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「グリーン・ディとオアシス その①」 (Green Day to Oasis: Sono 1)
“Green Day and Oasis: Part 1″

Now that Team Bucciarati is back on solid land, this episode forces them to think on their toes as they avoid succumbing to Cioccolata’s stand Green Day. But things are about to get dicier for them as the stand’s lethal capabilities are strengthened by Secco’s stand Oasis as he can cause people to sink below their previous altitude. Will Cioccolata and Secco get the upper hand, or will the clap of Secco’s buttcheeks alert Team Bucciarati to their plans?

The last episode gave us insight on who Cioccolata is as a murderous doctor, but this time around, we learn more about his relationship with Secco as he’s trained his former patient as an unusually devoted pet. The circumstances between their meeting and partnership are kept in the dark, but it’s easy to see how much of a stark difference there is with how they treat each other in comparison to the other teams. Along with having him film his acts of murder, Cioccolata also vigorously pets Secco on the head when he does something right and regularly rewards him with a handful of sugar cubes. Secco’s speech pattern is also very unusual as he is capable of speaking but often communicates with Cioccolata through amused grunts or pained wailing. It’s an odd and fascinating dynamic that emphasizes the sociopathic and hedonistic behavior that they embrace. With Giorno’s disgusted reaction to Green Day’s mass murder spree through Rome, the story encourages viewers to take note of how Cioccolata’s disregard for human life makes him far more repulsive than anyone they have had to face up to this point.

What makes this fight rank as one of the best in Part V along with the ones between the Grateful Dead & Beach Boy team and White Album is how their stands’ abilities work in tandem to bring out the most in each other’s powers. I remember Green Day’s mold being absolutely disgusting in the manga with how it would cause people’s bodies to quickly fall apart into a pile of rotting flesh, and this episode captures that to its fullest extent through Cioccolata spreading Green Day’s virus throughout Rome. But Green Day is made all the more intimidating of a foe by working alongside Oasis. Because Green Day thrives on killing his targets by sinking them to a point lower than their previous altitude, Oasis is the optimal partner for him as it gives Secco the ability to swim underground and pull anything underground whether it be through sinkholes he creates or by directly grabbing his target. It makes Bruno and Mista’s escape plan to climb above ground even more intense as the two have to outwit Secco by creating platforms using Sex Pistols.

In the process of trying to escape to Rome, Bruno’s ability to surprise Secco by falling down to attack him forces Bruno to come clean with his fellow gangstars on the fact that he has been a dead man walking since he fought King Crimson. Although he’s been able to maneuver around efficiently since then, his encounter with Cioccolata and Secco is calling attention to his slowly deteriorating body as he is unaffected by Green Day’s mold. Bruno is also reaching the point where his body is unable to keep up with him and he feels himself gradually getting weaker and weaker with time. Narancia’s role in this episode solidifies the notion that it was Bruno’s determination and will that propelled him to stay inside of his body to see everything through to the very end. However, time isn’t on Bruno’s side and it would only be a matter of time before his living spirit is rejected by the dead corpse he is currently dwelling in. On a lighter note, the episode leaves us off with the climax of Team Bucciarati’s fight with Green Day and Oasis, and gave us the moment where Giorno grabs Mista by his hand and waist to help him fire a bullet he used Gold Experience to keep Cioccolata in the right position for their counterattack.

May 18, 2019 at 1:09 pm
  • May 18, 2019 at 2:58 pmGlutton

    Rotting corpses aside, this was a really beautiful episode. I so love that embrace.

  • May 20, 2019 at 12:25 pmBigFire

    Bruno is running on nothing other than absolute heroic resolve. Albeit, there’s absolutely nothing Girono can do to fix him.

  • May 20, 2019 at 1:19 pmMockman

    I have no interest in this particular show but apparently CR had an issue with subtitles as when they initially streamed it, the subs from Fruits Basket were used. It made for some amusing moments and it’s probably worth looking for some of the captures that might exist.