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Release the Spyce – 01

「ゴールデンスピリッツ」 (Gooruden Supirittsu)
“Golden Spirits”

I didn’t have huge expectations for this show, but boy am I glad that I watched it.

General Impressions

I’m not 100% what it is, but shows that revolve around a wild premise of high school kids living secret lives as spies, superheroes, magical girls, or some combination of the three always manage to grab my attention. I’m not sure if it’s the kid in me wanting to believe that a secret life like this was possible or something even deeper that I don’t even understand, but there’s something about this type of show that pulls me in so deep that it’s a little scary.

However, what tends to happen with shows like this is that they’ll fizz out too quickly and leave us with a mess of a show that tries to find the success they saw in their first few episodes. For Release the Spyce though, I have this strong feeling that there’s just enough here to hopefully keep things going strong throughout the entire season. That said, I feel like Momochi is such an interesting character that I might have no reason to be afraid.

Diving into Momochi, I love how she’s your typical high school girl with a legitimate reason to explain her wants to be more than a typical citizen. Seeing how the story is trying to tell us that her father was an upstanding police officer, I love knowing that Momochi can find strength in trying to emulate what her father did. Second, as corny as it is, I love how she has such odd “powers”. Because for a show where we see girls doing pretty insane physical feats, I can appreciate it when someone gets to show off something different.

Overall, I think this first episode did a great job at introducing us to the world of Release the Spyce. And for as wonky and cheesy as some of it might be, I think it really works because of how much the story and the characters embrace it. I mean, in any normal situation, why would you care about a set of random girls who bite some spice in order to get powered up? But when those girls also have some cool tech, work like their secret agents, and have some adorable animal mascots that have been trained to do cool things, it all starts to come together into a wonderfully fun time.

Anyways, I’ll hopefully catch you guys next week where we’ll hopefully get a better primer on the Tsukikage. See you later!


ED Sequence

ED: 「Hide & Seek」 by ツキカゲ(安齋由香里、沼倉愛美、藤田茜、洲崎綾、のぐちゆり、内田彩)


October 7, 2018 at 3:16 am
  • October 7, 2018 at 7:48 amWorldwidedepp

    Release the Spyce and everything nice!

    - Dunno why, but perhaps i am that old. But half into this Episode my mind is swinging in my old “Bubble Gum Crisis” memories

    - some “Mission Impossible” inspirited Music at the start.. and only mostly voice over until the half episode.. Well, perhaps time or money was the culprit here. But after some time, i think they would not steal the “show” of the Seiyuu’s. They do an perfect Job..

    - example: The entire inside Car Scene, you only hear the Sound of the Tires and wind.. It this Car an eRacer? But then why need of Laughing Gas for boosto?

    - The lack of Audio is noticeable, but then you focus more on the voice of the Girls.. Try to improve here

    - Also i also get an bit of “Persona” feelings here, High school girls doing “cute” things…

    - Also the sharper senses of the MC Girl.. Perhaps her Mother go in contact with the Drugs, too while pregnant with her…

  • October 7, 2018 at 8:31 amSnooSnoo

    Normal MC joins secret society that fights crime and evil-doers. Writer is Takahiro.

    What could go wrong other than the main characters dying horribly bloody deaths.

  • October 7, 2018 at 2:00 pmHalfDemonInuyasha

    Just loving all the characters so far. They don’t feel as trope-ish as such series have tended to up lately. A little bit, yes, but not to check list levels.

    Though, I think some of them could work on their code names a little, lol.

    Goe Ishikawa – “Goemon”
    Aoba Hatsume – “Tsubone”
    Yuki Hanzomon – “Hanzo”
    Mei Yachiyo – “Chiyome”
    Fu Sagami – “Fuma”

    ….Aoba having a code name that’s not some clear connection to her real name (that I’m aware of).

  • October 7, 2018 at 6:17 pmPuffles

    Pretty fun; simple but likeable. The stinger at the end could be an interesting plot point. The ‘Spyce’ stuff makes me laugh. There’s a designer drug in the UK called ‘spice’ that the tabloids have been flapping their arms about for the last few years, I’d love to hear them squawking if this was a cartoon on mainstream TV over here.

  • October 7, 2018 at 10:56 pmwho

    I thought persona 5 ended already

  • October 14, 2018 at 11:05 amWorldwidedepp

    Ep 02:

    - When i told that someone of the Girls are providing the Money they need to run, i did not mention an Cave that would put Batman’s gave into shame…

    Oh?, what i am talking about? Well, watch for yourself and get surprised like i got :)

    • October 14, 2018 at 11:17 amWorldwidedepp

      The Audio got better, but it is mostly Music not sound effects like in the other Animes.. But yes, they improved