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OP: 「ピンクレモネード」 (Pink Lemonade) by Sangatsu no Phantasia

「ボーイ・ミーツ・モフみガール。/ 近侍の心、閣下知らず。」 (Boi Miitsu Mofugaaru. / Kinji no Kokoro, Kakka Shirazu.)
“Boy Meets Fluffy Girl. / Her Highness Knows Not Her Assistant’s Heart.”

Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama. is the story of Beelzebub (Oonishi Saori), the ditsy, flufficity-obsessed demon lord of hell, and her maidenly, tsundere attendant Mullin (Yasuda Rikuya). And it is so. Damn. Good! It’s not complicated, but there’s so much atmosphere that warms the soul and fluffs the heart. It’s lovely!

Let’s harken back to my old four facets of slice-of-life, to attempt to quantify how much Beelzebub-jou knocks it out of the park. First of all, atmosphere/calming. This is undoubtedly its greatest strength. The action is purposefully slow and languid, which, combined with all the fluffy imagery, gives it a relaxing, calming feel. The addition of the narrator also really adds an extra element to a first episode that is extremely faithful to the source, thereby giving it a slightly new spin that makes it feel like a fairy tale, and I just can’t get enough.

Its characters are great too. This show (unlike the one I intro’d right before it) chose to focus all its efforts on only two characters in this first episode, which means we really got to see what makes them tick while enjoying the fluff.

The comedy was pleasant too, though it’s really an offshoot of the other three facets. It’s the atmosphere, characters, and cuteness that make the comedy work, and as far as cuteness goes—Ahhhh! It’s so cute!! I feel for you, Mullin. How can you stay mad at her?!

Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama. is a solid slice-of-life source material adapted really well, with a storybook air and a romantic subplot that will be delightful to see unfold, even if in only the most relaxed and unhurried of ways. I’m not blogging anything this season, but I’ll definitely be watching this one, and I hope you will too!

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ED Sequence

ED: 「あくまで恋煩い」 (Akumade Koi Wazurai) by Oonishi Saori, Kuno Misaki, Kakuma Ai



  1. Sweet jeebers this is fluffy. It makes me want to cuddle something warm and take a nap.

    P.S. Stilts, you’re not blogging anything this season?! But what am I going to do without the Stilts perspective on things?!

    1. I gots a book to write, and been needing some time off to pursue some other personal stuff as well (plus there’s that whole site revamp thing). I’ll still be kicking around though, might pop on to discord occasionally, and I’ll definitely be back to do finale posts and help with the preview.

      Or you could apply to become a blogger, and then you’ll get my perspective in our private writer channels all the time! 😀

      1. Sadly, due to my work situation and other things (including publishing my own first book), I haven’t even been able to keep up with reviews at the blog where I’m technically already a writer. 🙁

        Thus, I get where you’re coming from. I really do.

  2. I must say, this is a more enjoyable read than the one I read on ANN. Someone that understands cute fluff and is not too bothered by the lewd. Mulin is a very cute tsundere and I’m rooting for him to win Beelzebub’s heart (which he made a good step with that kabedon).

    Shame you won’t be blogging this, but good luck with your book.


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