「Bratatat Mom」

The struggles of a working parent.

K.K. has long been one of my favorite characters, so this episode was a treat for me. She’s always been lively in the way that the best Libra members are, full of eccentricities and personality that makes her more than just the electric sniper lady. This was also one of those plots where she had a bunch of crappy options—either miss parent’s day or risk letting her friends/teammates possibly die without her—and even though she opted for a third option (trope!), it almost didn’t work out in the end. It sucks, right? She’s trying to do the right thing, but her son is too young to see it—but that’s entirely reasonable as well. No one’s wrong, not really. It just sucks. Though the look on her older son’s face might have hurt the most. That’s a wound deep enough that there’s no healing, not until he truly understands what his mother’s job is.

Speaking of family, if K.K. hadn’t already married this man, I’d tell her to do it ASAP. Or do it myself. Dude is perfect! Kinda nice to see the troubled working mother juxtaposed with the all-too-perfect husbando. It’s becoming a more common alternative to the usual gender mix, but it’s still rare enough to be a nice change.

I also really enjoyed how K.K. stumbled across her Blood Breed enemy at school. It’s a helluva coincidence, to be sure, but it got her into trouble rather than getting her out of it, so I’ll allow it. Plus that moment of reveal was killer. It also adds a fun wrinkle to Blood Breeds, these superkiller vampire monsters, which would have admittedly worked better if Blood Breeds had been established better as a class of enemy, because I had to google them to remember what they were. Still, it made for some tense moments, even if they were ultimately defused by the kids showing up. They saved their parents this time, yay!

Loved the after credits scene though. As much as I frequently hate social media, it’s a reminder that, when used in healthy moderation, it can be a powerful tool of connection. It was also funny that their parents forgot it existed when they were getting all serious about their kids not seeing each other again. Sounds about right, haha!

Random thoughts:

  • Steven confirmed as basically the meanest.
  • Calm down K.K., don’t ship your son. He’s a little kid. Though I’m sure later on he’ll do just fine with the romantic partners of his choice, at least if he’s anything like his Pa.

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  1. Don´t you hate it when you are having a great time with your kid and of a sudden your boss calls because he wants you to kill some rude humans asap! What a slave driver! I wonder if Blood Breeds have a union or something, that way they can get the parent´s day at school free!.

  2. K.K. husband was such a great character. Damn!
    The only thing I could think about during the after credits scene wass that it’s pretty easy to follow him with his kid posting on facebook. Still a pretty sweet scene for those 2.

    1. I bet you both parents are completely oblivious to their kids knowing about social media (if they even know about it themselves).
      And another bet for both of their partners to know about it and being a-okay with it

      1. I second the oblivious part, though more probably that they’re vaguely aware of it, but oblivious to the implications. Like K.K. almost certainly realizes that her son uses Famebook, and might learn that he’s keeping in touch with Caroline, but probably won’t realize what location services are or that she can use Caroline’s posts to track down her father, haha

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