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Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san – 09

「やきいも 看病 看板むすめ」 (Yakiimo / Kanbyou / Kanban Musume)
“Sweet Potato, Nursing, Poster Girl “

September starts off on a good note with two culinary wonders; the latest selection from Emiya Shirou’s kitchen, and a reminder from Sunohara-sou that Oktoberfest is right around the corner! It was fascinating to see how invested the cast was in setting up the beer-fest and how it aligned with the new month. Looking into it, it was interesting to find out more and more about what Oktoberfest was like in Japan and that similar festivals were being held throughout the nation. Learning about events like the Yokohama Oktoberfest or Oktoberfest Tokyo made this quite the fun episode to delve into. With this episode’s backdrop into the beer festival, it was a good excuse to see Ayaka in lederhosen, but there was also some good fun to be had with the antic’s of Ayaka’s friend. Aki having to handle cross-dressing in order to help out Ayaka with serving patrons was also amusing because of the lengths he would go to impress Ayaka, though it does sadly set back his bid to feel tough in front of everyone.

Aki was able to make strides later in the episode, however, when he has to take care of Ayaka after she falls ill. It’s one of the few instances where Aki gets a dirty mind around her, but it doesn’t help that it is a situation where Ayaka tries to indulge in his own curiosity. With how stubborn she got about having Aki feed her or how shy she was to ask Ayaka to bathe her, it was something she probably had in mind when she insisted on having him take care of her to train his bedside manner and self-control while he holds himself back. In a sense, it has been the boldest the show has gotten so far with how far Aki was able to go with scrubbing her body. Between her outfit in the beginning and the bathing scene, this was certainly the episode for those into seeing more of Ayaka.

There were also some fun moments with the other characters as another scene that left Ayaka exposed was when Nana came to visit. After bonding over sweet potatoes, Nana realizes that in her push to try to lose weight, she was neglecting pushing Ayaka to get into shape as she starts playing with her curves. Yuzu and her friends also had a good time as they went on their trip to Kyoto. It looked like they were eating a lot of delicious sweets, especially matcha desserts, but culminated in a pillow fight later in the trip. Usually, Yuzu is just baffled about why Sumire has nosebleeds regularly, but it seems like one of the first instances where she fends herself against Sumire. From the looks of it, however, it appears that next time around, they’ll start honing in on Aki’s first big semester at school. It’ll be neat to see how he handles everyone from the dorm and the friends he’s made along the way now that he’s going to be in classes, especially now that he’ll have more time outside of the dorm with the other girls.


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August 31, 2018 at 6:05 pm