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Tachibana-kan To Lie Angle – 01

「新生活!」 (Shin Seikatsu!)
“New Life!”

Tachibana-kan To Lie Angle is a 3 1/2 minute short about Natsuno Hanabi (Tsuda Minami), who has moved back to her childhood hometown from Tokyo. This first episode is basically (1) she’s back, (2) Tachibanakan is is less impressive than she thought, and (3) she meets a bunch of the cast. Also she constantly gets overheated when she thinks of pervy stuff or gets her head pressed into boobs, and you don’t need much of a gaydar to know what that means. This is one of those shows that’s dropping the pretenses and making the usual yuri subtext into text. Which is cool with me! It’s 2018, no reason to hide our lesbians (trope!) anymore. Let ‘em be gay. What with this being a short, we don’t have much time to beat around the bush (hur hur hur).

Which is the main thing that holds this show back. It’s a short, but it’s one of those shorts that’s so concerned with fitting everything into its tiny run-time that all the dialogue seems like it’s zipping by at 1.5x speed. That’s also not doing the seiyuu cast any favors, at least for the Fujiwara sisters of Konomi (Sakuragi Amisa) and Yoriko (Matsuzaki Rei), though Tsuda Minami (of Yui-based Yuru Yuri and Yuyushiki fame) does fine, because she’s just good like that. They did a good job of dropping the mystery of who this naked girl is, but other’n that, they only had three minutes. A decent enough start, and if you’re down for what appears to be a lesbian love triangle in the making, you might as well watch. Not like it’s going to eat up much of your day.

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April 3, 2018 at 4:07 pm