This quick announcement is to tell you all that Gleam, the new writer we brought on for this season, is no longer a part of Random Curiosity. We didn’t have a falling out or anything. The honest truth is that he disappeared. It’s embarrassing to admit that a writer went AWOL after three posts, because we put time and effort into giving him the tools to succeed at RandomC and he just … left. No idea why. Honestly we’re worried something bad might have happened, but we have no way of knowing when we reach out but receive no reply.

The reason I made a special post to tell you this, instead of bundling it into the schedule that will appear in the few days, is partially to explain why we’ll be covering fewer shows than expected this season. We tried to cover more, after all. But it’s also to ask anyone who’s interested in writing for Random Curiosity, or anyone who’s passionate about RC, to apply. We’re in the process of revamping the site (yes, that’s still happening) to make it smoother to read and easier to interact with, but without more writers, covering fewer shows is going to become the norm. We have a good stable of writers, but more and more of us have jobs and relationships and other responsibilities, and we can’t devote time to blogging like we used to. The last few recruitment drives have seen fewer responses, but I know there are people excited about anime reading this who would love to contribute. I encourage those people to apply.

Send an email to stilts(at)randomc(dot)net if you’re interested. Thank you.


    1. When your gleam becomes a glimmer and your hope begins to shimmer… the community comes out in our time of need.

      This is also where I miss the comment rating system. If only we could give a thumbs up to all you folks who have expressed supportive sentiments! It’s very appreciated and even though some of our writers might be tsunderes, there’s no doubting that every one of us is mightily touched.

      Oh. And with certain comments, I’d shoot out a thumbs down or two while I was at it for good measure. Lmao.

  1. Don’t give up on this blog! I would have applied, but I can’t write lols. There used to be so many anime blogs that I visited and yet, you seem to be the only reliable website that I still have bookmarked. Hope the good writers will come your way. I can’t keep going on reddit for comments lols.

    1. The truth is, you don’t have to be a super amazing writer to blog. Remember that Omni and Divine never considered themselves “writers” (Divine has always considered himself an engineer, he just wanted to prove that engineers could write a little too). Also, look at Takkun!

      Hahahaha I’m just kidding takkun don’t be sad ;_;

      In all seriousness, I would take a less adept writer who’s easy to work with and is excited about anime every day, over a talented writer who isn’t reliable.

      1. I’m surprised I didn’t get any email notifications for your response. Anyhow, thanks for the comment. I only write on Yelp, but I feel like everyone does that nowadays. Will continue to support this blog =)

  2. Just the other day I was reading an article about people ghost their employer to quit a job. I would never imagine a writer at RC would ghost the rest of the staff though. 0_0 Has anyone checked Gleam’s social media accounts? I know some people appear to disappear but are still active on their personal Twitter/Facebook accounts etc.

  3. Been reading Random Curiosity for over 10 years.

    Maybe it’s time to give back to the community. The death of Random Curiosity would be an incredible loss for the anime community. I wonder if there has been less traffic over the years due to social media and sites like Reddit.

    I’ll apply.

  4. That is unfortunate.

    First time posting here. I have been following this blog since its early days. Since life is difficult for me, I have to set aside everything; but anime has been one of the distractions that makes it a little more bearable. Personally, timeliness would be the main challenge for me. Anyway, if there are any small items that you would like me to help with, I wouldn’t mind giving a helping hand once in a while.

  5. Welp, that sucks. To be honest I just checked his post on Boogiepop, and his writing style seems to be very playful and fun. I am worried that something bad happened to him, but I hope even if it is bad it’s still something that is temporary.

    As for the empty spot, years ago I was intrigued to actually apply. The fact that I’m not an English native disheartened me, but even if I take a shot now it’s even harder– I now have a pretty busy work and the rest of my time is already taken by hobby and passion project. I barely have time for seasonal anime, let alone for actually producing consistent articles about it.

    What also worried me is that lately aniblogging seems to be in a constant decline, probably due to the growth of Youtube and Reddit. I still prefer blogs since reading is much more time efficient compared to watching (or strolling randomly in Reddit), so I hope someone out there could help to keep the torch alive in RC. It is one of the few remaining aniblogs that I followed, and I don’t want to lost another one.

    1. What also worried me is that lately aniblogging seems to be in a constant decline, probably due to the growth of Youtube and Reddit.

      I really think Reddit blowing up is main the culprit more than anything else. The online written discussions ecosystem circa 2007-8 (which should be around the time when I first started reading RC) was a completely different animal. These days, Reddit’s become the default megahub for written online discussions about more or less anything and everything imaginable. Things were a lot smaller and less centralized back then. It was easier for small, privately owned fora like RC to compete.

      Short of hooking folks in with prime content on megahubs like Youtube (like through a viral video review or podcast that links to written RC articles, for instance) it’s much harder for private aniblogs to garner substantial traffic these days.

