「這い寄る士傑高校」 (Haiyoru Shiketsu Koukou)
“Shiketsu High Lurking”

This is one episode of Boku no Hero Academia that I really wish I could watch with the following ones. I mean, I always want more HeroAca, but this episode was such a middle book. It’s all introducing characters, showing off what they can do, and dialing up the pressure on our heroes, but so many things are happening, in so many areas, that it doesn’t have any structure. It feels like a mess, which I strongly suspect it’s not, we’re just only seeing some of the middle acts of various different mini-arcs, so it’s dissatisfying on its own. Not a knock on the episode, just an occasional downside of weekly releases. We just gotta deal with it.

I do like seeing a lot of the new characters that are being introduced, even if some are less heroic and more obsessive. Girl’s got an information fetish, and really wants to know what makes people tick. Does it come from her quirk, which allows her to imitate others? Likely, but I’m pissed. I thought we were getting some serious Izuku x Ochako moments, but it was all a faker! Though I’m also glad, because if Ochako was going to blush like a goober mid-test, she wouldn’t be the hero I think she is. She made that mistake once, I wouldn’t expect her to repeat it again so quickly. Good on her for waiting for downtime to mega blush.

I was struck by how much Izuku’s failures are driving him, as epitomized by this line:

“I will train focusing on my legs. Because I should’be gotten there sooner.”

Izuku is filled with regret. For failing to save others, to get there faster, or having to resort to hurting himself to get there at all. He feels so much duty to everyone, and his failures haunt him. But it drives him as well. He’ll have to work on this, but at least it’s a useful fear, the type that drives us to get better. Sometimes, our failures define us, and that’s definitely true of Izuku. But:

“In order to save others, you have to be able to take care of yourself first!”

Good to see he does learn eventually, and has truly internalized that lesson. He’s growing up so fast *sniff*

Now Shouto, on the other hand. Overconfident indeed. It’s foolhardy to go off on his own like he did, especially when he can’t brute force his way through with his quirk, not when he needs to follow up any freezing or whatever with a precision strike with the balls. I hope he gets his ass whooped a bit, because he needs to learn a lesson. No one gets by alone. We all lean on others, and help others. He’s gonna need to realize that, if he’s ever going to be the hero he has the potential to be.

Random thoughts:

  • Gotta say, part of me is on the side of the Ketsubutsu Gakuen crew. The scrappy underdogs against the elites? That’s my jam. But their tactics are a bit lame, so hopefully they grow another level so they’re not taking the low road next time they fight.
  • Deku’s new shoes are super cool. What a good idea! Love it.

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  1. Something to note, anime-onlies, kind of a spoiler about Shouto:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. I think you are misjudging Shouto. He really meant it when he said that his powers worked best when he was alone because he still has fine control problems especially when he has to go all out.

    1. That makes sense. I still can’t help thinking it’s foolhardy. He’s used his ice (at least) around others before and done fine, and he’d be MUCH more formidable with people to watch his back.

  3. Anime only fan here. I haven’t researched Canoe but I’m here wondering if she’s that girl from bad guys crew that drew blood.
    Crush on Deku and her hair colour made think that.
    But nobody tell me!

      1. That! Thats what I meant when I said it would be too big of a hint already to say it’s a spoiler to research her identity. What you said would really make the most sensse – for her to look like Uraraka, the only person she drew blood from (besides unknown characters like “Camie”). And what you said.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia%20-%2054%20-%2010.jpg
    Control of wind = instant-win in this situation. Practically telekinesis.

    The only problem with genetic heroes relying upon technology to cover gaps or buff up weak areas is that every comic book series I’ve ever read tries its’ best to take away the “crutch” as soon as possible. Which is ridiculous. Momo-chan’s Create ability making those “crutches” in an extreme emergency with Sniper-eyes Tech Girl could be very powerful in any scenario.

    Now Shouto’s got a problem, if enemies are already using high-temp titanium against his freeze and fire. Add in that Expansion quirk and nails become spears, nuts become boulders. Why didn’t Shouto’s father already fill in the boy on titanium?

  5. Yeah, this episode kinda went by fast while also having a lot of details, that I ended up having to rewatch it immediately to understand it better. That said, everything concerning Deku has been awesome!

    Camie, with her agility, reminded me of Camie from Street Fighter. Appropriate that they have the same name.

    So Inasa is… an air bender??

    Tungsten is very resistant against very high temperatures. What about very low temperatures? Shouto is gonna have to test that possibility next time (my lack of knowledge of Tungsten notwithstanding).

    And it’s official at this point. If I could have any quirk I want from MHA, I’d want Jiro’s quirk. It’s proven to be that cool for me!

    1. Tungsten has excellent cryogenic resistance as well as heat resistance. Basically, Shouto lacks the means to damage the projectiles, so he should stop playing defense and just take out the enemies quickly.

      1. Interesting. That would mean Shouto would most likely be aware of that as well. Unlike his fight with Stain, though, since he’s alone, he’ll have to get a lot closer to his opponents if he hopes to take them out quickly what with their projectiles getting in the way of his fire and ice, and that means a lot more mobility. That should be exciting!

  6. Damn it, girl, one psychotic obsessive per main character, that’s the rule! And Toga got there first, so either wait your turn or go obsess over someone else. I suggest Bakugou, that would be hilarious.

    1. Don’t worry, spoilers ahead.
      Show Spoiler ▼


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