, she’s got heart.

  2. My only comment about this episode is that falling on sand HURTS!! Practicing flips on the beach is probably not the best idea. :S Still, loved the episode. I liked the emphasis on Chika. Riko and Yohane were awesome along with everyone’s reaction to her “corruption”! Kanan kinda annoyed me though.


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