「オール・フォー・ワン」 (Ouru Fou Wan)
“All For One”

What an absolute rollercoaster. That’s the best way I can describe this, from the press conference (low) to the successful assault (high) to All For One haxing Nomus into the situation anyway (low) to Katsuki disappearing again (lower) to All For One unloading on the pro heroes (lowest). I loved so much about this episode, but what I really appreciate is that because the rollercoaster moved so quickly, and because it was mostly confined to one episode, we never had the time to anticipate what was going to happen next. It was reversal upon reversal once the pizza guy knocked on the door, with the hits flying too fast for our minds to sprint that far ahead. It allowed for sneaky hits like Katsuki being teleported away (again) to come out of left field. There was much we didn’t expect.

Save for one small detail. Because we are privilege to knowledge that only a few other characters are—All Might, Gran Torino, a handful of others—we knew something that everyone else did not. We knew about All For One. Which is why, no matter how good the heroes were, we knew that total effort-negating cheat codes were very much on the table. All For One is so powerful it would be called a deus ex machina if it weren’t so well foreshadowed, and if, much like in the USJ incident, someone hadn’t worked to bring it about. All of which made the whole thing more emotionally grinding, because we knew it was inevitable. All For One was there, and he can have whatever quirks he needs to save his protege. It’s crushing.

Especially in light of how good some of these pro heroes are. I don’t mean (just) in their morals, but in their skills. Kamui Woods was rightly called out for his performance, but it was Best Jeanist who really caught my eye. He might be a ridiculous dude, but he was wise to try to shape Katsuki, and Katsuki was smart to remember his words. He was also just really damn good in the situation, chiding Mt Lady for conflating difficulty with importance and acting decisively to stop this dangerous new presence—though of course that kind of thing doesn’t work against All For One. He has a level power against which no tactics can succeed—or none have so far, at least not permanently. I hope Best Jeanist and the others didn’t die. At the very least, I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out looking considerably worse than Ragdoll.

The other big theme of this episode was underestimation. Everyone was underestimating everyone else. The media and the League of Villains were underestimating Katsuki, Katsuki was underestimating the League of Villains, the rest of the League was underestimating Shigaraki, and those who knew about All For One were underestimating him—though that one I don’t blame. The dude is so crazy powerful that it must be hard to plan for him. He could (potentially) do whatever the hell he wants. It’s hard to plan for that.

The slickest trick of all, though, is how these events conspired so that Izuku and co were once again in a position to potentiall save Katsuki. Katsuki, who was filled with emotions when All Might came to save him—though damned if I know what precise emotions they were—was teleported by All For One too, and the pro heroes on the scene aren’t in any shape to save Katsuki now. It’s up to Katsuki himself or his friends, or the capricious nature of All For One, or something (or someone) else I’m not considering. But not All Might, not unless he moves fast (and abandons everyone to deal with those Nomu in his absence). Looks like Izuku’s group might be the best option.

Random thoughts:

  • Kirishima showing that when a friend’s life is on the line, money don’t matter. Good on him.

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  1. A fun detail in the manga excluded from the show, Best Jeanist’s control over clothing fibres actually varies depending on the fiber, he has the best control over with denim and the least with sweats, Imagine if that were backwards, best jeanist’s hero angency would look like a slumber party.

    Also this is really minor but as the others pointed out, they left out an underplayed but as a result extremly hilarious joke from the manga where, Momo is squeezing through the passage saying how she might get stuck, and Kirishima’s face no words not even gawking at her just makes me lose it.

  2. Man that reporter’s got a villain-style grimace. R we sure he isn’t a villain?

    GREAT episode. Everything goes well and then shit hits the fan at the last minute.

    1. Naw. The reporter was doing his job, and doing it well. He wanted to get a story, not a tightly-controlled press conference, and that was best done by trying to shake the UA officials (Eraser Head being the best target) into saying something they shouldn’t have said. He was playing the villain, not being one.

  3. I don’t know if you read the volumes after the season’s or just the relevant chapters after the episodes, but if and when you do, this AFO revalation was so incredibly done, in a way that couldn’t be expressed in screen (the anime made up for that in ost and animation though), so you’ll probably love seeing how it played out.

    Not to mention the face reveal, their are two, the one released in the original jump chapter, and the one released in the volume.

    The one released in the original jump is my favorite, it’s like he was drawing some aura or metaphorical representation of evil rather than a person or mask, it’s till this day, my favorite page in the series, it stuck so much dread and fear into my heart, a legit physical reaction, and you won’t see it through reading the volume:

    (You can look at it now or after you read the chapter proper, whichever you prefer)


    (I prefer the shall we begin translation tho, not the line tho group chose)

    The volume version is also great though, and that face is what was shown in the episode, though a tiny bit clearer, but still with the haze all of the versions have.

    I went back to read old chapter threads from when this was released last week, and I think this comment I found perfectly sums this all up:

    “All For One – let’s take a moment to appreciate the visual theatrics of this beast
    From the build up, to the floating hanged-man imagery, to the face
    There was a word that came to mind to describe the feeling I felt when I saw his panels
    The word was not Horrifying – though his actions were,
    The word wasn’t Threatening – though I felt fearful for every single good-hearted soul in the area
    Nor was the word Powerful – though his display of his abilities was definitely that

    Dread. The word and feeling that came to mind was Dread.

    This is the harbinger of catastrophe and tragedy
    And you get that feeling just from looking at him
    In all the Jump series I’ve read and watched,
    I don’t think I’ve ever have seen a big bad with this kind of presence.
    Bravo Horikoshi, you’ve created a monster”

  4. I know that an episode deserves a rewatch when it makes the hair on my skin stand. Are we even sure the kids are the best hope for Katsuki now? Are we sure All For One is NOT gonna take them hostage? That’s the kind of chills I got, that of uncertainty. This is an episode that separated the men from the boys. All of the kids immediately knew they were not gonna stand a chance against this guy when even the pros didn’t. All For One creates a lot of uncertainty, and uncertainty in MHA rocks. Hell yeah!

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia%20-%2047%20-%2010.jpg
    Kirishima showing that when a friend’s life is on the line, money don’t matter. Good on him.

    That’s not what I would have said. This is the same as crafting for 1/2 the price in D&D or Pathfinder RPG. Kirishima knows Momo-chan can create anything with her Quirk. He should have been more efficient and asked the girl with Creation if she could create A, B, and C. Including night vision goggles, glass-cutting gear, rope and grappling hooks, etc. Momo-chan would be invaluable in a Black Ops or Mission Impossible team, making the last-minute gear for everyone else so they don’t have to carry it, and can get around obstacles they didn’t think of.

    1. You have to remember that no one knew until the last minute that Momo would be tagging along. He bought those goggles expecting that it may very well be a solo mission.

    2. Lets also not forget that if Momo can’t make something due to its complexity, she can always just buy it. As Bruce Wayne said in Justice League, his only genuine superpower is his wealth.

  6. One thing I’m slightly sad about is that the official subs didn’t fully capitalize on AfO’s line to young Shigaraki in the short flashback, being a pretty damn close match for All Might’s “I am here”.

    But ah well, the words are still kinda there. And no matter what the next couple episodes are gonna be craaaaaaazy.

    1. Didn’t work for All Might 6 years ago during the fight that left both of them seriously injured. He did aimed for the head, he just didn’t finished off One For All back then.


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