OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「二人なら」 (Futari Nara) by BiSH

「オレたちがリア充に片足つっこみつつある件について。」 (Ore-tachi ga Riajuu ni Kataashi Tsukkomi Tsutsu aru ken Nitsuite.)
“Regarding the Time We Put One Foot in the Normie World”

Smells like teen drama.

If you liked the first season of 3D Kanojo Real Girl, you’ll like this one, because it’s the same thing. Same cast, same animation—which is to say, the same static shots of faces and uninspired backgrounds—and the plot, such that it is, starts right back where we left off. Which is good I suppose, I’m not a fan of big long involved recaps (though a short recap would have been appreciated … how The Adventure Zone does their pre-episode reminders comes to mind. Also, listen to that shiz, it’s awesome!!). Also, they have a TON of source material to get through if they’re going to reach the end before this cour is up, so the rush is on. Back on. That hasn’t changed either.

For all that, I didn’t hate this episode. The characters are definitely benefiting from the growth they saw last season, because they’re all much less frustrating. Where before Itou Yuuto (Aoi Shouta) would have been a total wreck, he actually took his rejection in a positive manner (good boy!), and he didn’t even make a big deal out of his Important Haircut (trope!). I mean, getting turned down because she’s not ready isn’t even a big deal, so him saying both that he wants to continue being friends with Ayado Sumire (Ueda Reina), and that he still loves her, is totally legit. This is progress, for him and the show! Yay!

Not that everyone has left behind their old tricks. Tsutsui Hikari (Uenishi Teppei) is still dumber than a door nail at times, though sometimes fate just seems to be beating up on him. Ditto for Igarashi Iroha (Serizawa Yuu), to a point, though she’s being much better about only taking things out on Tsutsui for a little bit, and then communicating honestly. He’s still the main culprit who says dumb things. He’ll get there eventually. Hopefully.

But 3D Kanojo is also up to its old tricks, of forcing drama unnecessarily. (Not that that’s always bad. Looking at you, portions of Kokoro Connect.) It’s just, Tsutsui being the head judge of the beauty contest? OBJECTION! Both girlfriend-wise, and class-wise. He could tip the scales to his class’s entrant to win the prize money! Ridiculous. Though the way he got Ishino Arisa (Tsuda Minami) to take part in the beauty contest was hilarious.

Other than that, 3D Kanojo Real Girl is back. If you liked the first season, you’ll probably like this one, though I’ll have to question your taste. Though then again, I’m still watching it, so. Glass houses and all that. We’re all fools, cast and audience alike. Woot!

Random thoughts:

  • Special comment goes to the megane-kun who entered Iroha without her consent. I mean, don’t do that, but I thought it was going to be for purely selfish reasons (I want to partay!!) or some patronizing bullshit (I know what’s best for you, and that’s getting along with the class, so you should—), but it was all for a girl he’s crushing on. Fits the story, and it isn’t as dickish as the other options. Nice swerve.

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ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「破顔」 (Hagan) by Fujifabric


  1. i was rather surprised that this got a season 2 after suffering from “march madness” like animation quality. but interestingly enough, this episode 1 is pretty much strong IMO.

      1. Well my sister my writer is pretty much better than marchen maedchen aka “march madness” art wise when they aired… thank god though the BD release improved the animation… hahaha

  2. Overall, I didn’t mind the first season. Didn’t really do anything that other such series hadn’t done themselves so I guess those things frustrate me quite as much as it would / should have. Also since the relationship is still overall very young and early, with neither participant ever having been in a real committed relationship (especially with Tsutsui’s otaku social standing making things even more tricky for him), I’m willing to cut them a little slack.

    Nothing huge, but something I can watch during some downtime.


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