    2. Yer both overthinking it. 15 years ago when RC started (yes, 15), there was only one game in town: blogging. So anyone that wanted to talk about anime online went to blogs. Now there are many options. No surprise that any one avenue garners fewer views under that reality.

      It’s not a big deal, though. We make enough ad revenue to keep the servers up, and we do it because we love it, as long as we’re able. And people still do read RandomC. The only thing that would actually stop us is if more of us have to retire and no one is able to replace us. Fortunately, I’ve got a few emails to reply to that suggests that day has not arrived.

  6. Well, that’s worrying. But then again, I guess this is the internet where people disappearing without any notice is kind of par for the course. I’d probably wager that Gleam is fine. Let’s not get too concerned absent any proof to the contrary. 😉

    As a long time reader, RC holds a special place in my heart and it’ll be really sad to see coverage decline. Wouldn’t be exaggeration to say that RC’s the only website where I truly feel “at home” online. I’m a fairly disciplined person (shocked I can actually say that now, given what I was like when I first started reading RC all those years ago, XP), so perhaps if I applied, I might be able to swing a show or two season (in spite of regular 15 hour workdays)?

    Then again, I think I’ve developed a reputation over the years as a pseudo-tsundere commentator of sorts, masking my fondness for certain (flawed) shows (and anime in general) with a facade of sarcastic, critical elitism. (“The RC AOTY choice is seriously flawed, you hear me!?”…There I go again, lol) Rather than attracting readers, crotchety old me might just drive folks away…XP

      1. It’s interesting to hear what other people have to say about it. Sometimes you’d like your own experiences validated by other’s opinions. Or maybe you DIDN’T just watch it and are looking to see if other shows are worth watching. Blogging is more than talking about what happened.

      2. What SuicuneSol said. Or, for me it’s always been about extending the magic of an anime I was enjoying for a little bit longer, when it’s still another week until the next episode is out. It has many uses.

    1. Well, two thoughts spring to mind. First – why are you here, then? And second, I – and most of the writers I’ve discussed it with – make a concerted effort to make our posts more about analysis and interpretation rather than summary. If it still doesn’t interest you that’s cool, but I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years on my own site and RC has been around for 15, so somebody is getting some use out of it.

  7. As some of the other commentators have mentioned, work life is boggling but somehow I have managed to cling to anime/manga all this time – trying to explain/justify to people who don’t “get it” is impossible, it’s an art-from, entertainment, story! People have told me that they’ve dropped the hobby as time goes by, with work commitments and what not and I shuddered to think if that was going to be me too. BUT… unfortunately I can see that now that I AM older, it seems like it won’t be happening to me haha.

    Whenever I pick up a new season anime I always check if RC is blogging it, and then subsequently follow-up on the weekly posts for thoughts and opinions after having watched the episode. All I can hope for is that it can keep going!

  8. There is something very uniquely human about RC that’s pretty amazing.

    It has a personal sense of family – I mean that in a very edifying way.
    A few years back (I can’t find the post here on RC and the writer’s names
    escapes me) there were a pair of writers who became romantically involved
    and eventually married. They made their announcement here on RC. It
    was wonderful. I really wanted to cheer them on and I known many readers
    of their posts felt the same by their comments.

    And Stilt’s announcement of wanting to publish a book – and damn it, if he
    didn’t go ahead and do it! And twice! Congrats!

    Then there was the writer’s chibi banner. And many, many other things that
    have happened to and on this site over the years that really provide the site’s

    So whatever happened with Gleam, hopefully there will be some closure with this,
    whatever reason, it really means a lot that RC has reached out to their readers
    to keep them in the loop. This is the very human side of our enjoyment of
    Anime; writers are people and sometimes things happen that are out of our control,
    but that doesn’t mean were unable to offer sympathy and hope for the best.

    So, hopefully the RC staff will hear something and let the readers know that’s
    Gleam’s okay …

      1. Tell you the truth, I did have warm fuzzy feelings when I read Moomba’s parting post and yet at the same time jealous for him finding his love. Hope they’re doing fine and being happy together.

        Henrietta Brix
  9. RandomC is really a special place for me. I have always loved reading other people’s in-depth analysis and review about anime. Even though I have never showed up in comments at all, I just want to say that I really love RandomC.

    Every time I finish one episode of seasonal anime, I look up to RandomC to see how the writers who blog about that series think of it. As a full time college student with barely any time to enjoy every seasonal anime, RandomC too has always been my one-stop place to determine whether or not a show is worth picking up for me, through season previews and 1-3 episode blogging.

    I really, really wish I could contribute, but being a college student with job and limited time, as well as being non-native speaker of English I am not really sure if I can.

    I hope Gleam is doing fine out there. Sudden disappearance is scary to think about, but I’m trying to keep my heads up and hoping he’ll be back soon. RandomC staffs, please take care of yourself as well.

