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「極めて現実的な対処法」 (Kiwamete Genjitsu-teki na Taishohou)
“A Very Realistic Way of Dealing with a Problem”

Given how the final moments of last week went I think it was pretty clear where MSTA was heading, but never doubt the satisfaction of being proven right. This magical girls show was intent on differentiating itself from the rest of crowd and so far it looks to have successfully done so. Well, maybe not entirely yet, but with the groundwork laid and the story ready to actually begin I dare say the real cutie breaking fun and games are here at last.

After complaining last week about MSTA’s choice of action aesthetics it was quite pleasantly surprising seeing a turnaround this episode. Sure, the show may still have a thing for still shots, but getting these choice beat downs and face pummelling to compensate? I think I can live with that. While arguably down to there simply being more action (and quicker action) to enjoy this time around, MSTA certainly looks like it’s finding its stride here, finally letting the skill and abilities of Asuka and Kurumi shine through and show exactly what they’re made of. Hell even the pint sized cute thing Sachuu got in in on the action (twice), although I guarantee it failed to acquire that plush goblin critter because as we know no magical girl is worth her salt without the friendly little mascot tagging along beside.

The real fun however lies once again in the dark side of the mahou shoujo shenanigans. As expected for example Nozomi wound up going full PTSD, and while arguably a little overplayed, no denying that moment effectively sums up the world of MSTA. The magic here isn’t upbeat and friendly, it’s not going to save the world—these magical girls and their various imitators will kill without a moment’s hesitation and shrug off (mostly) the physical and mental consequences. And the most defining part? It’s not just the enemies either; as Asuka shows in vivid detail even the good girls here aren’t above wanton destruction for the sake of a goal. As in modern military thinking for MSTA’s protagonists it’s not about the means of winning, but whether the scale of those means can be justified upon reaching the end. This is primarily why Asuka lets Nozomi’s memories be wiped: she may dislike losing a chunk of precious memories with a new best friend, but if it helps the girl overcome a very traumatic experience then it’s a cost worth bearing. For Asuka it’s all about keeping her friends safe, and with a still mostly unknown enemy now targeting them, she has no choice but to start taking a proactive approach.

After all, with the higher ups content to sit back and let evil come to them and one angry magical girl definitely unlikely to just give up the fight, you can bet Asuka and friends have only caught a taste of the chaos ready to descend upon them.



February 8, 2019 at 10:01 pm