「救助演習」 (Kyuujo Enshuu)
“Rescue Exercises”

This week, rescue operations are the name of the game, and the HeroAca crew does a good job of showcasing the parts of a hero’s job that couldn’t be smoothly swapped out with every other shounen action series. Luffy might save people, Ichiko rushes to the rescue on occasion, and I’m sure Naruto helped a person or two in his day, but rescuing people is more central to Izuku & co’s job description, so it’s fitting that they practice those skills. What I appreciated the most is the H.U.C. member talking about how tricky rescue operations are within the context of a test, because the urge is to stand out and sell yourself, when that’s exactly the wrong thing to do in a rescue operation. That’s when even the flashiest of heroes needs to operate as a role player, doing what they can do best in conjunction with everyone else and not trying to fix the problem all on their own. It’s when you’re playing a team FPS, and some guy keeps going off and getting killed alone. He might be good! We don’t know! But that selfish player is useless in a team situation, where a competent role player is far more useful than a more talented solo operator. Same thing. Ochako could have crushed someone, had Yao-momo not stopped her. That’s team work right there.

Speaking of Ochako, I make no secret of my Ochako x Izuku shipping, so it’s no surprise that her decision loomed large in my mind after this episode. To quote:

“I’ll put this feeling away. Because I thought Deku-kun looked cool giving his all to reach his goal, with no room for anything else. I’ll put this feeling away… Because I think I have to work hard like that, too. I’ll put it away!”

This is a false dichotomy, of course. You can have a relationship and pursue your dream at the same time. You can have it all… But, also, maybe not. Were they adults, I would find this sillier, because adult relationships are more mature, and less of a whirlwind, which means it’s easier to develop a new relationship without the emotions roiling you. But they’re kids, and first relationships are not the most sedate of affairs. Generally not. It’s entirely likely that both of them would be derailed from their ambitions were they to enter into a relationship now…or not! Who’s to say. I understand and don’t hate this decision on Ocahko’s part, though, and it’s very much in line with her character both crushing on and admiring Izuku, both wanting to be with and wanting to be like him. It all fits, even if I wish it were otherwise.

Also, there’s that old thing about wanting a social life, with friends. A social life, a passionate love life, and to work hard each day. Pick two of the three. At this time in life, in their situation, perhaps the first and third are the right choice…

The test goes on like this, with the students doing relatively well (and learning quickly), until Gang Orca enters the stage. Having a villain (played by the Number 10 hero) attack while the rescue operations are going on is a high hurdle indeed. Looks like the hero association really does want to raise the level of heroes out there. It’ll be fun seeing how they get over this hero … after an anime original episode next week. Unsure how to feel about that one, but we’ll see how it goes. Edit: Turns out the anime original episode is for a Japan-wide charity event, and we’re getting an anime original episode instead of there being no episode at all. In which case, yay, I’m all on board!

Random thoughts:

  • Izuku sure does have bad luck with bad women, doesn’t he? And good luck with good ones. That’s where your jealousy should lie, you two!

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  1. Be careful thy self, for thou may have underestimated Horikoshi-sensei.

    I don’t know if it’s just a sweet coincidence, but I only watched this episode after the latest vlog by Markiplier, in which he remarked (no pun intended) that ideas, on their own, mean nothing, and can only amount to nothing unless you act upon them and make them come to reality, no matter what you have to sacrifice. Granted, Ochako didn’t sacrifice her feelings for Izuku. Why should she. Those feelings aren’t a crime. But if she decides they will only serve as a distraction at this point in her life when becoming a hero should be central, she would do what she thinks must be done. She’s already off to a better start for it, and so no doubt she’ll become a better hero for it. Hopefully she’s satisfied with that, because my girl sure satisfied me. It’s also yet another wonderful thing I can relate to somewhat. I’m currently only interning and haven’t really secured a job. I personally don’t feel like I would be ready to have a love life until I become proud that I can stand on my own legs that way, and so make a better person out of myself. My girl Ochako does it again.

    So next week is an anime original episode… that came out of nowhere when the tension was so good at the end of this episode. Sigh, I’d say what were they thinking, but I’ll just rewatch the latest episodes when the continuation comes along.

  2. Some are saying the next anime original episode is for a charity event so that’s why it came out of nowhere. Personally when I heard it was for charity any issue I had with it went away.

    1. Yes, a Japan-wide charity event is going on next week. Most shows airing that day are taking a break for that week, but BnHA decided to make a special episode instead. So it’s not that this special episode is taking the place of a regular one: if we didn’t get this special episode next week we wouldn’t get an episode period.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia%20-%2057%20-%2029.jpg
    Remember, “actor victims”. Don’t tick off the heroes rescuing you.

    I’m surprised first-aid, triage, and trauma-aid classes aren’t mandatory in UA. Given the lack of healers in this world, heroes could achieve greater recognition by having medical skills.

    1. I have a feeling those classes are mandatory, or heavily recommended. The U.A. students are first years, though, so maybe they haven’t had them yet since they’re still trying to improve their base-level hero skills.

      1. Eraser implies that they either skip or rush through disaster response-related curriculum in favor of combat related course because UA is currently targeted by the villains, therefore student’s safety (including the licence to defend themselves) is prioritized above all else.

        Not to mention their first disaster training was crashed by Shigaraki (Season 1), and their second one crashed by All Might of all people (Net original).

  4. Any chance we have room for another arc before this season ends? If not, I might just drop this until it picks back up whenever the next season is. These license exams haven’t exactly been exciting to watch.


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