「がなる風雲急」 (Ganaru Fuuunkyuu)
“Roaring Upheaval”

I had no idea that Dark Shadow was this powerful. It’s always been a impressive quirk, with both offense and defense in one versatile package, but what it showed here is on a whole other level. He went from a fledgling hero to a raid boss all in one go, and took out the murderer that was bedeviling Katsuki and Shouto. Damn! Most impressive, though, is Izuku’s plan to drag the raging Dark Shadow over to Katsuki and Shouto in order to kill two birds with one stone. Ice = they’re fighting, and they both can create light? That’s some thinking! (Though it was Katsuki who made sure no one calmed Tokoyami down until after Dark Shadow had taken out the baddie.) Goes to show that you can be a great hero just by using your brain—and if you’ve got a powerful quirk too, then you can become very powerful indeed.

Tsuyu-chan and Ochako were both impressive as well, for different reasons. Tsuyu’s poise cannot be denied, she’s cool under pressure, and that above all else is why she’s so formidable. (Though she did seem perturbed when the villain decided to call her Tsuyu-chan.) It was Ochako who got the drop on Toga, though. Goes to show the value of diversifying your skills, and that you can get pretty good at a skill with relatively modest practice (on a lifetime scale). What she still needs to work on, though, is her mental fortitude. She allowed Toga’s words to get to her, which in turn allowed her to take some of her blood. Not good. I don’t know what Toga’s quirk is, but I know that’s not good. Nor is how she’s now looking at Deku.

Loved Izuku’s plan to catch up to Mr. Compress (Mogami Tsuguo). I had assumed that the villains would try to recruit Katsuki in the field, where I was sure they would fail (but potentially leave a seed in his mind that could be problematic). Capturing him (along with Tokoyami) in gumdrops and trying to flip them at their leisure is a better plan. (It also risks them making a mess of the villains’ lair, but still. A better plan.) Izuku is wise to try to stop that at whatever cost, even if it means letting himself be hurled through the air into a gaggle of villains. The only problem: neither he nor Shouji are in good shape, and Shoto probably can’t take all these people by himself. It’s not yet impossible for everyone to get out of this alive and safe—or everyone that we’ve seen, at least—but it’s going to be hard. Very hard. The pressure just doesn’t let up with this one, damn!

Personally, I’m hoping/anticipating that Yuuga will be the X factor that helps the heroes take the night—though he’s got to protect the unconscious Hagakure and Jiro as well. Rough. Still, an Aoyama hero moment plus some spotlight time for Shouji would be great. Let’s do this thing!

Random thoughts:

  • Special props to Yao-momo, who is getting better at operating under pressure, as seen by her (I assume) tracking device. Also to Awase Yousetsu (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) for not completely losing his shit when being chase by a Nomu. Jeez.
  • Of course Spinner keeps Mandalay a harlot. Of course the villain denigrates women based on their sexuality. Of course.
  • Looks like, as long as the Cult of Stain exists, Iida-kun will have a target on his back. One mistake, and these terrorists won’t let it go. Bastards.

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  1. Im probably biased since i did read the manga , but I don’t feel as invested in the events unfolding here as i did in the manga. Deku vs Muscular was the Hype adrenaline pumping moment but everything else just feels less tense compared to the manga. Ending with Tokoyami made for a dramatic finish but the pay off was kinda weak since it got resolved without too much trouble. Mr. Compress AKA Ultimate Pokémon Master, capturing Bakugo and Tokoyami didn’t feel as tense as it should of would resulted in the remainded of the episode falling kinda flat.
    This is all my opinion so others probably got more out of this episode than i did, still i find it a shame since this is probably my favorite arc thus far

  2. Deku. Tenacity. PERSONAFIED!!

    Like, wow what the hell is up with Deku being on fire lately. I bet a lot of it is attributed to his adrenaline, but it can never be understated how he acts under all the pressure. We didn’t need this arc to know that he’ll definitely act exactly how a hero would and should, but we do need it to know how far he’s willing to go for the sake of not only being a hero, but for the sake of his friends as well. It also can’t go ignored how his brilliant tactical quirk-knowledge-oriented mind makes his tenacity grounded while still keeping his inspirational persona such a sight to behold, a breath of fish air from a lot of shounen portagonists IMO. His fire is killing me. I WANT SOME MORE!

