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「神は僕を見離さない」 (Kami wa boku o mihanasanai)
“God Won’t Abandon Me”

It’s times like these where I should really stop trying to guess what MSS will throw at us next. You’d think having the trap die and big brother be, well, Big Brother would be simple enough to assume, but MSS as well proven was never about simple. Oh no, why keep the suffering conventional when we can twist it up, spit it out, and call into question just what the hell is supposed to happen next? I swear this show never runs out of crazy.

Given Kaname’s little awakening last week it was clear something dastardly was going to occur soon, but I imagine few ever saw these events coming, or this quickly. Sure Kiyo taking the brunt of pantsu induced violence and meeting an untimely end was likely enough as it was (the breaking mill demands its cutie grain), but having it occur this quickly, and with the trap who’s probably not a trap surviving? Quite surprising, especially given the now revealed other half of Kiyo’s magical power. You’d think this struggle between panty possession and mind control would go on a bit longer for the sake of letting Kaname have his time to shine—not to mention further flesh out my reaction face folder—but it’s hard to fault the satisfaction of watching him deep throat a milk bottle and live to tell the tale; (un)intentionally hilarious character or not, you know the guy was asking for his comeuppance at some point. Plus given the presence of an invisible figure and a likely kidnapping attempt you can bet we’re going to be seeing more of our self-styled god before too long. Someone else wants those panties, and you know dearest brother won’t be parting with them too easily.

For all the fun of watching brotherly shenanigans though, it also resulted in our first magical girl death in Nijimin. This was honestly shocking, our cute little bipolar blueberry kicking the bucket before some other more likely targets? Death in our good girl cast may have been slightly overdue for a while now, but I’ll be damned if the loss of Nijimin isn’t a travesty to all manner of rage face. Yes, I kind of liked (loved) the little pipsqueak, cliché background and all. Eliminating Nijimin now instead of later, however, does remove the immediate concern of the pantsu problem and frees up Rina to be more than an edgy comedic relief foil—i.e. actually help capture an administrator instead of worry about a Nijimin backstab. With brotherly love and personal vengeance now dealt with, every girl now can more or less focus on the main task of figuring out the mystery behind the magical girl site and Tempest. Well, unless Nijimin’s magical stick winds up in the hands of someone determined to keep to keep those things secret. Wouldn’t be the first time Aya and friends had to fend off crazy magical girls after all, and we have one who’s oh so conveniently positioned to throw a wrench into things. Could that invisible figure be Sarina? No idea, but the outline sure looks suspicious.

What comes next in MSS may not be all too clear at the moment, but you can bet whatever it is will be absolutely crazy.



June 1, 2018 at 11:31 pm
  • June 2, 2018 at 5:43 amzztop

    Unfortunately Show Spoiler ▼

  • June 3, 2018 at 12:03 amPuffles

    I love this silly show, and it even got me to care about Nijimin’s death too.