  10. I’ve admittedly not read much of Gleam’s posts but was looking forward to getting to do so over time, so it’s really a pity. Here’s hoping he’s all right irl.

    Unlike years ago I’ve started going on reddit for discussion posts after the episodes – but it’s a really different kind of thing. Reddit I go to for some comments/jokes/things I’ve missed out while watching and a general feel of how well a show’s received by other people. I come to RC for deeper impressions and somewhat to enjoy the sharing of someone’s experience with me. An actual conversation of sorts with a friend, even if I’m just reading, rather than a crowd of excitement on other forums with no feeling of interaction. And to hear from a few people I’ve been following over time, to enjoy Passerby’s witty lines or partake in Stilts’ excitement, and enjoy nice screenshots which also serve as a quick recap when I ever want to come back to the episode.

  11. The beginning of the end of Random Curiosity. Au Revoir and good riddance.

    The writers are conceited and pretentious anyways. They think their opinions and analysis are absolute anyone who has different perspective are fools who don’t know what the rats ass they are talking about. Passerby in particular always attempts to hummiliate anyone who attempts to counter argue with him….. talk about arrogance.

  12. While i would like to try and write for here, the thing i am unsure of is if i will have the time for it in the first place considering work is picking up at times and then goes into a lull afterwards again.

  13. A big shame that Gleam disappeared – especially as he covered Boogiepop, my most anticipated title of the season that I was also looking forward to reading about on RandomC. Thankfully Enzo’s filling that void for the time being on his side (thanks for that, by the way, even if I don’t comment often!), though yeah, kind of shame when that kind of stuff happens. Here’s also hoping this’ll have some closure, and all the best to the staff here for the future of the site, I enjoy peeking at what you guys write up whenever I do find the time.

    1. It is a big shame – he can absolutely write. He would have been a good addition to the team.

      As for Boogiepop, you’re very welcome and I wouldn’t pick it up if I didn’t think there was a decent chance I’ll be able to stay with it. I have no exposure to the LNs and almost no memory of the old anime, and the first couple of eps were more detached bemusement from me than genuine engagement. The last couple have started to really win me over, though.

  14. That sucks; Gleam seemed like a good writer with a nice perspective. I’m currently finishing up doctoral student and wedding stuff, but I’ve been wanting to write for y’all for a few years. Perhaps I’ll reach out in September to write for the fall season. 🙂

  15. This is just my personal opinion but I think one reason there are fewer applications in the past writer recruitment drives is that the current requirements are a bit too limiting or restrictive on who can apply that it prevents interested peeps to do so because they have a “personal” style of writing which are not on the requirements or the current requirements hints that personal writing styles are not welcome. “Personal” writing styles include writing the blog, all in small caps and capitalizing only when emphasizing a point or frequently using bold, italics, underline and related to have readers focus on an idea, and the likes that makes a writer unique as an individual from other fellow writers.

    In short, the current requirements is like saying “what is needed on RC are “excellent PRO writers” only, no consideration for amateurs, and RC have no space for individuality because we have strict blogging format”. I’m maybe wrong but that is only the reason I see why applicants are fewer and the choices are limited because of the strict requirements

    So my proposal is that change the requirements, make it lighter and more welcoming that it encourages everyone to apply EVEN IF THEY THINK THAT THEY ARE NOT GOOD. Current RC seems getting a bit monotonous with the old formats which I understand have been around since the “great” divine’s time so I think introducing new writers with unique, personal way of writing, completely separate from the norm, can be something refreshing and make RC grow further

    And finally we all know that good writers didn’t started out good immediately, some actually starting out as bad but only through experience they become better. Point is, considering and taking in “not so good” writer(s), have those guys gain experience (by giving them something to blog e.g. 1 uncovered shows each) can actually be a “good investment” for the future of RC instead of taking in some already “good” writer that will QUIT later. Having a pool of “under training” writers for RC is better than having a problem like this that because someone went AWOL, the rest of the writers have to take more shows (which results to delays) or, not cover shows that should be covered (which makes some readers disappointed).

    1. Standards are good. I volunteer a lot. It might be a pain having to jump through the hoops, but in the end it is worth all of the trouble for the volunteer and the organization. Lowering standards often creates situations that both of them don’t want to be in and could contribute to the decline of a group.

      1. Relaxing the “rules” is not as bad as you have stated specially in a blogging/anime review site. Besides, RC seems looking at the future already and IRL obligations could be catching up with our residents writers soon which is why they are seeking juniors that will take over from them when time comes… However, current standard only limits choices for the next RC writer and it also results to missing out hidden gems that just a few grind here and there could have become a great anime blogger that will propel RC to new heights. This is the reason why I suggest taking in few not so good writers instead of picking up the best of the best (that will go AWOL later LOL), have them train by giving them obligations like anime music review or related (RC do plan to expand its blogging scope right?), and if deemed already good then promote them to regular RC anime blogger.


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