    I couldn’t help but to get a little bothered by how some comments on Crunchy compared this Bakugo crisis to how Sasuke got away from Konoha to seek power from Orochimaru. I mean yeah it fits the bill of Bakugo perhaps being better suited as a villain, but they’re missing the fact that Bakugo doesn’t wanna be a villain. He’s not the type of person who’d seek a fast way to his ultimate goal, but rather someone who would go through the hoops to get what he wants. It’s his pride that separates him from Sasuke, and especially seeing how big it is, it alone is more than enough to separate him from Sasuke IMO. I’m glad to say I never thought of Sasuke (nor all of Naruto) when watching Bakugo.

    Momo is definitely upping her game, and I couldn’t be happier. Keep it up girl.

    And finally, no one can beat Togo when it comes to being a psycho, but…. Twice has a split personality disorder. How about that?

    1. Not just his friends. He almost died saving a boy he barely knows. He truly does take after All Might.

      People comparing Bakugou to Sasuke are being lazy. As you note, there are plenty of differences, and also they’re not factoring in all the other characters that were like Sasuke before Sasuke. As the paraphrase goes, there’s nothing new under the sun, and when you think you’ve found something unique, that probably means you just don’t know the references. (The Crunchy commenters, not you.)

      Twice doesn’t seem anywhere near as stab-happy as Toga, so I’ma give it to her in the psycho race.

    1. Well aware. You do notice how, instead of thinking “She got me!” and moving on with the battle, he internalizes this idea that she’s a harlot and continually uses it to try to insult her, as if flirting is a bad thing? He’s still got a toxic masculinity thing going. We don’t see Izuku, Iida, Katsuki, or Shouto calling Pixie-bob a harlot after she openly talked about going full-cougar on ’em, right? There’s a reason for that, and a reason why Spinner does.

  3. Spinner’s dynamic with Mandalay/sexuality is probably played up because of his core insecurity, she’s also constantly talking to him as if he’s a “manchild”/immature (which he is), like when she called him out for being embarrassed in a previous episode, or saying “that’s how the world is”this time.

    Spinner probably was a “failure” in life and couldn’t decide on a direction, was attracted to Stain’s fanaticism to give him some sort of purpose/”cool” persona, hence his outfit and grandstanding that lacks sincerity, and the stuff with Mandalay just plays that up.

    He should have just gone to therapy.

      1. He’s essentially role-playing.
        He lacks the insanity of some, sadism and blood lust of others, and actual conviction/cause of the rest, comes off too “normal.”

        A real world analogue would be young men drawn to say terrorist groups (like the demographic ISIS or white supremacists target) or less sinister but still harmful ideologies and causes.

        He’s so shallow, I’m interested in where his story will go, especially if a Stain confrontation is ever in the works.

        Glad you highlighted his stuff with Mandalay too, it was notable to me but I barely saw anyone talk of it in videos/threads.

      2. To be fair, we all role play as who we want to me when we’re young. Fake it until you make it. It’s natural. The problem is that the role he wants to play is a murderer and a terrorist—which is nothing you’d disagree with, I just felt I should stick up for faking it as a tactic. It’s useful.

        On Mandalay: danke. I have a feeling that others either didn’t notice the connotations (concerning), or decided not to comment because they knew they’d get a backlash. I just decided a while ago that I didn’t give a fuck, and I’d point out that toxicity when I see it, even if I gotta bat down trolls. Which hasn’t been needed this time, yay!

  4. “Of course Spinner keeps Mandalay a harlot. Of course the villain denigrates women based on their sexuality. Of course.”

    Do you remember what she was telepathing to him during their fight?

    1. “your face is just my type?” Rather tame and obviously only meant to distract her opponent. How does that make her a “harlot”?
      On the other hand, Spinner’s overreaction speaks volumes of his preconceived prejudices towards women (e.g. Oh she’s flirty, she must sleep around) and his manchild side.

      Though I’d argue that the heroes aren’t completely exempt from this either with the most obvious example being Mineta.

  5. Everyone seems to really like Toga. I never really liked her that much in the manga, and even now I don’t really, but I must say hearing her crazy voice made me appreciate her craziness more than I would ever have in the manga.


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