“First Swim in Another Country!”

「異国のフィストスイム!」 (Ikoku no Fuesuto Suwimu!)

Have you heard about the increased incidents of heatwaves across the world? Regardless, please listen to my conspiracy theory. So sometimes, I question why Rin has shark teeth. In fact, someone asked about the design choice on Discord and I initially gave a response based upon my prior knowledge of how Free! came to be an anime. But after doing some research, the answer becomes much clearer.

Sharks have survived through 450 million years of ups and downs, so they have this uncanny ability to consistently remain in the 1% of species that avoid extinction. What am I getting at? Rin has been built like a hybrid between shark and human – a bishie shark boy if you must. Namely with a purpose to endure through time as a beacon of hope and dreams for fujoshis until the end of time. But why though? This is a massive con on KyoAni’s part!!! They’ve socially engineered both moe blobs and bishies to brainwash anime fans and establish a firm grip, that will allow them to forcefully enslave and control the human population in millions of years to come, male or female alike.

With an unprecedented crisis dawning upon us, one that might culminate in the end of humanity as we know it, folks are gonna be apprehensive. They will turn to entertainment mediums to quell their anxiety, and the masses will turn to anime as a coping mechanism in response to a hopeless future. But KyoAni are not wasting their time. Other than capitalising upon this opportunity, they have been preparing to face this eventuality for quite some time. Rising sea levels? Not an issue if all our dudes turn out to be competitive swimmers. Global warming? Not an issue if all our dudes are naked most of the time.

But when the next mass extinction event occurs due to climate change, while our boys have been working on their swimming techniques to combat rising sea levels, and have incredible physiques that allow them to get away with being shirtless, their survival is far from guaranteed. From an evolutionary perspective, and in the context of survival, those shark teeth begin make a whole load of sense. It would give Rin a natural edge to hunting prey and allow him to fight off the zombie hoards, in ways that wouldn’t be accessible to others. Can’t find a weapon? Chomp. Ran out of ammo? Chomp. Yaoi wish fulfilment? Chomp.

So why don’t KyoAni give everyone shark teeth? You see, they’ve been discreetly doing it with female characters for a while. You see those snaggle tooths? Yup. That’s what I’m talking about. But it’s evidently not a popular aesthetic on guys though, and seems to be included as an insurance policy in case things go awry. A single option is better than nothing. Otherwise the master plan proceeds as normal and Haruka will do the heavylifting as required.

Following these reveals, I might not be allowed to live for long. But for what it’s worth, this could be important for the sake of humanity’s survival. For all we know, Free S3 might be responsible due to getting its fans all hot and bothered, thus being a direct cause for global warming. And if I had to put my life on a guess, this is all a part of KyoAni’s masterplan – combine social engineering and a mass extinction event, in order to attain world domination.

KyoAni behind climate change confirmed.


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  1. …. WHERE did Natsuya come from?? Probably the movies I never saw. That said, it seems poor Rin is lonely living in that place, though he does make eggs and ham on toast look so delicious.

    1. Natsuya was a side character in High Speed! Starting Days. He is Ikuya’s older brother and the former captain of the Iwatobi Swimming Club. And Japanese cuisine has this talent for making the most mundane of foods look so delicious. A Japanese take on an English breakfast is much more refined than anything I’ve had in my time on these rainy shores.

    2. @ starss Unfortunately watching the movies is pretty vital in giving context to S3’s events; especially the High Speed prequel, which serves as the foundation for returning characters like Ikuya and Natsuya.

      High Speed doesn’t have an official Western release yet, but there are fansub versions of the movie out there. How comfortable are you watching the movie on less-legal streams?

  2. Oh right and, mad props to KyoAni for inserting whole conversations/scenes in regular English! Some seiyus clearly got the language down better than others, and I notice they all have to pace their words steadily so they match with the mouth flaps. Still it’s very gutsy on their part to make it work with Japanese fans.

    1. My only issue is that while previous seasons comprised of voice actors who had Australian accents, they all seem to have American accents in this episode, despite the episode being set in Australia.

      Also, I’d like to see studios reach out to Jun from Jun’s Kitchen to do the English voice acting for Japanese characters. He’s extremely fluent but has that light Japanese accent which is a delight to hear.

      1. In Kyoani’s defense, at least they put more effort into the quality of foreign language dialogue compared to most anime productions out there.

        Remember Terror in Resonance and Five’s English “quality”, despite her character being raised and educated in the USA from an early age?

      2. We don’t speak about Five around these parts. But yeah, it is really cool how KyoAni are putting in the effort. A fair amount of tourists visit KyoAni’s store, so it could be worth trying to get some volunteers to do English voice lines for background characters.

  3. Fun language facts – you may have noticed Mikhail’s Japanese is rather slang-filled, such as “MK” and “cho-very”.

    “MK5” is apparently short for Maji Kireru 5 byoumae (マジでキレ­る5秒前) – roughly translates as “(you have) 5 seconds before I really lose it”. AKA “you’re this close to pissing me off”.

  4. I want to die everytime they speak english on this anime. I turn off the sound.
    Rin is so handsome until the moment he opens his mouth. After Makoto he is my favorite on the design.
    Anyone else finds Ikuya’s friend creepy?

    Free’s movies are really hard to find to download, I am still waiting some sub to release Take Your Marks, I hope that with the season 3, they catch up.

    1. I think that Take your Marks is definitely subbed because i saw that four stories before season 3 … Starting Days is important but don’t suffer too much about the other movies ^^; …

  5. Maybe poor Ikuya lost some memories due to PSTD from the pool incident and her friend is being overprotective … Hiyori sure seems creepy but i think that in the end is going to be like Makoto and Haru (Hiyori and Ikuya) …
    Really … If Ikuya has problems don’t act like a child and explain it to her old friends like an adult …

    Nobody in Free is a bad person so we will see : p …


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