Well if KnA’s 40 minute opener wasn’t enough of a hint where this space adventure is headed, I dare say this follow up should more than fill in the gaps. From start to finish this one is going to be a veritable romp through all the classic sci-fi tropes, and while it may not be the absolute best tale of extrasolar shenanigans we’ve seen (even for anime), there’s no denying KnA is setting up for some wild fun down the line.

As mentioned previously KnA is effectively anime’s Star Trek Voyager, and oh boy was the comparison firmly reinforced this week. Travelling to unknown planets; interacting with and canvassing the local wildlife; embracing the quirks such short term travels bring—it was episodic Starfleet exploration writ large, albeit under the efforts of a firmly teenage crew. While the concept is undeniably cheesy and simple at its core (look no further than some of the original Star Trek episodes for reference), KnA is at least leveraging the setup right, using it for further character introductions and development to help give a reason for caring about this cast in the first place. Quiterrie for example proved her aggravating annoyance previously wasn’t some fluke by going all in on pride and stubbornness this time (not to mention harsh insults), but thanks to a little humility courtesy of one big bug came out at least looking trainable. Likewise Kanata’s backstory pretty much answers all his actions taken this week, and hints towards some more likely to come down the road. This cast may be no Enterprise bridge crew, but don’t tell me you cannot see the Kirk-Spock-Uhura relationship gradually forming here.

Where things get really interesting though is in the matter of KnA’s cast’s situation. Having the big friendly wormhole who just really wants a hug pop up a second time suggests whatever happened to these kids wasn’t coincidental or a random natural fluke. And if that wasn’t enough of a hint already we also have the evidence of recent intentional sabotage to help spice things up further. Someone or some group clearly has a vested interest in this camp crew, and while the exact reason may be unknown for the moment, considering each character is largely an expert in a specific area (ex. Charce’s biology knowledge, Aries’ photographic memory, Kanata’s athleticism), it’s not hard thinking of a few explanations. With this much latent talent and that course home oh so conveniently discovered at the end of last week, there’s a big twist to the simple survival story just waiting in the wings for its grand reveal.

The only thing we have to answer first is which one of this motley student body knows more than they’re letting on.


  1. it was a really fun episode.
    If i have to nick-pick it would be that the information about what is edible and what isn’t wasn’t really explored much, especially when it comes to fauna and flora you have absolutely no clue what the rules are.

    they went really out with the strange flora though, and that was cool that it was more alien as other shows use.

    The ‘mystery’ plot hasn’t caught me yet. but maybe it will soon.

    1. That’s one bit from the comic I wish they hadn’t left out. It talks about how exactly to experiment with food to see if it’s edible, then when Zack whips out his handheld tester the crew gets somewhat upset at how it cheapens what they had started doing.

  2. Well, this episode felt consistent with the feeling of the first episode. I can’t help but get nervous when I see these kids messing around with weird alien plants and animals, but I know this is a lighthearted series.

    The spy twist effectively makes things a little more interesting.

    1. Heh, I thought of Alien Covenant too when I watched this. The characters in that movie got what they deserved in my opinion, but I don’t want the characters of Kanata no Astra to die because they brushed up against some spores, even if part of me thinks it’s more “realistic” than rolling around playfully with the animals.

    2. You do not need to got that far to compare. Terraformers would do the trick.. Okay just that here they are just normal Humans. As if i am watching an old X-Factor episodes

  3. I suspect the boy with the hat, the glasses chick, and the Glasses boi for being the spy

    The chick is the most suspices atm due to the S;G vibes she and SB-kun are emitting

  4. I don’t if you guys notice but Aries has heterochromia(different color of iris).


    Manga reader here. If Studio Lerche and it’s director make this a faithful adaption, this should be an awesome show – like really. The cinematography and the voice acting really stands out so far.


  5. Those expecting more intellectual, hard science monologues and clever usage of said facts to help get our protagonists out of trouble are gonna be very upset, because actually this is turning out to be a light and fluffy adventure with minimal peril aimed squarely at the wide-eyed preteen crowd where everything runs on the Power of Friendship, Lessons Of The Week, Courage and Will Power.

    1. I never expected this one to veer too hard into grimdark territory, but I don’t think it’ll stay lighthearted adventure material the entire way, especially after the episodic development episodes are out of the way. Plenty of space to introduce some real dread, the show just has to utilize it.

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