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「異世界からの「迷い人」」 (Isekai Kara no Mayoi Hito)
“Lost Ones from Another World”

Another day, another isekai.

General Impressions

They say self realization is an important skill and if there’s something that this show has in gratuitous amounts, it’s that. With the story revolving around Taichi and Rin, I was happy to see that the two have such great personalities for people who have been bestowed a ridiculous amount of power as they begin their journey to another world.

Starting with our main man Taichi, I loved how he was just so damn honest. Not necessarily in a goofy or self-harming way, but just honest to the point where you wouldn’t be able to not like the guy. He acts selfless and throws himself into danger to protect someone who he’s known since childhood, he quickly apologizes about mistakes that he’s made, and last but not least he’s not some stupid white knight but rather a responsible individual who’s focused on making ends meet to make sure both he and Rin can make it in the world they’ve been thrust into. All of which when combined together create a guy who you can’t help but want to root for him.

On the other side of things we have Rin who manages to keep things in-check by not being too stoic. Unlike Taichi, she’s brash and likes to wear her heart on her sleeves. However, she’s not so sensitive that she can’t understand the person who she probably likes did what he thought was best. That and this is a bit spoiler-y, but we’ll soon find out just how hard working she is. Together with Taichi they just form such a loveable combo!

When it came to the story, it looks like we’re essentially facing a blank canvas at this point. With a majority of the exposition revolving around the characters it looks like we’ll probably have to wait until next week before we get a good idea of what kind of world truly makes up this isekai. Based on the last few minutes though, it looks like there’s something shady going on behind the scenes and I hope we get to find out just what their goals are.

Overall not too bad of a first episode! We got to see a glimpse into the future, established our main characters, and got a taste of the trouble that’s coming. Toss in the power fantasy that’s coming soon and I don’t think you could really ask for more from an isekai. In any case, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one and you should to if you’re looking for a good, fun ride. See you guys later!


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ED: 「小さな想い」 (Chiisana Omoi) by 吾妻凛(高橋李依)



    1. It’s a refreshing reminder of how different tastes exist, and that it’s not wrong to go against the vast majority if that’s how you honestly feel. I didn’t dig this show a lot myself, but Takaii did and nothing wrong with that.

    2. I found it a pretty refreshing first episode, as far as Isekai stories go. No immediate god powers, no immediate turn to generic “adventuring,” and a heroine with personality.

      And if we’re talking about bad first episodes, have ya’ seen Arifureta? Yikes. Some of the worst I’ve seen in years.

    3. What’s to hate? Seemed like a decent first episode. Likeable characters. Not that original, but the dynamic between the two childhood friends was interesting and having a pair of characters more or less equal start out together was a change of pace. Compared to the stinking pile of incompetent storytelling was that Arifueta, this looked like a masterpiece.

    4. I don’t mind watching something shallow and stupid as long as it’s still fun. If it’s fun, I can just turn off my brain and enjoy the ride for twenty minutes. To Love Ru was super dumb, cliche, and sporting a done-to-death scenario by the time it came out. I still had fun watching it anyway.

      But I’ll admit isekai is a tough sell these days, since it’s gone well beyond done-to-death by this point.

  1. Cheat’s source webnovel dates back to 2012 and got published in 2013; the latest Vol 10 debuted late June 2019.
    A frequent WN reader says its execution is much tamer than later titles; likely you’ll see the genres that served as the templates for later WNs.

  2. This is the most Isekai Isekai to ever Isekai the Isekai.

    Is this show written well? No, I mean, let’s be honest here. This is cookie cutter Isekai. Pop another one out and on to the next one.

    Now, that out of the way, I have to admit, I did enjoy this somewhat. There is something to be had from a show with elements that you enjoy, where you don’t have to think at all watching it. Shows like that can be relaxing sometimes.

    For me, I’m still watching episode 2 at least.

  3. I like this series. Okay I said it.

    I don’t care about the magic, other world, capes, or boobs on the females in the cast
    (okay, I lied about that last one). The only burning question I have is with the series,
    I’m talking about the whole series, actually finish a thought? Just sayin’, for the
    audience’s sake as these drive me bonkers:

    R-Rin, who in the world are you?
    Taichi, are you also…?!

    Uh, I’m not following what you’re talking about.

    Well, this is shocking.
    No way! These numbers are absurd!

    (Like, what numbers?!)
    And that seems to be the cliché used in several exchanges!
    Anyway, it was a little overused, IMHO, hopefully the next episode will at least
    give the viewers some answers…

    1. The guild thing is surely just the typical isekai cliche (so cliche that KonoSuba directly explained it) about the guild’s inspection determining that the protagonist has a vast amount of MP, I’m sure we’ll learn that next episode. The dramatic tension/reaction is key to the cliche there.

  4. This felt a bit different from other isekai shows. Not too comedic, but not too dramatic either. And not obviously lighthearted like Death March or Isekai Smartphone.

    I don’t mind cliches because I’m an isekai fan, what I care about is whether the characterization is consistent and the worldbuilding properly done. So far, they’re not rushing through anything, while progressing the story at a fast enough pace to keep me interested, and the characters are fairly likable.

  5. Unexpected pickup numero dos.

    I actually wanted to give Isekai Cheat Magician a try to find out if this series is another Kadokawa production/publication. (MYTH & ROID doing the opening theme kinda clued me in.) Turns out, yes, it is published in manga form by Kadokawa, at the very least.

    Anyway, THAT is how you do a solid “How we got here” narrative in the first episode. (Arifureta should have taken notes.)


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